How To Fix A Wobbly Cabinet: Fix Through DIY Techniques




Does your cabinet feel shaky? Want a “non-rocking” cabinet but don’t want to spend extra dollars on professionals?

I can feel you! Last summer, when my kitchen cabinet felt wobbly, I was the same as you and tried to fix it on my own.

Let me tell you, it took me a couple of times to fix everything because I had absolutely zero knowledge about this. 

Surprisingly, the results were good, and I learned a lot about it. How to fix a wobbly cabinet? Here are all the things you need to know.

How To Fix A Wobbly Cabinet

Start by assessing the cabinet to find the issues. There are a lot of causes, and each of them has different fixing methods. So, fix them accordingly. Make sure to prepare the cabinet beforehand and test the repairs after fixing so you can make adjustments if you need to.

Rushing to fix the cabinet? Wait! You need patience for this one. There is more to know about this fixing process. So, let’s dive into this to find out everything.

Some main facts-

  • There are a few different causes of a wobbly cabinet and each of them has different methods to fix. 
  • To fix warping, expose the warped parts to direct sunlight and keep them there with a few damp towels on top of it to let the moisture level balance.
  • If the cabinet is still wobbly after trying everything, reassess the cabinet and try to find out what is wrong.

An overview of the project-

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$1005 hours Beginner

Causes A Cabinet To Become Wobbly

Why is my cabinet wobbly? If you are someone like me, you must have already asked yourself this question a couple of times. 

 It is extremely important to know the causes of damage when fixing any furniture piece. If you haven’t gotten any satisfactory answer, here I am to help you.

Causes A Cabinet To Become Wobbly

These are the causes that turn a cabinet into a wobbly cabinet;

Loose Screws

Does your cabinet feel wobbly even if there aren’t any visible causes? Chances are the screws in your cabinets are loosened.

The screws tend to loosen over time. It causes the cabinet to lose its stability and turn into a wobbly cabinet.

The loose screws in the doors of kitchen cabinets cause loose cabinet doors and make them misaligned.

The loosened screws in the cabinet track make the wooden cabinet drawers wobbly, and the drawer pulls become less smoother.

Weak Joints

Does your completely fine cabinet feel wobbly even after the screws are tight? It is because the joints are weak.

Poorly constructed joints become weak after some time. These weak joints cannot hold the wood pieces, which causes a wobbly cabinet.

Uneven Surface

Does your completely fine cabinet feel wobbly even after the screws are tight and the joints are fine? 

If it is not a wall cabinet, check the surface the cabinet is standing on. There’s a high chance the surface is uneven or sloppy.

Because of this, the cabinet becomes unable to stand strong, which causes a wobbly cabinet. 

Heavy Load

If you have placed heavy items on one side of the wall cabinet, it makes it bend on that side. It creates an imbalance and turns it into a wobbly cabinet

Warped Wood

Does your wood cabinet look warped? It can be a possible reason for a wobbly cabinet. Why?

It is because warped wood becomes swollen in different places. It creates an uneven wood surface and affects the joints and screwed parts. 

The rest you know how loose screws and weak joints cause a wobbly cabinet.

These are the causes that affect the cabinet the most and result in a wobbly cabinet. Up next is the fixing process.

How To Fix A Wobbly Cabinet?

How to stop a cabinet from wobbling? If you follow the right steps, it is very easy. 

The good news is that you don’t need any specific skills and tools for this process. It takes about 2-3 hours and less than $100 for the entire process.

How To Fix A Wobbly Cabinet

Want to learn the steps? These are:

  • Step 1: Inspect The Cabinet
  • Step 2: Prepare The Cabinet
  • Step 3: Fix The Issues

Step 1: Inspect The Cabinet

Carefully assess the entire cabinet, and find out all the causes of a wobbly cabinet. Take a mental note of all of them. It will help you while fixing them.

You can take physical notes or mark them if you want.

This step is important for all kinds of furniture repairs, including fixing a broken cabinet and fixing fake wood cabinets.

Step 2: Prepare The Cabinet

Remove all the objects from the cabinet and clean them properly. If it is a wall cabinet, you can remove it from the cabinet wall and take it down to make it easy to work on.

If the cause of wobbliness is improper installation, disassemble the entire cabinet. If there aren’t any other issues of wobbliness, reassemble the cabinet.

If there are, follow the next step and then reassemble it.

Step 3: Fix The Issues

As you know, there are a few different causes of a wobbly cabinet. Each of them has different methods to fix. 

  • Fix Warped Parts: Before you fix any other, repair the warped parts. Expose the warped parts to direct sunlight and keep them there to let the moisture level balance. Take a few damp towels and cover the cabinet, including the warped parts. It prevents sunlight from hitting directly on the cabinet.
  • Tighten Screws And Joints: Use a screwdriver and tighten the loosened screws. To strengthen the loose joints, detach the joints and reattach them using some wood glue. You can also put some threaded screws and metal brackets for additional support.
  • Adjust Doors And Shelves: Remove the screws in the cabinet door hinges and screw them again. If the cabinet hinge holes don’t align with the cabinet doors, drill some more pilot holes and attach new cabinet hinges. You can use a couple of threaded screws for better stability.

These steps may not seem very significant. However, you will be shocked when you get the final outcome. 

Also, these steps are a lot similar to other fixing projects, such as fixing an out-of-square cabinet or fixing a racked cabinet. 

So, if you have experience with those projects, it will be easy for you.

How Do I Use Shims To Stabilize A Wobbly Cabinet?

How do you stabilize a wobbly cabinet using shims? It is super easy.

Identify the wobbly parts that need additional support. Now, find the shims that match your cabinet.

There are two things you need to keep in mind to find the right shims for your cabinet. These are cabinet material and cabinet finish.

The material and finish of the shims should be the same as your cabinet. You can purchase them from your local hardware shop.

To set them, lift the wobbly part of the cabinet and slide the shim underneath it. 

How Do I Use Shims To Stabilize A Wobbly Cabinet

Start with one part of the cabinet and gradually add support to all the wobbly parts in your cabinet.

To test the stability, try to rock the cabinet after you are done setting all the shims.

If the cabinet rocks, reassess the cabinet and make adjustments to the shims. You can put some more if you need to.

Put some nails and brackets to set the shims in place. You can also use wood glue. Trim the excess parts of the shims and you are done.

How Do I Address A Wobbly Cabinet If The Floor Is Uneven?

Does your cabinet feel shaky even though everything else is fine? The reason may not be your cabinet but your floor.

If your floor is uneven, it is completely expected for your base cabinet to wobble. How to fix it? Don’t worry, I know the solution.

You will need a spirit level to identify the areas where your cabinet is not making contact with the floor.

Now, place shims underneath the cabinet to fill the gap. If you have added bun feet to your kitchen cabinets, place the shims underneath them where needed.

After you are done placing the shims, try to rock the cabinet. If it does, make adjustments.

When the shims are all set, secure them in their place so they don’t move. That’s it. 

What If The Cabinet Is Still Wobbly After Trying These Solutions?

After trying all the solutions above, your cabinet should be stable. By any chance, if your cabinet still feels wobbly, here are the things you should do:

‌Reassess The Cabinet

If the cabinet is still wobbly after trying everything, reassess the cabinet and try to find out what is wrong.

Is it another issue, or the previous issues aren’t fixed properly?

Take action according to your assessment.

‌Strengthen The Cabinet

Check the joints once again. The main reason for wobbliness is usually weak joints. So, recheck them. 

If you find any weak joints, loose connections, or structural issues, use additional threaded screws, metal brackets, or shims to support them. 

According to cabinet makers, to strengthen the cabinet carcass, install cross brackets or corner brackets inside the cabinet. 

It will add support and strengthen the structure of the cabinet. 

If you have a designated cabinet wall, mount the cabinet in the wall properly to prevent tipping and improve stability.

‌Professional Assessment

After going through all the steps, if your cabinet still feels wobbly, I would suggest seeking professional help from an actual cabinet maker. 

Contact your nearest professional cabinet or furniture maker and ask them for a professional assessment. 

They will be able to provide you with an accurate answer on why it is still wobbly, and you will be able to find the right solution.

You can also take suggestions from the online communities. There are online forums where there are experienced people who can help you with some professional advice.

Methods To Prevent My Cabinet From Becoming Wobbly In The Future

Now that you know how to fix your wobbly cabinet, you should also know how to maintain it. 

It will keep your cabinet free from future wobbling and increase the lifespan of your favorite cabinet. 

Want to learn how? Here are some easy steps you can follow to maintain your cabinet:

  • ‌Be extra careful while installing the cabinet.
  • ‌Regularly inspect the cabinet. If you find any loose screws or weak joints, fix them promptly.
  • Use additional screws and brackets to support the cabinet.
  • ‌Make sure to place the items in a way that the weight distribution is even.
  • ‌Keep the temperature around the cabinet balanced so that you can prevent warping.
  • ‌Try to keep the cabinet clean to save it from other damages.

If you manage to follow all the tips, I can assure you the final result will match all your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use Adhesive To Stabilize A Wobbly Cabinet?

Adhesive can be used to secure the weak joints which will stabilize a wobbly cabinet.

When Should I Seek Professional Help For Fixing A Wobbly Cabinet?

After performing all the steps, if your cabinet still wobbles, I suggest seeking professional help.

Can I Fix A Wobbly Cabinet Without Disassembling It?

If the cause of the wobbly cabinet is not improper installation, you can fix a wobbly cabinet without disassembling it.

Can I Fix A Wobbly Cabinet On The Carpet?

Yes, it is possible to fix a wobbly cabinet on the carpet.


How to fix a wobbly cabinet? The steps are easy and simple. To make a quick recap-

Start by assessing the entire cabinet so that you are all aware of the issues while fixing them.

Prepare the cabinet and start fixing the issues one by one. The methods are all different. So, carefully follow the instructions.

Don’t forget to test the stability of the cabinet so that you can make adjustments.

Voila! The wobbliness is all fixed. It may seem like a lot but surprisingly it takes significantly less time to fix.

I hope these tips help you the way they helped me. All the best!

If you are interested in learning more about restoring a Cabinet , stay with- Restore Journey.

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