How To Repair Chipped Laminate Cabinet Doors: Fix Laminate Chips In No Time




2 years ago, when I found chipped laminate on the doors of my favorite cabinet, I was skeptical. I tried looking for solutions everywhere on the internet. Unfortunately, I found just a few articles with no solid solutions.

Back then, I had no option but to contact a professional (which obviously cost a lot). But, I managed to learn a lot which helped me with future repairs.

Looking back, I wish I had someone to guide me so I didn’t have to spend so much. So, I decided to do it myself.

How To Repair Chipped Laminate Cabinet Doors

Are you looking for how to repair chipped laminate cabinet doors? I’ll help you! It goes like this-

  • Clean the area and assess the chip to decide its severity.
  • Use a laminate repair kit for minor chips or apply a wood filler for larger chips.
  • Sand to smoothen, attach the laminate using adhesive, and trim the excess.

Now that you know the basic steps, we can start talking about the details. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Overview of the project-

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$1406 hoursBeginners

Core Findings-

  • If there is any swelling or warping in your cabinet doors, the chipping must be caused by exposure to moisture.
  • For minor chips, use a laminate cabinet repair kit. For larger chips, use wood filler to fill the gap.
  • The things in a laminate repair kit are a melting knife, a cleaning comb, and seven wax blocks.

Causes Laminate Cabinet Doors To Chip

How to repair chipped laminate kitchen cabinets and doors? I will talk about the entire process. So, don’t worry about that.

However, there’s one thing you must know before moving to the process. Can you guess what that is?

These are the reasons that cause your laminate cabinet door to chip. Now, you may wonder why you need to know the causes before learning how to repair chipped laminate doors. 

Well, knowing the causes will help you to understand what you should or shouldn’t do to your kitchen cabinet doors. The causes are;

Causes Laminate Cabinet Doors To Chip
  • Impact: Try to remember if you have recently slammed something heavy or scratched the doors with anything sharp.  If any of these kinds of accidents happened recently, no wonder why your cabinet doors are chipped.
  • Moisture: If you have a moisture meter, you can use that. Otherwise, you can also visually inspect and check if there is any swelling or warping in your cabinet doors. If yes, the chipping must be caused by exposure to moisture. It is quite common for kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for ways to fix bubbled kitchen cabinets, you can also try this method to assess your cabinet.
  • Poor Quality: Usually, chipping is common for aging laminate doors. It is because over time, laminate cabinets become more and more prone to chipping and peeling. Also, if the cabinet is made of poor-quality material, it is normal for the laminate cabinet to chip when it is aging. It will impact even if you want to fix cabinets over baseboard heating.
  • Poor Installation: If the laminate on your cabinet isn’t properly installed, it can lead to chipping after using it for some time. It is natural for both laminate and thermofoil cabinets. As laminate and thermofoil are both thin outer layers, these easily chip or peel off without proper installation. This is because these are usually attached to the cabinets with adhesive. If the adhesive isn’t strong enough, they tend to chip or peel off.
  • Wear And Tear: Regular use of laminate cabinet doors causes wear and tear. These wear and tear, when they get serious, can lead to chipping. If you didn’t find the previous causes in your laminate cabinets, this might be the reason. Also, if you have kids, pets, or a lot of family members, this is a valid reason for your laminate cabinets to chip. 

Fun fact: these causes are not just for chipped cabinet doors. If you are looking for how to fix peeling laminate cabinet doors or fix chipped melamine cabinets, you should look forward to these causes, too.

Tools And Materials Needed For Repairing Chipped Laminate Cabinet Doors

Now, we can move on to the actual process. For that, you need to know the necessary tools and materials first. These are

Tools & MaterialsUsage
Head ScrewdriverTo unscrew the hinges and remove the cabinet doors.
Mild Soap WaterTo clean the damaged area.
Clean ClothTo wipe the damaged area with.
Laminate Repair KitTo fix the laminate for minor chips. 
Wood FillerTo fill the gap in larger chips.
Putty KnifeTo apply the wood filler.
Grit SandpaperTo smoothen the repaired area and make it even with the rest of the cabinet surface.  
Laminate Adhesive or Contact Cement (Optional)To glue the new laminate strip on the repair.
Laminate Strip (Optional)To attach on the repair to replace the chipped part. 
Touchup Pen (Optional)To color match with the rest of the cabinet surface.
Paint (Optional)To match the repair with the rest of the cabinet surface.

Make sure to buy all of these necessary tools and materials from your local or online hardware store before you start working.

How To Repair Chipped Laminate Cabinet Doors?

If you are worried about whether you will be able to fix it properly, don’t worry. Repairing chipped laminate cabinet doors is quite easy.

You don’t believe me? Then, let’s find out the details on how to repair chipped laminate cabinets;

How To Repair Chipped Laminate Cabinet Doors
  • Remove The Doors
  • Clean the Area
  • Assess the Damage
  • Use A Laminate Repair Kit
  • Apply Wood Filler
  • Attach Laminate
  • Finish and Blend
  • Attach The Door

Remove The Doors

The step of How to repair chipped laminate cabinet edges is to remove the doors.You can work on your plastic laminate or thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors without removing them. However, you won’t be able to work freely.

You will be required to put some weight on the doors while working. If you put weight without removing the cabinet doors, there’s a high chance you will damage the doors and hinges.

So, remove them before fixing them to work and also move freely without any worries.

Clean the Area

Yes! You saw it right. You should clean before starting to fix the damaged area. A common misconception is that why to clean when you are going to fix it?

But, as I just said, it is a misconception. In fact, cleaning before fixing will give you a smooth surface to work without any disruption. Just like it gives with installed outlet box in the cabinet.

You can use a damp cloth to wipe the area. However, it is better to use mild soap water with a piece of clean cloth. It will remove the buildup and popcorn ceiling texture. You can clean the ceiling with vacuum as it can clean the dust and debris of every corner.

Assess the Damage

Another thing you should do before repairing is assess the damaged part. It will give you a clear idea about where and how to repair.

Well, then how do you repair a damaged laminate door? It depends on the damaged area itself. So, it is necessary to assess the damage to decide on the laminate cabinet repairs.

Use A Laminate Repair Kit

After assessing, if you think it is a minor chip, using a laminate cabinet repair kit will be enough. 

You may ask what is a laminate cabinet or laminate door repair kit. It is a kit with all the necessary items to repair minor issues. These are- A melting knife, a cleaning comb, and seven wax blocks.

Choose a wax block that matches the color of your laminate strip. Use the melting knife to melt the wax. Put the melted wax on the melting knife in the chip.

Use a putty knife to push the wax inside and fill the gap. Repeat this process until the gap is completely full.

Let it dry for some time. When the wax has almost dried, use the cleaning comb to smoothen and polish the repair. This way, you can easily fix the paint chips on your cabinets.

Apply Wood Filler

The laminate cabinet or laminate door repair kit is for minor issues. So, you can’t use it for larger chips. Then, what to use for larger chips? You will have to use wood filler. The process is simple. 

Scrape some wood filler using a putty knife and fill the gap with it. Let it somewhat dry. Then, sand it with grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface. 

Attach Laminate

This step is optional. If the repair blends in with your laminate cabinet, skip this step. However, if you want to know how do you fix peeling laminate cabinet doors, this is the step for you.

If not, apply laminate adhesive or contact cement on the repair. Then, carefully glue the chipped laminate strip back into place. Make sure to trim the excess laminate. You can use plastic laminate as well.

There are many affiliate links available, you can buy the necessary things from there as well. This is how to repair peeling laminate cabinet doors.

Finish and Blend

If you are not attaching a new laminate strip, the only option to blend the repair is the paint job. 

You can use a color-matched touch-up pen for minor damages. For major issues, you must paint to blend the repaired area with the rest of the cabinet door’s surface.

You must follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions while using paint on the repair. So, be careful about that.

Attach The Door

Screw the door hinges in place. By the way, you can fix your twisted cabinet door at this chance.

If you find the previous screw holes damaged, you should repair the screw holes in your kitchen cabinets before attaching the door hinges.

For your concern on how to repair chipped laminate cupboard doors, you can follow these steps too. Cupboard doors are a lot similar to cabinet doors. So, that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you follow these steps properly, I can assure you that you will achieve great results.

It will not only repair the chips but also restore your laminate cabinet’s flawless appearance.

LAMINATE REPAIR | How to perfectly repair damage to new laminate

Cost Of Repairing Laminate Cabinet Doors

I think after the process, the thing that most people are concerned about is the cost of the tools and materials.

Do you know, it costs $150 to buy all the necessary tools and materials for repairing a chipped laminate cabinet? Let’s find out how;

Tools & MaterialsEstimated Cost
Head Screwdriver$20
Laminate Repair Kit$30
Wood Filler$10
Putty Knife$10
Grit Sandpaper$10
Laminate Adhesive or Contact Cement (Optional)$15
Laminate Strip (Optional)$5
Touchup Pen (Optional)$15
Paint (Optional)$20

See? I told you it doesn’t cost much. Also, some of these tools are usually found in households. So, if you have some tools already, it may cost around $100.

However, if you want to get professional repairs, it will cost a lot more than this.

Ways To Prevent Future Issues After Making Repairs

Concerned about how to protect your chipped laminate cabinets after making the repairs so you don’t face future issues? Fear not! Follow these tips; 

Ways To Prevent Future Issues After Making Repairs
  • Try to be as gentle as possible. Cabinet doors are quite fragile compared to cabinets. So, be careful not to slam or bang the doors.
  • Clean the cabinet doors regularly. You can just use a damp cloth for everyday cleaning. But, try to use mild soap water at least once a week to get rid of the buildup.
  • Don’t put heavy items like coffee makers on the surface as it can ruin the door by putting pressure on it.
  •  Be careful of moisture exposure, especially for kitchen cabinets.
  • Keep the temperature around the laminate cabinets in control. Excessive heat can damage the laminate surface. 
  • You should keep your cabinet in a well-ventilated area.
  • Use laminate cabinet repair tape to protect corners and vulnerable areas against impacts. 
  • Inspect the laminate cabinet doors on a regular basis. Look for any signs of wear or damage. Fix the issues promptly to prevent them from worsening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can You Repair Chipped Laminate Cabinets Door?

Of course! You can. You need to use a laminate repair kit for minor issues and wood fillers for larger chips.

Can You Paint Over Chipped Paint?

Yes! You can definitely paint over chipped paint. I suggest painting if the repair doesn’t match the rest of the cabinet surface.

Can Touch Up Paint Fix Chips?

Touch paints are great for slight chips.

When Should You Consider Seeking Professional Help For Repairing Chipped Laminate Cabinet Doors?

If the chip is severe and it is affecting the structural integrity, you should seek help from a professional.

Are There Different Types Of Laminate, And Do They Require Specific Repair Techniques?

Yes! There are different types of laminate. Also, some of them require different repair techniques based on their characteristics. 

Summing Up

This is all about how to repair chipped laminate cabinet doors. I tried to mention as many details as possible. So, you shouldn’t face too many problems during the process.

Don’t worry if you do because I am here! Feel free to ask me anything.  

Take some time as it is your first time. Follow all the steps precisely. Trust me, you are bound to get good results.

Give it a try, record, make it a video of the day, and enjoy!

So, gear up and go for it!

If you are interested in learning more about restoring a Cabinet, stay with- Restore Journey.

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