How To Fix Gap Between Cabinet And Wall: Easy Ways To Vanish Any Gap In No Time




How many of us can deny that we have wall kitchen cabinets? Not really! Actually, most of us have wall cabinets that are attached to the wall.

However, this can be seriously dangerous, unsightly, and amassing dust and debris if there is a gap between kitchen cabinet and the wall!

Then the question comes out, how to fix gap between cabinet and wall? The easiest solutions sound really good, right? Well, before I drive you to the detailed explanation, let’s have a single glimpse of the entire process;

How To Fix Gap Between Cabinet And Wall

Fix Gap Between Cabinet And Wall

In short, this is how to cover gap between cabinet and wall, you can use caulk, and wooden shims to fix the small gaps and to fix the larger gaps you can use cabinet fillers like filler strips, or else install a backsplash behind the cabinets.

Before you run to start the process, still there are lot to be revealed. Look no further! Let’s dive into it!

An overview of the project-

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$502 hoursBeginner

Some main facts-

  • You can fix the smaller gaps with wooden shims and caulk.
  • You can fix the larger gaps by installing a backsplash or using filler strips.
  • Backsplashes come in different materials like stone, laminate, tile, etc.

Reasons That Cause A Gap Between Cabinet And Wall

Before you get lost in the solution of how to fill gap between cabinet and wall, you need to know the reasons behind this issue. Why is that so? It will help you to get relief from this issue. So, let’s go!

Reasons That Cause A Gap Between Cabinet And Wall

Uneven Wall Surface

Actually, the cabinets that are attached to the wall mean wall cabinets need to get an even wall. However, walls that are not properly flat or straight can result in gaps while installing cabinets. This is the most annoying thing cause it may even cause cabinet doors that overlap.

No matter if it is your corner cabinets, base cabinets, or side cabinets. Some people often get custom side cabinets or kitchen cabinets. If you are one of them, make sure your walls are perfectly flat before you get any customized cabinets 

Inaccurate Measurements

I must say one thing, this is the most common reason of all. Inaccurate measurements! This also can cause bubbled kitchen cabinets.

Actually, not taking accurate measurements or not calculating the measurements correctly while installing the cabinets can cause gaps between the cabinets and the wall.

Cabinet Installation Errors

Basically, installing the cabinet in the wrong way and not using the appropriate materials that need to be used for this purpose can lead the cabinets to have gaps between themselves and the wall.

It is really important to use the materials that are designed to be used for this project.

Changes In Temperature And Humidity

This may sound different to you but is actually true that frequent and extreme changes in temperature and humidity can cause materials to expand and cause gaps between kitchen cabinets and walls.

However, it is necessarily important to control the humidity of the place to keep your cabinets safe and secure. Otherwise, your cabinets will get damaged so much. In fact, this is the main cause of chipped laminate cabinets.

Swelling, Warping, Or Shrinking Wood

Basically, over time buildings can start shrinking, and because of many kinds of issues like water damage, wooden kitchen cabinets can start warping and swelling.

Why am I telling these all? Actually, these are some reasons behind the gaps between the cabinets and the wall.

Poor Initial Alignment

However, if the cabinets were not initially aligned perfectly, this is a big red flag for you! Why is that so??

Actually, this is because it can result in visible gaps between the cabinets and walls that look really worse and ugly.

What Can I Use To Fill The Gap Between Wall And Cabinet?

I am actually pretty sure that one question is poking your mind badly, and that is, what can I use to fill gap between wall and cabinet? Genuinely, there are a bunch of fixing a gap of cabinet options available.

No! This is absolutely not any kind of illusion of yours. No need to be astonished! It is just like, you need to pick the right option for your cabinets. You can take note of those cause this will leave you out even while fixing a twisted cabinet door.

What To UseWhy To Use
Wooden ShimsAvailable in a lot of different thicknesses and can be trimmed or sanded to fit the gap precisely.
CaulkA bead of caulk is easy to use and matches the cabinet and wall as it is available in different colors.
Foam Backer RodProvides support for the caulk and helps to create a smooth, even finish.
Decorative MoldingNot only covers the gap but also provides a finished look and decorative touch to the cabinet.
Cabinet Filler StripsCan be easily cut into different sizes and inserted into the gap to fill it.
Installing BacksplashIt can cover the gap between the cabinets and walls, fix the issue, and decrease the risk or danger. However, you can install backsplash and hang the kitchen cabinets on plasterboard walls as well.

How To Fix Gap Between Cabinet And Wall? [Easiest Solutions]

Now time to reveal the page of the most awaited step ‘the fixing process’. Actually, I might tell you one thing, many techniques are available to fix this issue. Especially because of the types of gaps. Such as;

How To Fix Gap Between Cabinet And Wall

Use Wooden Shims

Before I start, here is a piece of advice for you, this step is only suitable for small gaps. You need to place the wooden shims on the gaps between the walls and cabinets. And then you need to adjust and level the cabinets to vanish the gaps and make sure the perfect fit just like you do with fixing warped cabinet bottom.

Use Of Caulk

Yes! You are guessing it right! This one is also appropriate for the small gaps. The first thing that you need to do is to fill the gaps with a caulk with the help of a caulking gun or putty knife, and do not forget to remove the excess caulk.

Wondering how to fill gap between bathroom cabinet and wall? No need to be worried dear! Because you can apply this method for this. However, you can fix split wood cabinet gaps the same way.

Inserting Foam Backer Rod

I know, our mind is actually always curious about trying new things, right? Actually, I am telling you this because if you somehow want to fix the larger gaps with caulk. Well, you can.

In this case, you just need to insert a foam backer rod into the gaps as it will provide a stable base for the caulk. However, this is durable and long-lasting undoubtedly.

Anyway, it may happen that the cabinet frame may need some adjustments or reinforcement. And you can do it by fixing issues with cabinet screws, and you can get a secure fit. If needed, repair screw holes in kitchen cabinets for the perfect fit.

However, it is possible that the previous owners’ cabinet installation methods may not be appropriate and caused these gaps.

What can you do to fix this? Actually, take it easy and this step is gonna be the easiest for you. You need to make use of cabinet clamps or cabinet claws to align the cabinet face construction perfectly.

However, the cabinet liner method can be applied to fill the gaps and get a clean finish. Well, you need to adjust the cabinet face frames carefully without leaving any gaps and ensuring a perfect fit.

Cabinet Filler Strips

However, would these 3 techniques work on larger gaps? To be honest, no! A big no! Because these techniques are not appropriate for larger gaps. Wondering how to fill large gap between cabinet and wall?

Don’t panic! Because this step is for you. Actually, you can get filler strips and cut them according to the sizes and fill the gaps with the strips perfectly. It will provide you with an outstanding transformation and result.

Installing Backsplash

Actually, installing a backsplash is the best solution so far for the large gaps. Why is that so? The backsplash of many materials, such as stone, tile, laminate, etc are available in the market.

And you can choose any of them according to your taste and install the backsplash on the gaps between the walls and cabinets to fix it perfectly.

And yes, this is how to fill space between cabinet and wall. Just make sure that you are applying the right techniques accordingly to fix the issue.

However, in this chance, you can fix and paint the chips on cabinets if needed.

How to Fill Gaps in Walls – Home Renovation Tips by Paul Ricalde

The Way To Measure The Size Of The Gap Accurately

How it would be if I shared a secret with you? Does it sound good? Actually, I fix the gaps between my cabinets and walls so perfectly that my perfection makes everyone say he ate it and left no crumbs!

Actually, this is because, after reattaching the cabinets without leaving gaps between the walls, it looks like there were never any gaps!

Astonished? How do I fix the space between my cabinets and walls? Actually, my secret is taking the perfect measurements. However, this is how I do it step-by-step;

  • With the help of a measurement tool, measure the width of gaps properly and from different points and note them.
  • Also, measure the height of the gaps to take multiple measurements as it is needed. However, it will help you to understand if the walls or floors are even or not.
  • Now, take note of the measurements to track the exact dimensions of the gaps.
  • To be honest, it is important to check if the floors and walls are leveled properly or not. So, use a level and check, and ensure the size and shape of the gaps.

What next? No, nothing is next! You are already done with the measurement issues. However, if the gaps are really serious and your cabinets are falling off from the walls, then you can measure and install the cabinets again.

Risks Associated With Leaving A Gap Between Cabinets And Walls

Actually, leaving the gaps like this carelessly and not fixing them is seriously dangerous. What can I do about the gap between my counter and wall?

One thing I must tell you is do whatever you want but don’t leave it like this. You can fix them or replace them, but leaving them un-repaired is definitely foolishness.

Dirt & Debris Accumulation

Oh my god! I must tell you something! Leaving the gaps like this and not repairing them can make it a heaven for dust and debris.

Actually, if you leave the gap like that instead of fixing it, dust and debris can accumulate there, and your kitchen can look nasty and unhygienic. Also, you may need to clean them frequently.

Risks Associated With Leaving A Gap Between Cabinets And Walls

Cleaning Difficulty

I must say one thing, cleaning the dust and debris accumulated between the gaps is really harder than it looks. Also, this is really risky to clean between the gaps.

When these gaps appear between walls and cabinets, the cabinets stay in a very risky zone. Especially when this happens with the upper cabinets. It can accidentally fall off anytime.

Therefore, it is really difficult to clean the gaps properly.

Entry Of Pests

Actually, these gaps between the cabinets and walls make really easy entry points for pests, for example; insects and rodents. Doesn’t it sound disgusting? Undoubtedly it does!

Thus these creatures can access the interior of the cabinets. Guess what? It can ruin the hygiene of the store and also can cause damage to the stored items.

Moisture And Mold

I know this is going to sound annoying to you, but yes, here is another disgusting thing about these gaps is, these gaps can let moisture seep into the wall cavities or behind the cabinets.

You might be thinking, what is the annoying thing here? Actually, because of these things,  molds can grow really annoyingly.

Structural Stability 

Would you like to compromise the structural stability of the cabinet installation? You would never! Right? But the sad thing is leaving the gap unrepaired can do this!

Sounds really risky! Doesn’t it? Yes, it can cause dangerous accidents or safety hazards and damage as well.

Therefore, instead of leaving the gaps unrepaired, learn how to close gap between cabinet and wall fix them, and enjoy the safe usage of your cabinets.

DIY Vs Professional Fix: Which Is Better?

Now that you know how to fix gap between cabinet and wall DIY, you might be confused about which one could be better for you the DIY project or hiring a professional?

How about a comparison of these processes? Let’s go!

Factor Of ComparisonDIYProfessional
CostCost-effective as you don’t need to pay anyone else.A little costly compared to DIY as you need to pay an hourly rate.
Time & EffortRequires time and effort.Saves time and effort.
SuitabilitySuitable for minor and simple gaps and adjustments.Suitable for major and complex gaps and adjustments.
FinishMay lack a professional finish if you don’t have enough experience or knowledge.Provides a polished and professional look.
EfficiencyRequires trial and error.Offers guaranteed results.
ExpectationAllows customization and personal touch.Ensures precision and accuracy.

Tips To Prevent The Gap Between Cabinet And Wall

Actually, for anyone who is concerned about the repaired indoor pieces, after repairing they want to keep their pieces safe to avoid facing the situation again.

Do you wanna know how to prevent the gap after learning how to fix gap between floor cabinet and wall? Here you go;

Tips To Prevent The Gap Between Cabinet And Wall
  • Take precise measurements of the space before installing the cabinets to ensure a proper fit. In this case, you can get help from a cabinet manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the cabinets are installed securely and level to prevent further gaps.
  • Use shims and make sure they fit properly to fill any small gaps when installing the cabinets.
  • Try to use high-quality materials for the cabinets to reduce the risk of warping or shifting.
  • Check the cabinets regularly to make sure they are attached to the wall and fix the gaps promptly if any.
  • Don’t be harsh while trying any process on the cabinet for cleaning purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Can I Line The Inside Of My Cabinets With?

Actually, you can line the inside of your cabinets with adhesive shelf liners, contract paper, etc.

Are There Specific Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind While Fixing?

Of course, there are specific safety precautions like using safety gear to keep in mind while fixing the gaps.

What Is The Space Between Cabinets Called?

Actually, the space between cabinets is called revea.

How Much Gap Should Be Between Cabinets?

Basically, about 2-4 inches of gap should be left between cabinets.

How Do You Fill A 2 Inch Gap Between A Wall Cabinet And Vanity?

Undoubtedly, you can fill a 2-inch gap between a wall cabinet and a vanity with the help of a filler strip.

Final Thoughts

How to fix gap between cabinet and wall? Easy peasy, right? Actually, for every process, there are many techniques available. But you just need to choose the right one accordingly and fix the issue by applying the right techniques.

And most importantly, you need to follow a proper guideline that can help you to bring you a fruitful outcome that you already have and it can definitely assure you the best outcome.

So, what is the wait for? Start fixing the gaps between the cabinets and walls and enjoy an amazing result so far on your own.

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