How To Repair A Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet That Won’t Turn




Do you have a Lazy Susan that stopped turning? Are facing problems grabbing your necessities from the corner cabinet? I can feel you.

I have a Lazy Susan and it had the same problem. I suffered for a month and ultimately decided to fix it. But, the problem was hiring a professional was quite costly.

I made the big decision to fix it myself and I don’t regret it. Want to know how to repair a Lazy Susan corner cabinet that won’t turn?

Here are the things you need to know!

How To Repair A Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet That Won’t Turn

Repair Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Fix the binding center shaft. Tighten the slipping circular shelves to their reserved space. Try to know the exact load-bearing capacity of the Lazy Susan and store things accordingly. If the doors are misaligned, adjust them. Make sure to prepare the Lazy Susan before fixing it.

Leaving already to fix it? Listen to me first. There are a lot of things you should keep in mind while fixing or you might ruin your Lazy Susan. Want to learn them? Let’s dive into this!

Some main facts-

  • The center shaft is the part that moves and makes the lazy susan turn.
  • Every Lazy Susan comes with a Lazy Susan repair kit.
  • To adjust the doors, tighten all the screws on the doors.

An overview of the project-

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$302 hours Beginner

Common Causes Of A Non-Turning Lazy Susan

Why won’t my Lazy Susan turn? There are a few reasons for a non-turning Lazy Susan. 

But don’t worry. These causes aren’t that severe. If you have proper knowledge about the causes, you will be able to fix them easily.

Common Causes Of A Non-Turning Lazy Susan

Do you want to learn about the causes? These are:

Excess Weight

Do you have too many things in your corner cabinet Lazy Suzan? Is it heavier than its load-bearing capacity?

This can be a solid reason why your Lazy Suzan corner cabinet is not turning. Excess weight or uneven weight distribution makes it difficult to turn.

Binding Center Shaft

Is your center shaft stuck in one place?

Check if it moves or not. If it doesn’t, the binding center shaft is the reason for the non-turning corner cabinet Lazy Susan.

The center shaft is the part that moves and makes the Lazy susan turn. If it stops, there is no other moveable part, which causes a non-turning lazy susan.

It can happen for many reasons. One of them is because of dust and debris.

Slipped Circular Shelves

Are your circular shelves out of place? Are the shelves sliding down the center shaft? This can be a possible reason why Lazy Susan won’t turn.

How? When the bottom shelf gets misplaced and slides down, it prevents the center shaft from turning.

So, the entire Lazy Susan stops turning.

Misaligned Doors

Is your cabinet door uneven? Are you facing problems closing your cabinet doors? It can be a cause too.

Misaligned doors stop the circular shelves from turning and hinder the smooth operations of a Lazy Susan corner cabinet.

Now that you know all about the causes, you will be able to fix them through some specific techniques.

How To Repair A Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet That Won’t Turn?

How to replace a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet? If this question ever came into your mind, let me tell you fixing a Lazy Susan is very easy. 

What can I replace the Lazy Susan corner cabinet with? There is no other cabinet that has the same facilities as a Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan, also known as ‘Rotating corner cabinet’ or ‘Rotating carousel cabinet’, is made in a way that you can grab the farthest item only by spinning it a bit.

How to fix a Lazy Susan corner cabinet? Here are the 7 easy steps to revamp your Lazy Susan;

How To Repair A Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet That Won't Turn

Prepare The Table

Make sure to remove all the kitchen items from your Lazy Susan kitchen cabinet corner and take the Lazy Susan out.

Clean the table properly. Sometimes, the Lazy Susan gets stuck because of dust and debris. So, clean it properly and check if it turns. Remove the thermofoil from the cabinet if you have it.

If it doesn’t, go ahead and follow the troubleshooting steps.

Inspect The Center Shaft

Start by inspecting the center shaft. The center shaft is the reason why the Lazy Susan turns and spins. Check if something is binding the center shaft. 

How to adjust a Lazy Susan cabinet pole? I suggest loosening the length, controlling the fastener, and slightly adjusting the shaft.

It will remove the thing that is resisting the shaft in the center post without the Lazy Susan falling over.

Check The Shelves

Check if the shelves are in the right position or not. Sometimes, the shelves slip down the center shaft. It drags it to the bottom and causes a non-turning Lazy Susan. 

To fix the shelves in their places, loosen the locking screws, put the shelves in place, and tighten the screws again.

Go Through The Repair Kit

Each Lazy Susan comes with a Lazy Susan repair kit. You can go through the Lazy Susan repair kit to learn more about the repairs.

It also includes a manufacturer’s guide that might help you.

Reduce Weight

If the non-turning Lazy Susan is caused by excess weight and there are no other issues, the Lazy Susan should be turning fine after cleaning it.

You can put it back in the kitchen cabinet. This time, make sure not to store more than its load-bearing capacity.

How to know that? You find the exact amount of weight the Lazy Susan can bear from its manufacturer’s guide. So, make sure to check that out. 

Adjust The Doors

How to adjust a Lazy Susan door? Before that, you need to know if the problem is actually the doors or not. Answer this quick question-

Are your kitchen cabinet doors the problem, not the Lazy Susan? If yes, they must be misaligned. 

How to fix Lazy Susan door hinge? To fix them, use a Philip head screwdriver and tighten the loosened screws in the cabinet door hinges.

Tighten all the screws and the doors will be fixed. There will be nothing more to stop the Lazy Susan from turning.

If the cabinet is wobbling, this is a good chance to fix the wobbly cabinet. Also, if you think the cabinet is out-of-square, you can definitely fix the out-of-square cabinet during this procedure.

Professional Assistance

After performing all the previous steps, if your Lazy Susan still doesn’t turn, there might be a serious problem.

I suggest immediately seeking professional assistance. Contact them, and they will ask you some emergency questions about the current situation.

If you don’t know any professional who can fix a Lazy Susan, simply search online for Lazy Susan repair near me, and you will find the best options. I suggest contacting Steve M. handyman remodeling services.

Provide quick answers to their questions, and they will provide you with the right information.

You can ask them additional questions and even improvement questions. They will answer it all.

After you are done with the repair, clean your cabinet properly before placing the Lazy Susan in it. If the cabinet ceiling has a ceiling with asbestos texture, clean the ceiling with vacuum instead of cloth.

However, if you are a dog owner and he chewed the cabinet’s corner, I have an answer helpful for you, fix the dog-chewed corner of the cabinet to keep the beauty.

However, for a change, you can replace halogen under cabinet lighting with LED.

How Do You Adjust A Lazy Susan Cabinet?

How do you adjust a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet? You can just place it inside the base cabinet after fixing the issues.

If the problem is rotation, check where the problem is occurring. Try to spin the center shaft and see if it is binding somewhere. 

How Do You Adjust A Lazy Susan Cabinet

Wherever it is binding, loosen and adjust the bolt there. Now, try to spin it again. If there are no other binding spots, the adjusting is done.

How to adjust corner cabinet Lazy Susan? If any of the shelf slips, just loosen the screw there, adjust the shelf, and tighten the screw again. You are done.

Make sure to check if any of the doors are misaligned. If yes, tighten the screws in the door hinges, and the doors will be adjusted.

What If The Rotating Hardware Is Damaged?

What is the most important part of a Lazy Susan? It’s the rotating hardware. It does the most part, and if it is damaged, the lazy susan is of no use.

How to fix the rotating hardware? Here you go;


If the rotating hardware is made of steel, welding can be a good option to fix it. If you previously have no experience with welding, It is better to leave the job to a professional welder.

This will not only fix the rotating hardware but also make it as good as new.

DIY Hinge

How do you adjust corner cabinet door hinges? If the rotating hardware is made of other materials, you can think of other methods. The best one would be replacing it with DIY hinges.

If you manage to find a suitable DIY hinge that matches the vibe of the Lazy Susan, you will also enhance its appearance while fixing the damaged rotating hardware.

Repair Forums

You will find solutions to all your Lazy Susan problems from repair forums. These answers from sites are authentic. 

These questions answers are super helpful for beginners.

You will find all sorts of answers in these forums, even answers to legal questions.


After considering all the other options, if you still can’t find a way of fixing your damaged rotating hardware, I suggest replacing it.

There are a lot of options for Lazy Susan repair parts. You can choose the most suitable one for your Lazy Susan among them.

You will be able to increase the functionality of your Lazy Susan by replacing the damaged rotating hardware.

Safety Consideration While Repairing Lazy Susan

Are you a beginner to woodworking projects? If yes, let me share an important tip. Any project needs to maintain safety.

Here are some things you should keep in consideration while repairing Lazy Susan; 

Safety Consideration While Repairing Lazy Susan
  • Make sure to use mild cleaning products and sponges while cleaning.
  • Do not put any heavy objects on the Lazy Susan or it will affect the repair.
  • Be extra careful while moving the Lazy Susan or the repairs will shift.
  • Keep the Lazy Susan out of children’s reach. You can add a safety lock to it if you want.
  • While repairing the shelves, start with the bottom shelf and gradually go up or the Lazy Susan will fall off.
  • Make sure not to over-tighten the bolts or Lazy Susan will be stiff.

If you manage to abide by all the tips, you will not only be safe but also the repair will be effective.

Tricks To Keep Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Stable

How to fix wobbly Lazy Susan? You have found the expeditious answer to this question, but do you know how to keep the Lazy Susan stable after repairing it?

Let me share my ultimate tricks with you. I have been following these tricks since I’ve repaired my Lazy Susan and let me tell you, these tricks work like magic. These are:

  • Try to distribute the weight evenly while storing the kitchen necessities in the Lazy Susan.
  • If there are shelf-adjusting options in your Lazy Susan, place them at an even distance to provide stability.
  • If possible, add some extra support to the Lazy Susan for better operations.
  • Regularly clean and declutter the Lazy Susan to maintain it better.
  • While changing the hardware, make sure to use the good-quality ones so they can support the Lazy Susan. You can buy these from building contractors & certified building workshops.

I have shared all the things I’ve personally learned from my experience with my Lazy Susan. I can assure you will get a great outcome because these things worked for me.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ’s)

Are There DIY Solutions For Lazy Susan Repairs?

Yes, you can use DIY hinges in place of your damaged rotating hardware.

Can Lubrication Help If The Lazy Susan Is Stuck?

If the rotating hardware gets stuck, applying a lubricant can help to loosen the rotating hardware.

What Do You Call A Corner Cabinet That Spins?

The corner cabinet that spins is called a Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet. These cabinets are made to make the maximum use of the storage space.

Are There Specific Lazy Susan Models Prone To Turning Issues?

Rather than any specific model, other factors such as poor installation, low-quality material, excess weight, poor design, etc make a Lazy Susan prone to turning issues. 

Final Thoughts

How to repair a lazy Susan corner cabinet that won’t turn? As you already know, it is quite simple.

Start by preparing the Lazy Susan for the repair. Then, repair the binding center shaft. Secure the slipping circular shelves.

Adjust the regular cabinet door if that’s misaligned. While storing things on the Lazy Susan, store them according to its weight-bearing limit. That’s all.

Sounds easy, right? It is actually easy too. Just follow my tips and tricks and you will be able to retrieve your old Lazy Susan.

Ready for the repair? All the best!

If you are interested in learning more about restoring a Cabinet, stay with- Restore Journey.

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