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Hey! Is your dog chewing all your furniture? I, too, have a goldie named Denver. He chews on everything if not kept busy. He has chewed on every piece of furniture that I own. To the point that it has become one of my skills to fix dog chewed furniture.

If you are looking for How do you fix a dog chewed corner of a cabinet? Hi, this is a dog parent of a 6-year-old, and here are all the things you need to know to fix a dog-chewed corner.

Fix A Dog Chewed Corner Of A Cabinet

Fix Dog Chewed Corner Of A Cabinet

Assess the damage to know whether it is a bigger or smaller bite. For smaller bites, fill it with wood putty and sand it with grit sandpaper. For bigger bites, remove the debris with a utility knife, fill it with epoxy, and match the shape with the rest of the cabinet.

Is that all? Not at all! There is much more to the picture. Keep reading to find out all about the fixing process.

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill LevelTools And Materials
$3007 hoursBeginnerGrit sandpaper, sanding blocks, utility knife, wood putty, wood filler, paint, or wood stain.

Some main facts-

  • Use a utility knife to clean debris on bigger bites.
  • You can use wood putty to fill smaller bites, but for bigger bites, you will need to use wood fillers like epoxy.
  • Never lose patience while dealing with a dog. It will only make things worse.

How Do You Fix Chewed Up Cabinet Corners?

Are you frustrated by your dog’s chewing habit? Let me tell you one thing. It is normal for dogs of teething age to chew on things.

This helps them develop and clean their teeth and also strengthens their jawbones. So, the baby’s fine. All you need to do is to fix the chewed corner of your cabinet. 

How Do You Fix Chewed Up Cabinet Corners

How do you fix a wooden corner chewed by a dog? Here’s how:

Step 1: Assess The Damage

How do you fix chewed up cabinet corners? Before you move on to the actual process, I would suggest taking a good look. First, carefully assess the cabinet to see if there are other chewed parts too. 

Now, assess the area and find out if it is a minor issue or a major. It will help you with the rest of the steps.

Step 2: Prepare The Area

To repair chewed wood corner, first, you will need to prepare the area you are going to repair.

If the bite marks aren’t too deep, sand the area with grit sandpaper and sanding blocks. It will smoothen the area for the fillers.

For deeper and larger bites, clean the debris using a utility knife. It will make the area somewhat even for the fillers to set in while cleaning the debris. You don’t need to sand here.

For broken corners of floor wood molding, dog chewed bottom of kitchen cabinet, or bun feet added to kitchen cabinets. You don’t need to perform any of these. You can just start by fixing the damage.

Step 3: Fix The Damage

How do you fix dog chewed wood cabinets? This is the part you have been waiting for. If you have previously assessed whether the bite mark is a major issue or minor, now you are going to need it.

For minor issues like small bites, use wood putty to fill the teeth marks. Use an unused credit card to shape the corners.

For bigger bites, instead of wood putty, use a wood filler. Epoxy wood fillers are the best for this kind of repair. It is easy to use and becomes hard like wood after drying.

It is better to use hands for the application process. This way, you can apply the filler properly, and pressing by thumb helps to stick better.

Apply an adequate amount of epoxy wood filler and shape the repair area using the sanding block. Remove the excess and shape again. 

Repeat this process until the area is completely in the shape of the cabinet corner.

If you have installed the backsplash before the cabinets, you can replace kitchen tiles without removing the cabinets.

Step 4: Sand The Area

For minor issues, use grit sandpaper and sanding blocks to sand the area and you’re done. Sanding helps to make the repair smoother for the finishing part.

For the big repairs, spray a little bit of water on the repair. Sanding on slightly wet wood will help to give it a smoother and even finish.

After the sanding is done, assess the repair to find any spots, holes, or uneven parts. If there are any, take some wood filler and fill them by thumb pressing.

Sand the area again until there is nothing else to repair.

Step 5: Refinish To Match

To match the repair with the rest of the cabinet, use paint or wood stain of the color of the cabinet. Apply a few thin layers and sand in between. Let it cure completely before moving forward.

If you have installed LVP under cabinets, be careful not to stain them.

Make sure to add a wood sealer to add a protective layer to the repair. Apply it the same way you applied the stain and give it enough time to rest. 

Also, if your cabinet is racked, it is your chance to fix the racked cabinet.

Tips And Tricks To Match The Stain Or Paint For Finishing

Now that you know all the answers to ‘How do you fix dog chewed wood cabinets?’, you must face some problems matching the wood stain or paint with the exact color of the cabinet.

Don’t worry. I have some tips that I use all the time to do that. Want to know? Here they are;

  • To match the exact paint or stain, take a sample of the color of your cabinet to the hardware store.
  • If you can’t find the correct match, ask for the shopkeeper’s help and he will help you customize paint or stain to match your cabinet.
  • Use markers or touch-up pens to match the natural pattern of your cabinet.

Things To Apply To Hide Dog Bites

From my experience as a dog parent, there will always be dog bites, scratches, and stains all over the house. It’s fine.

Things To Apply To Hide Dog Bites

There are some things if you apply, you can hide the dog bites. What are they? Let’s find out;

  • You can use a popcorn ceiling texture on a flat surface to somewhat hide the bite marks.
  • Or use a ceiling with asbestos and wood laminate to conceal the bite marks.
  • How to fix dog chewed wall corners? You can clean your ceiling with vacuum, fill the holes, and then paint them.
  • For an antique chair, use any of its previously broken pieces to hide the bite marks.
  • For bigger bite marks, try using wood glue to reattach the loose pieces if there are any.
  • Use a resin wood filler repair kit to repair bathroom vanity space.
  • Use a mild cleaner to remove brown spots from solid wood teak tabletop or the veneer on wood.

These are things to hide bite marks. If you want to prevent your dog from chewing on things completely, let’s talk about it in the next part.

Methods To Prevent My Dog From Chewing On Furniture

Even though you know how to fix dog chewed wood furniture, I know you still want to prevent your dog from chewing on furniture. Don’t worry. I’ve got you!

It is normal for dogs of teething age to chew on things. However, if an adult dog chews destructively, it means either the dog is bored or stressed.

So, I suggest following these tips to prevent them from chewing on everything: 

Understand Your Dog

Do you know the biggest reason why adult dogs love to chew? It is their natural instinct when they are bored and stressed.

So, if your dog chews too much on things, try to spend some time with him. Even though you are busy, take him for a walk nearby.

Give Them Toys

Provide them with chewable toys that they can chew when they are bored instead of your leather couch, cabinets, or other furniture.

Try rubber toys. These are easy to chew and also good for their teeth.

Also, you need to teach them from a young age which things are acceptable to chew and which are not. 

Physical And Mental Exercise

Dogs are active animals. They need an appropriate amount of physical exercise to stay healthy.

You should regularly take your dog outside to play. It will help them not to get bored and stay relaxed.

For mental exercise, try giving them squeaky toys. It will seek their attention and reinforce their desire to chew the toy instead of other things.

Do Not Punish

Punishment will develop behavioral issues in them and they will lose trust in you. Instead of pulling things out of their mouth, exchange them with treats.

Never run behind them if they hold things in their mouth. It will give them the pleasure they want. Instead, call them by their name and make them come to you.

Ways To Train My Dog To Stop Chewing On Furniture

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs. You can not completely stop it. Instead, you can teach them to chew appropriate items through Positive Reinforcement Training.

Ways To Train My Dog To Stop Chewing On Furniture

Gather The Necessities

To train your dog to not chew on furniture, you will need a lot of chew toys, treats, and some anti-chew spray.

Also, you will need a crate or pet gate to make a safe room for them.

Dog Proof Your Home

Keep the chewable things off of their reach. For example, keep your shoes in the shoe rack, your dirty laundry in the hamper, books on high shelves, etc.

Use Anti-chew Spray

Use a deterrent or anti-chew spray and spray on all your furniture, sofas, and other places where they are most likely to chew.

Give Them A Safe Room

Use a crate or pet gate to make a safe room for them. The familiar place will keep them company, make them comfortable, and relieve their stress when they are not home.

You can also keep your radio or TV on so that it can soothe them.

Provide Chew Toys

Provide them with a variety of safe, dispensing toys like shoes, bone, etc for them to play. Rubber toys are the safest option as it is good for their teeth.

Physical Exercise

Take them out regularly for a walk and play fetch or tug of war. It will tire them out. Even if you are busy, get them physical for at least 20 minutes. It makes a huge difference.

No matter how destructive it is, you need to be super patient while dealing with a stressed dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is It Necessary To Sand The Repaired Area?

Yes, sanding makes it smoother to apply paint or wood stain and matches with the rest of the cabinet.

Should I Apply A Clear Sealant Or Varnish After The Repair?

Definitely, sealer or varnish adds a protective layer and makes the repair long-lasting.

Can I Fix A Chewed Cabinet Corner If It’s Made Of Particleboard Or MDF?

Yes, you can apply the same process as a wooden cabinet for a particleboard or MDF too.

What Smells Will Stop Dogs From Chewing?

Applying anti-chew spray with a bitter apple smell will prevent the dogs from chewing on anything.


How do you fix a dog chewed corner of a cabinet? Since you have come so far, you know it is like the other wood repairs. 

To make a quick recap, first assess the damaged part, prepare it for the fix, use a wood filler to fill it, reshape it, and finally refinish it.

I know it sounds a lot and takes some time, but the process is easy and takes a lot less time after you have gained some experience.

All these tips helped me a lot and I hope they will help you too.

If you are interested in learning more about restoring a Cabinet, stay with- Restore Journey.

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