How To Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets? [Best DIY Techniques]




Hey there! I am here to share something really interesting with you. But before I dive directly into the topic, let me share from the beginning.

Zen is one of my closest friends, and fortunately, he is my neighbor, also. This year, they threw a Christmas party at his house.

The day before yesterday, he came running to me and said he was cleaning his house and checking his furniture to make sure it looked beautiful. Unfortunately, he noticed chips in his glossy kitchen cabinets.

He said he doesn’t know how to repair chipped gloss kitchen cabinets. Soz he was seeking my help to repair his cabinets.

How To Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Guess what? I repaired his kitchen cabinets. So, I was thinking, why don’t I share the methods with you?

Well, in short, I did something this way-

Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

First, I cleaned chipped areas and filled the chips with wood filler like plastic wood fillers, then I sanded the area down to make the surface smooth and applied a matching coat of paint. You can use touch-up paint or markers. Lastly, I applied a clear coat of plastic coating for a glossy finish.

Wait! Wait! Wait, Dear! I have a lot to share yet. So, without wasting any more time. Let’s roll the process!

An overview of the DIY project-

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$40024 hoursBeginner

Some main facts-

  • Glossy finishes are more prone to visible damage from impacts.
  • Small chips can be repaired with gloss repair pens.
  • It is crucial to choose the right paints to keep the glossiness of the cabinets like new ones.

Reasons Behind The Chipping Of Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

Let me throw a question on you. Are you okay with that? 

Do you know the reasons behind the chipping issue of glossy kitchen cabinets?

If not, I must tell you one thing: 

You better find out the reasons behind this issue. Why am I saying this? Well, that is because it will help you to stay careful and prevent this problem in future.

Great, right? I know it is.

Reasons Behind The Chipping Of Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Wait! Where are you going? No need to run anywhere else to learn about the reasons for chipping. Because I, myself, am going to share everything about this with you. 

Before I start, I have shared these reasons with my friend so that he can maintain and keep his gloss kitchen cabinets safe and secure. What are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Impact And Physical Damage

Did you know glossy finishes are really sensitive? Well, yes! You heard it absolutely right! Glossy finishes are really sensitive to visible damage from impacts.

If any heavy objects drop on the cabinets, it can cause chipping. Besides accidental knocks, accidental hits on the corner or edges of the cabinets can cause visible chips on the cabinets.

Moisture And Humidity

However, if you are not cleaning the spills or liquids immediately from the cabinets. Bad news for you! It will cause water damage such as swelling, warping, weakening, discoloration, etc.

As a result, you can get chips and cracks in the glossy finish. This is actually because of the exposure to moisture and high humidity levels.

Poor Maintenance And Cleaning Practices

Do you even have any idea that poor maintenance and cleaning practices can lead your glossy cabinets to chip and destroy your smooth finish?

Well, yes! It can. Improper maintenance and cleaning practices can lead the glossy finish of your cabinets to chipping.

Because the harsh chemical cleaners and using the rough scrub can wear down the finish, destroy the glossiness, and lead the cabinets to chipping and peeling.

The Methods Of Assessing The Severity Of The Chip In The Gloss Cabinets

Don’t get tired! You still have an important thing to know before you start learning about the repair process. Well, yes. If you want to repair the gloss kitchen cabinets perfectly and want to achieve a smooth finish, this is really very important for you.

‘Assessing the severity of the chip in the gloss cabinets.’

How would you deal with this? Well, everyone looks for some easy ways to assess the severity of the chips in glossy cabinets, no matter if these are bathroom cabinets.

If you are one of them, I am here for you. This is how I do it with the easiest methods.

The Methods Of Assessing The Severity Of The Chip In The Gloss Cabinets

Size And Depth

The first thing you need to do is inspect the entire surface. This is really crucial to figure out all the chips and repair them. Then, the first thing you need to do is to inspect the size and depth of the chip.

Use a clean and brighter area while doing this.

This is because a small and shallow chip only damages the top layer of the glossy finish. On the other hand, a larger and deeper chip can affect the underlying materials.


Actually, the location of the chip does matter. Why? The chips around the edges and corners of the kitchen cabinet doors are more likely to be visible.

To be honest, you need to put more effort into repairing these chips and regain the seamless glossy finish of the cabinets.

Surrounding Damage

Inspect carefully the adjacent chips, cracks, or the peeling or lifting areas of the glossy finish. This is because assessing the overall condition of the cabinets can help you to understand the severity of the chips.

Impact On Functionality

If the chips are affecting the functionality or structural integrity of the glossy kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, and comprising the smooth operation of the kitchen cabinet doors, or else exposing the underlying materials, these need to be repaired immediately as soon as possible.

How to repair chipped high gloss kitchen doors or cabinets? Well, I have a detailed explanation below for you.

Visual Impact

Well, it is important to understand how noticeable the chips are. Actually, the severity of the highly visible chips is more serious.

Why don’t you try this before learning how to fix chipped MDF cabinet doors that are glossy?

How To Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets? [The Proper Guidelines]

To be honest, I like to keep the process of restoring wooden pieces really simple and try to complete them in the easiest way.

So hey! Ready to learn the easiest ways to fix your cabinet? Let’s start!

How To Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Gathering The Necessary Tools And Materials

One thing that I definitely do all the time while repairing any wooden pieces is, before starting the repairing process, I always gather the necessary tools and materials.

Well, this is because, when I start the repairing process I get all the necessary things right in front of my hand. Besides l, by doing this I can complete the process without any kind of interruptions.

So here is the list of necessary tools and materials that you need-

A damp cloth, Fine-grit sandpaper and medium-grit sandpaper, wood filler (you can also use plastic wood fillers), a putty knife, paintbrush, semi-gloss paint or gloss paint with matching color (satin finish can be a good option for glossiness as it offers a low paint sheen, clear coat of spray.

Prepare The Chipped Areas

I always start the process by preparing the chipped areas. It would be better for you if you also do this.

When I was repairing the chipped gloss kitchen cabinets of my friends, I started this way-

I used fine-grit sandpaper to sand the chipped areas gently and remove the rough edges. This is important to get a smooth finish. After sanding the areas, I gently cleaned the entire surface and cabinets with a damp cloth.

Also, I removed the thermofoil from the cabinets, as I have it in some places.

Here is a piece of advice for you: before moving forward, let the cabinets dry completely.

Apply Wood Filler

After preparing the chipped area, I quickly moved forward to the next step. I applied wood filler and filled chipped areas using a putty knife.

I will definitely advise you to let the wood filler dry before you move forward. Being an expert, I also did that for the best outcome.

I must tell you one thing: this Christmas, and during this procedure, this is a good chance for you to fix the broken cabinets if they are broken, or fix the wobbly cabinets if they are wobbling.

Well, adding bun feet to the kitchen cabinets is a good idea for change and stability.

Sand The Repaired Areas

Then, when the wood filler dried, I used medium-grit sandpaper and sanded the repaired area lightly. I did that to level the area with the surrounding surface.

This is necessary in order to get a smooth finish and invisible repairs look.

Paint The Repaired Areas

Now, it was my turn to paint the repaired areas. I took a paint brush and applied a coat of paint, actually gloss paint, that matched the original color of my cabinets. I applied more coats of paint as it was necessary.

However, I let the coats dry before applying more coats to paint the repaired areas. Well, you can paint counter of your cabinet. But I will suggest you get a paint sample first before finalizing the paint to paint chips in areas that are repaired.

For small chips, I have actually used a kitchen cabinet touch up pen with a matching color.

Well, you can get a kitchen cabinet touch-up kit and apply the kitchen cabinet touch up paint. If you are wondering how to use cabinet touch up kit. This is really easy. Take the applicator pad and use it.

Apply A Clear Coat Of Spray

I did something extra to protect my friend’s cabinets and enhance the glossiness, that is to apply a clear coat of spray. I let the cabinets dry before using them

Try to read the privacy policy and instructions before applying the spray.

Wondering how to repair chipped laminate cabinets or tabletop? The same way you can repair chipped laminate tabletop.

How Do I Remove Scratches From My Gloss Cabinets?

My friend had some scratches on his cabinet surfaces and doors. I know you might be wondering how I fixed them.

The solution is easy. I brought a kitchen cabinet scratch repair kit from my house as I had one to remove the scratches from his gloss cabinets.

This kit usually has scratch filler, polishing compounds, and applicator pads.

I applied the filler and filled the scratches, let the scratches dry, and after they dried, I applied the polishing compound, buffed the scratched area in a circular motion, and blended it with the surrounding gloss finish.

Trust me, the result was unbelievable!

Easy peasy, right? Why don’t you get yourself ready to give it a try?

Best Types Of Paint To Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Actually, repairing cabinets that have chipped paint is an important thing.

To be very honest, knowing the best types of paint to repair chipped gloss kitchen cabinets is really important.

Why is that so? Do you want the best outcome with a look of invisible repairs? Want to keep the glossiness the same as the new cabinets?  Well, knowing the best types of paints is obviously important for you.

Let me recommend some of the best types of paints for you to repair the chipped gloss kitchen cabinets.

Best Types Of Paint To Repair Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Gloss Enamel Paint

You can choose gloss enamel paint because of its high-gloss finish quality, durability, and resistance to moisture and staining.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is one of the best paints because it provides a smooth and glossy finish, dries quickly, and has many color options.

Oil-Based Paint

It also can be the best choice for your gloss cabinets because of its durability, glossy finish quality, and adhesion to the cabinets.

Latex Paint With A High-Gloss Finish

It is easy to work with, dries quickly, provides the best glossy surface, and increases the beauty of the cabinets.

Actually, I used latex paint with a high-gloss finish, and the shininess can easily fool anyone into believing the cabinets are new.

However, do not try to use chalk paint for your gloss cabinet. Because it will bring you a matte look, not the glossy look you want.

Methods To Give Finish To Chipped Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

How do you refinish glossy cabinets? Well, there are a few methods to give a finish to chipped gloss kitchen cabinets. But I will share the best 3 methods with you that are also the easiest.

Excited to learn? Don’t worry. You don’t need to wait. Let’s directly run towards the methods.

Though I have discussed these all above, what is the loss in sharing a glimpse of each method?

Gloss Repair Pen

Get a matching color of gloss repair pen and apply it on the small chips gently. Boom! You are done!

Gloss Touch-Up Kit

It has wood filler, paint, a clear coat, and pads inside. Fill the chips with filler, and after drying, apply paint and clear coat and let them dry completely. Good job! You are done.

Professional Refinish

This is the entire method I have mentioned above. But still here is a flashback for you-

Sand the damaged area, clean it, apply filler, let it dry, sand again, apply a matched color paint, let it dry, and apply coat spray, and you are done.

Enjoy the result that would definitely be amazing like mine.

How to get that GLOSSY and Glassy cabinet finish | Kitchen cabinet painting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I Repair A Chipped Corner Of A Gloss Cabinet Door?

Of course, you can repair a chipped corner of a gloss cabinet door.

Can High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Doors Be Repaired?

Obviously, high gloss kitchen cabinet doors can be repaired by applying the right methods.

Can Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Be Resprayed?

If it is needed, obviously gloss kitchen cabinets can be resprayed.

Can You Repaint A Gloss Kitchen Cabinet?

Actually, yes! You can definitely repaint a gloss kitchen cabinet.

Final Thoughts

How to repair chipped gloss kitchen cabinets? Hopefully, you know the solution now reading this longer.

Actually, the repair process is really simple and easy, may take some time, but it is not something hard. You need to apply the right method and follow the guidelines properly to get a fruitful outcome.

So what are you waiting for? Without wasting more time, start repairing your cabinets and enhance the beauty of your house through the glossy cabinets this Christmas.

Interested in learning more DIY methods to restore your wooden pieces? Stay with- Restore Journey.

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