How To Fix Paint Chips On Cabinets? [A Tour Of The Quickest Solutions]




Hey! Are you tired of the paint chips on your cabinets? Oh my god! I was one of them and trust me I know this is the worst thing ever!

But I have fixed the issues very easily. And you won’t believe it, I did it on my own through the easiest hacks. Wanna know how to fix paint chips on cabinets?

But before I drag you there let’s have a single flash of the entire process in short.

How To Fix Paint Chips On Cabinets

Fix Paint Chips On Cabinets

Actually, first, you need to gather the necessary tools and materials and prepare the chipped areas. Right after that, you need to fill the chipped areas with wood filler and dry the filler properly. And finish the process with sanding and applying a touch-up paint.

In a hurry to start the process? Wait! Wait! You have just read the front page of the book! To acknowledge the entire book let’s read ahead!

Core Findings-

  • All types of paints are not suitable for cabinets.
  • It is better to use quality wood filler to fill the chips.
  • Over-sanding the cabinets can make it rough.

Things That Can Damage Paint Or Cause Chips On Cabinets

Before you dive deeper into the process of how to fix paint chips on kitchen cabinets, it is important to know the things that can actually damage the paint or cause chips on your kitchen cabinets. Basically, these are the reasons behind these kinds of issues;

Things That Can Damage Paint Or Cause Chips On Cabinets
  • Actually, hitting the cabinets badly, scratching the surface, or dragging heavy items across the surface can cause paint chipping.
  • Extreme exposure to moisture can cause paint to peel and chip.
  • Not wiping off the water from the cabinets or leaving any liquids or spills for a long time on the surface can result in paint peeling.
  • For cleaning purposes, using abrasive cleaners can ruin the paint on the cabinets.
  • When installing cabinet knobs or any hardware, carelessly using tools can damage the paint and cause chipping.
  • Extreme changes in humidity level can ruin the paint and cause chipping.
  • Over time as the cabinets get old, the paint can naturally come out and start getting chips because of daily wear and tear.
  • If you use rough materials to clean the cabinets instead of using a soft cloth, the paint can easily peel off and get chips around.
  • If primer wasn’t used before painting the cabinets, the paint can easily peel off and start getting chips anywhere.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Cabinets?

Actually, you can use all the paints on your cabinets. Are you surprised? Don’t be! Because this is actually the truth!

You can genuinely use every kind of paint on your cabinets. There are specific types of paints that are actually appropriate for the cabinets. Such as;

Types Of PaintSpecification
Acrylic paintThis is a water-based paint, that dries really quickly, is easy to apply, and provides a durable finish.
Oil-based paintsThese types of plants provide the users with a hard and durable finish and protect the surface from scratches, dents, etc.
Latex paintsBasically, there are water-based paints, all layers of paint can be applied easily, dry really quickly, and most importantly provide a smooth surface for your cabinets.
Chalk paintSuitable for the desire of getting a vintage look on cabinets. It dries really quickly and is very easy to apply. However, it provides a unique finish look.
Enamel paintProvides a smooth and glossy finish. It is durable, moisture-resistant, and stain-resistant. Suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchen and bathroom.
Milk paintThis is non-toxic and eco-friendly and provides a unique and antique look. Also, this type of paint has a huge collection to choose from in paint r colors.
Semi-gloss paintProvides a durable and shiny finish. This is water-resistant and can be washed thoroughly.

However, a high gloss white kitchen cabinet touch up paint can be a perfect choice for you as well. Besides, you can apply it after fixing a split wood cabinet.

How To Fix Paint Chips On Cabinets? [The Proper Guideline]

I know, I know, it is actually necessary for you to know the process of how to repair chipped paint on kitchen cabinets.

How To Fix Paint Chips On Cabinets

Guess what? The good thing is, that it is time to break the wait and silence. Why is that so? Because now you are really so close to the process. Here you go;

Gather Tools & Necessary Materials

Actually, gathering the necessary tools and materials before starting the process is the motto behind the smooth completion of any process without any interruptions.

Therefore, the first thing I do is gather the necessary tools and materials. Such as a soft and clean cloth, fine-grit sandpaper, paint scraper (if needed), wood filler, putty knife, paint, and paint brush for the application of paint, and lastly, a sealant. Those tools are also needed with a warped cabinet bottom. So, once you gather those tools you can use them in all cases.

Prepared The Cabinets And Work Area

Right after gathering the important tools and materials, I immediately ran to prepare the cabinets and the work area.

Actually, it is better to choose a well-ventilated area to perform this process, and I always do it. Then, I spread some paper towels or newspapers around the work area to avoid mess. You gotta be careful even just like you should while installing fire extinguisher cabinet.

Guess what is next?

Well, next, I cleaned the area around the chips and removed dust and debris. And then, I lightly sand the chipped area with fine-grit sandpaper to make the rough edges smooth.

Again I clean the entire surface with a soft and clean cloth to remove the dust and debris.

But wait, here is a piece of advice for you: do not forget to wear safety gear like gloves, goggles, and masks to protect yourself during the procedure.

Fill The Chips

Now, time to fill the chips. I apply the wood filler to fill the chips of the cabinets with a putty knife and remove the excess as well. Actually, removing the excess is necessary to gain a smooth surface.

However, After filling the chips with filler, I let the filler dry completely. It takes a while to dry. Meanwhile, I keep checking if it is drying or not. Need a quick drying solution? You turn on the fan, or you can use a hairdryer to dry it out quickly like installing cabinets on the carpet.

You can get a kitchen cabinet touch-up kit as well, as it comes with filler and all. However, did you know you can repair screw holes in kitchen cabinets with the same filler? Amazing, right?

Sand The Repaired Areas

Actually, you are really close to the end of the process. After the filler dries completely, I light sand the repaired areas to equally level them with the surrounding area.

Remember one thing, do not be aggressive while sanding, as it will bring you nothing but only a rough surface. Wondering how to fix scratches on cabinets? How would you really deal with the scratches?

Don’t panic! All I do is lightly sand the shallow and small scratches. Tada! The scratches vanish from the entire surface like magic. However, you need to apply this step when fixing the sticky-painted cabinets.

Apply Paint

Once I am done with sanding, simply I take the matching paint to paint the repaired area. This is because I don’t want my cabinets to look ugly.

I apply a coat of paint with a paint brush evenly on the repaired areas. However, if needed, I apply many coats of paint. And you can do it as well. But make sure you are letting each coat dry before applying another.

Well, you need to keep one thing in mind, you need to dry the paints completely before you move forward. Wondering how do you touch up spray painted cabinets? Basically, I apply these coats of matching spray paint and let them dry completely. Well, then, how do you touch up wood cabinets? Yes! This is how I do the touch-up wood cabinets

Apply Sealant

To be very honest, this is the best choice ever to apply sealant like varnish after the paint dries.

Why? Because it will add a protective layer to the cabinets and will provide durability. Also, sealant can protect your cabinets from any kind of damage. So, I always apply sealant with a paintbrush and let it set and dry properly.

However, here is a secret technique to repair larger paint chips, I always apply primer before painting the cabinets. Because it creates a strong adhesion with the paint.

Wait! Could you tell me how to repair chipped gloss kitchen cabinets? Actually, the entire process is the same. You just need to apply a glossy finish. And yeah! That’s all.

However, you can refinish the old wood cabinets through the same process. Just the difference is you need to use the wood filler to fix the damage on wooden surfaces.

How to get that GLOSSY and Glassy cabinet finish | Kitchen cabinet painting

How To Match The Right Color Of Paint For Cabinets?

Well, we all know that we need to paint our cabinets after repairing the damaged areas. But do you know how to match the right paint color for the cabinets?

Actually, most of us don’t! But do you know how I match the right color paint? How about if I tell you about this? Sounds good, right?

How To Match The Right Color Of Paint For Cabinets

Well, I go like this-

  • I carry a paint sample from the shop and match the color with the surrounding area.
  • Sometimes I take a small piece of the peeled-off paint and take it to the market to get the exact color.
  • If the color is really rare or out of stock, I usually mix different colors to get the exact matching color of the cabinets and to get a vibe like the original paint job.
  • After choosing any color in a small area I basically apply a thin layer of paint to ensure that the color matches the surrounding area.
  • Besides, whenever I visit the paint counter, I am always sure and select a paint product that matches the existing decor and undertones of my cabinets for the perfect look.

What Do You Put Over Paint To Prevent Chipping Cabinets?

Actually, I have a secret that I put over paint to prevent chipping cabinets. Wanna know about it? Here you go;

PolyurethaneDurable and Protective Finish.
VarnishActually, varnish provides a protective layer and a shine, smooth, and glossy finish look.
LacquerReally provides a strong and durable finish and can protect the surface from chipping.
Clear sealantProvides a protective layer and protects the surface from getting any kind of damage.
Epoxy resinActually, epoxy resin provides a long-lasting finish and helps the users to get rid of the paint chipping issue.

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Fixing Paint Chips On Cabinets

From my long-time experience, I must say one thing and that is people always make some common mistakes during the process and these are enough to ruin their effort and hard work.

I am actually serious. I am not kidding at all. Therefore it is better to avoid these mistakes for a fruitful outcome. Such as;

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Fixing Paint Chips On Cabinets
  • Do not avoid cleaning the cabinets properly after sanding. Because it can provide you with an improper finish look.
  • Always try to apply a high-quality wood filler to fill the chips for a better result.
  • Always sand the chipped areas before applying filler in order to get smooth surfaces.
  • Do not over-sand the repaired area or aggressively sand the damaged area, as both can bring you rough surfaces.
  • Don’t be in a rush while painting. Always evenly apply a thin layer of paint.
  • Try to apply sealant always as it protects the cabinets from any kind of damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

When Should Homeowners Consider Seeking Professional Help For Cabinet Paint Chip Repairs?

If they are not confident enough to repair cabinet paint chips on their own, they can undoubtedly seek professional help.

How To Fix Orange Peel On Painted Cabinets?

Actually, to fix orange peel on painted cabinets you need to sand the surface lightly, apply a new coat of paint, and let it dry.

Can You Paint Directly On Cabinets?

Of course, you can directly paint on your cabinets.

What Is The Best Paint For Painting Cabinets?

Basically, a high-quality, durable, and low-VOC paint is the best paint for painting cabinets. For example, acrylic paint.

Final Thoughts

How to fix paint chips on cabinets? The solution is really easy, right? Though the process is easy it is lengthy. Therefore, you need to be patient, careful, and attentive during the entire procedure.

Actually, along with these all if you follow the process accordingly, these are enough to bring you the best result so far.

Start fixing the paint chips on your cabinets and enjoy the outstanding outcome!

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