How To Fix A Broken Cabinet: The Best Tips And Tricks For DIY Method




Hey there! What can be more horrible for a neat and organized person like me than getting furniture damaged? I really became a worried and confused soul! What an ugliest nightmare it is! It might sound extra, but at the same time also a serious thing!

Like to try DIY techniques to fix the wooden pieces on your own? High five! So am I. A few months ago, I fixed my broken cabinet, and boom! Surprisingly, the result brought a big smile to my face.

How To Fix A Broken Cabinet

So I thought, why not share the method and details with you all? Explore ‘How to fix a broken cabinet’ with me.

Fix A Broken Cabinet

All I did was to fix the cabinet. I applied wood glue to the cabinet doors cracks and split pieces to fix them, and for the sagging issue, I adjusted the cabinet hinges and added support to the doors.

But hey! Wait! I have an entire explanation for you! What are you waiting for? Let’s dive deeper into it!

Some main facts-

  • A broken cabinet can be fixed with the use of wood glue, wood filler, tightening the hardware, or replacing any components.
  • You need to use glue to attach the split pieces of the cabinet.
  • Many types of glues are available, like wood glue, epoxy, polyurethane glue, etc that can be used to fix wooden furniture.
Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill LevelNecessary Tools
$10024  hoursBeginnerWood glue, wood filler, putty knife, utility knife, screwdriver, clamps, sandpaper.

Some Common Issues That Can Cause Cabinets To Break

While fixing my broken cabinet, one thing I have been thinking about is the reason behind my broken cabinet! However, after inspecting my cabinet and talking to one of my close friends, I got the appropriate answer.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, my friend is actually a professional, and he has been fixing the wood cabinets and furniture for a long time. 

Hm! Having a friend like this is really beneficial!

Some Common Issues That Can Cause Cabinets To Break

Undoubtedly, right? But something really true. Well, when I got to know the reason from my professional friend, I thought, why not share these all with you?

Let me be your beneficial friend for a while. Jokes apart. Stick with me and explore the reason behind a broken cabinet.

Moisture Damage

Are you not wiping off the spills or liquids immediately from your cabinet? Or else you might be using a damp cloth to clean your cabinet. Aren’t you? My friend threw these questions at me.

I nodded as my answer was yes. My friend told me, ‘Here you go, this caused exposure to moisture, and your cabinet started warping, and it made the structure weak. Your carelessness brought you a broken cabinet.’

Therefore, dear, I suggest you avoid these mistakes.

Loose Or Faulty Hardware

After inspecting my broken cabinet, I noticed something. If you have ever noticed, you may also know this.

Over time, the hinge screws, and other hardware become loose, and the screw holes or pilot holes become bigger and make the joints loose. The weak stability ultimately takes it to a breakage condition.

Excessive Weight

One more bad habit that I had, I used to overload my cabinet with a lot of heavy items or containers. Unfortunately, this strained the structure of my cabinet and caused breakage.

As my friend used to visit my house, he knew this. He told me that this could be the reason as well. I felt like I was foolish to make this kind of mistake that could lead my cabinet to break.

Poor Installation

Well, this is something that wasn’t wrong with my cabinet, but my friend told me that this can be another reason behind a broken cabinet.

Not installing or mounting the cabinets properly is the biggest mistake that can be made by anyone. Because these can create stress points and weak spots in the cabinets and lead to breakage.

Age And Wear

Now, this one is the natural thing, and no one can actually escape the cabinet from it, and this is no one’s fault. That is the age!

Over time, the structure and stability of the cabinets can get weakened, the materials may deteriorate and these can lead the cabinets to break.

Well, one thing that I know is, when I already know about the reasons that can break my cabinet, I swear I am not going to make these mistakes in the future.

How about you? Are you gonna avoid these issues and make these mistakes? Do let me know!

How To Fix A Broken Cabinet: The Step-By-Step Guidelines

Yeah, that professional friend of mine helped me to know the reason behind the actual cabinet breakage, but I already knew how to fix my broken cabinet.

Therefore, instead of worrying about anything, I fixed my cabinet like a professional, and no wonder the result was enough to make anybody amazed! Should I share how I did I fix my cabinet?

But before I share the DIY techniques with you, let me ask you something. What were you going to do with the broken cabinet? Were you going to throw that out or call the professionals?

How To Fix A Broken Cabinet

Well, I would think the same if I didn’t know the methods of fixing it. But the good thing is I know the methods. Wanna know and give it a try?

  • Assess The Damage
  • Gather Necessary Tools
  • Repair Cracks And Splits
  • Adjust Hinges And Hardware
  • Repair The Damaged Frame
  • Repair Drawers Or Drawer Box

Assess The Damage

The first thing I have done is, assess the damage. I figured out all the damage so that I don’t miss out on any while repairing the broken cabinet. But let me tell you one thing: you can reuse the countertop when replacing or repairing the cabinet.

Gather Necessary Tools

Well, after assessing the damages, I actually gathered the necessary tools so that I could complete the process without any kind of interruptions such as wood glue, a wood filler like epoxy filler, clamps, screws, a screwdriver, sandpaper, additional hardware if needed.

Repair Cracks And Splits

As I was very close to the fixing process, I calmed myself down and became attentive so that I wouldn’t make any mistakes during the process. It was time to repair the cracks and splits.

For the cracks, I applied epoxy filler using a utility knife, you can use a putty knife as well. I remove the excess with the same utility knife and let it dry before I start fixing the splits.

I let the filler dry completely and then I moved forward to repair the splits. I gathered all the split pieces and attached them properly with the help of wood glue.

I applied the wood glue with a putty knife. Well, do not forget to remove the excess glue and then I dried the glue completely before moving forward. During this procedure, you can hide the under-cabinet lighting.

Adjust Hinges And Hardware

After repairing the cracks and splits, now the most important part is tightening the hinges, and screws and replacing the damaged hardware. With the help of a screwdriver, I tightened them up.

However, do you know, how to fix a broken cabinet hinge? I have used screws to reattach the henges. I have also used screw threads. And used self-closing hinges in some parts. You can add bun feet to the kitchen cabinet if you want.

Well, now you may probably understand how to replace a broken cabinet hinge and fix this issue. I did replace the hinge like this and the result turned out really good. If needed you can add depth to the cabinet as it is a good chance.

Repair The Damaged Frame

Let me ask you something, okay? How to fix a broken cabinet frame? Do you know? Well, let me help you. I have actually used wood glue to rejoin separate pieces and adjust the stability of joints using brackets.

Repair Drawers Or Drawer Box

What do you think is one of the most important parts of a cabinet? According to me, it will always be the cabinet drawers. However, I am throwing a question at you, that is, ‘How to fix a broken cabinet drawer?’. Do you know?

Oh dear, no need to get panicked if you do not know. How about taking my help? Well, all I have done to fix the broken drawer is reattach the loose and broken parts of my drawer with clamps and wood glue. Simple, right?

But you are not gonna believe me. The result was so good that my professional friend asked me, ‘How to repair a broken cabinet drawer?’ ‘How did you do that perfectly?’

But trust me, after getting compliments from a professional, I felt like it was worth all the hard work I put into fixing the broken cabinet.

The Methods Of  Removing The Damaged Spot From The Cabinet

One thing that I noticed that would ruin the beauty of my cabinet, even after fixing it, is the damaged spot. Let me ask you a question: how to fix a broken cabinet bottom?

Well, the good thing is I know the methods and I didn’t leave the spot like that and removed them from my cabinet.

Obviously, without leaving any questions, it helped to bloom the beauty of my cabinet. Here is how I did it, and besides sharing some more ways to repair it;

  • Actually, I sanded the spotted area and brought out a smooth surface, and then I refinished the same way to the wood grain of the area.
  • If the damage is because of finish or paint, you can simply use chemical or paint strippers to remove the damaged layer and refinish the area.
  • If the laminate or veneer cabinet has a damaged spot, use a heat gun to apply heat, remove them from the cabinet, and apply a new one.
  • If you have any useless screw holes, put some toothpicks in wood glue and fill the screw holes with toothpicks and break the extra and let it dry and set.

Basically, there are possibilities to get these kinds of damaged spots. But trust me, these techniques can repair the damaged spot completely and bring you the most beautiful outcome so far.

The Types Of Glues You Should Use During The Process

Let me ask you a question. How do you repair split wood cabinets? I know, I know! You know the answer, ‘Glue’, right? You have already explored this step reading this long.

Anyways, are you thinking why did I ask you this question then? Oh dear, there is a reason behind everything. Did you know there are many types of glue available that you can use to fix a broken cabinet?

I bet you didn’t, or you may know about a few glues. I have a list of glues. Each of them holds its own specialties and reasons to be used on a broken cabinet. I have used one of them, and I will share why.

  • Wood Glue: Wood glue is actually perfect for any wood cabinets or pieces. It creates a strong bond, dries quickly, and has a waterproof option as well that helps to protect the cabinet from moisture.
  • Cyanoacrylate Or Super Glue: Cyanoacrylate is actually perfect for small damages in a cabinet and can be used in metal and plastic components as well.
  • Epoxy: want durability and strong bond? Epoxy is the best option for you. It can be used to fix structural damage, attach split pieces or broken pieces, and join materials.
  • Polyurethane Glue: It can actually secure the heavy-duty components and is helpful to fix the joints.

Now time to share the glue I used. I actually used wood glue to attach the split pieces of the cabinet. I personally prefer this one as it is clear and durable, it creates strong bonds and dries really fast. However, you can choose any of the glues I have mentioned above.

Can I Repair A Water-Damaged Cabinet?

It is not a big deal to repair a water-damaged cabinet if you know the right techniques. Do you know the right techniques to fix the water-damaged cabinet?

Don’t know? As a DIY expert, I can say, that if you follow my techniques you can definitely successfully repair your damaged cabinet. Facing this issue?

No need to go anywhere else. I have the solution for you. I am sharing the best DIY techniques. Take it easy and have faith in yourself when repairing the cabinet.

Can I Repair A Water-Damaged Cabinet

The first thing that you need to do is assess the damaged area. If there are any damaged components that can’t be repaired, replace them. Now dry your cabinet completely.

Use hair dryers, fans, dehumidifiers, etc whatever you want, to dry the cabinet. Have cracks, gaps, scratches, holes? Apply wood filler or epoxy filler to the damaged areas with a putty knife and remove the excess from the areas.

Let the filler dry completely. You can fill the screw holes with toothpicks. Put toothpicks in wood glue place it on the holes, break down the extra, and let it set.

However, after the filler dries, you can try the cabinet finish. Apply a finish like wood stain and let it dry. Besides, you can try sealant if needed.

Here is a piece of advice for you, sealant can protect your cabinets from water damage and many more. Here you are done! Now, enjoy the wonderful outcome!

Some Tips To Prevent Future Cabinet Damage

Though I have fixed and repaired my broken cabinet on my own by applying some DIY techniques, I didn’t know exactly how I could prevent my cabinet from future damage.

So, I thought, why not ask my professional friend as he knows all the tips and tricks? I went to my friend and asked him, and he shared all the tips and tricks with me.

From then till now, I have been maintaining my repaired cabinet accordingly and the result is pretty impressive that it deserves the effort I am putting to maintain it.

Some Tips To Prevent Future Cabinet Damage

I mean, if it is helping you not to face the breakage issues again, why not put effort into it? It is obviously deserving, right? Isn’t it? As I am getting helpful with these, I decided to share the tips with you. Ready to roll the tips?

  • Try to clean the cabinet regularly, and do not use any damp cloth as it can cause swelling or warping.
  • Inspect the cabinet regularly, and check the hardware, doors, drawers, and surface. If you notice loose hardware, tighten them even if it is a single screw.
  • Do not put any overweight objects on the cabinets, especially on the upper cabinets to avoid strain.
  • Always try to balance the humidity level. You can use a dehumidifier in this case as well. It can help to prevent exposure to moisture.
  • Wipe off the liquid or spills from the cabinet using a dry cloth.
  • It is better to use mats, coasters, protective liners, etc to protect the cabinet from spills.
  • Cleaning the cabinet is necessary. Right? Well, use non-abrasive cleaners to clean the cabinet and avoid getting damaged.
  • Always use soft cloth to clean the cabinets, so that you don’t damage the cabinet.

Trust me, these tips are helping me to protect my cabinets and prevent them from future damage. You can give these a try. Besides, I got these tips from a professional. Remember?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are There Quick Fixes For Cosmetic Damage, Like Scratches Or Dents?

Of course, there are! Applying wood filler and sanding one of them.

Can I Fix A Broken Cabinet Myself, Or Do I Need Professional Help?

If you know the right techniques, you can fix a broken cabinet on your own. Otherwise, you can hire professionals.

Can I Fix A Broken Cabinet Shelf?

You can obviously fix a broken cabinet shelf even on your own.

Can I Repair A Broken Glass Panel In A Cabinet Door?

If the glass is in a condition to be repaired, you can definitely repair a broken glass panel in a cabinet door.


Now, if I ask you, ‘How to fix a broken cabinet?’ I am pretty sure you might be able to answer me. Actually, following the right techniques patiently and attentively is everything you need to fix a broken cabinet.

If you have enough courage and ability to perform the process accordingly I have mentioned, you can obviously bring out an amazing outcome. Otherwise, you can take the help of a professional but it can be quite expensive.

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