How To Repair Screw Holes In Kitchen Cabinets? [Enjoy The Smoothest Surfaces]




Whoever is obsessed with the perfection of their indoor pieces is likely to get annoyed by the screw holes. This is so obvious, actually!

Actually, it has been noticed that after reinstalling cabinet doors, any shelves, or cabinet handles, the old screw holes make the cabinets look really ugly!

repair screw holes in kitchen cabinets

Though this is really a common problem, the solution is really important. Are you looking for one? Want a smooth and seamless surface? But don’t know how to repair screw holes in kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets? Don’t worry! You are in the right place so far!

Here is what to do-

  • The first thing that you need to do is to gather the necessary tools, 
  • And then you need to prepare the screw holes.
  • Now, apply a decent layer of filler on the holes and let it dry completely.
  • After it dries, sand the surface and finish the process by applying a matching paint color or wood stain.

Can’t wait to start repairing the screw holes in your kitchen cabinets? You are not done yet! Wanna enjoy a journey of the entire process? Let’s go!

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill LevelNecessary Materials
$302 hoursBeginnerdrill, counterstrike bit, wood filler, putty knife, sandpaper, sanding block, paintbrush, and matching paint

Some main facts-

  • You can also use a piece of wood with wood glue to fill the screw holes and fix them.
  • After filling the holes, sanding is mandatory to achieve smooth surfaces.
  • Over-tightening the screws can result in screw holes in cabinets.

Reasons To Get Rid Of Holes In Kitchen Cabinets

Madly finding the solution to how to fix the screw holes or how to fix drill hole in kitchen cabinet? But what if I ask you what is the reason behind it? Why do you want to get rid of these holes? What would you answer me?

I know everyone has their own perspective, but I must say these are the main reasons behind everyone wanting to get rid of holes in the kitchen cabinets;

Reasons To Get Rid Of Holes In Kitchen Cabinets

Aesthetic Improvement

I must say one thing, the screw holes in beautiful and amazing cabinets definitely look very ugly and ruin all the beauty of the entire kitchen. I mean, no one likes  bubbled kitchen cabinets or holes right?

Therefore, repairing the screw holes can help to maintain the look of the cabinets. Also, it improves the look of the entire kitchen and provides a refreshed vibe.

Prevention Of Further Damage

Actually, the holes in the cabinets make it easy for dust and debris to accumulate in the cabinets. It makes the storage really unhygienic and nasty. Therefore, you need to clean the storage inside the cabinets very frequently.

But repairing them can give relief from this annoying issue and help you to maintain the cabinets perfectly. Otherwise, cabinet doors can overlap and cause further damage.

Personal Satisfaction

Don’t you think a perfect and tidy kitchen is enough to catch one’s eye? Actually, it is enough to satisfy yourself!

Basically, seamless and smooth cabinets can help you to make your living space the most enjoyable and perfect place for you.

What Can I Use To Fill Screw Holes In Cabinets?

When this is a matter of repairing the screw holes in kitchen cabinets, the first thing that pokes one’s mind is what to use to fill the holes?

Did this question poke your mind?

What Can I Use To Fill Screw Holes In Cabinets

Probably, it did!

Actually, there are many options to fill the screw holes, and all of them are really worth trying. But what are these? Actually, these are;

  • Wood filler– is undoubtedly the best choice to fill the screw holes. Besides, this is easy to apply and sand and can be painted easily.
  • Wooden dowels– can be inserted into the holes and cut in size. This is really sturdy and provides a natural result.
  • Epoxy putty– really durable and the perfect choice for filling the screw holes. Besides, this lasts really long. 
  • Plastic wood filler– is actually made of wood fibers and binding agents and provides a strong and natural-looking result.
  • Auto body filler or bondo– perfect for larger or deeper screw holes and provide an effective result so far.

However, you can use a kitchen cupboard door hinge repair kit to fix the holes in your precious kitchen cabinets, as it comes with a filler and necessary tools.

Besides, this can provide you the best result if you want to repair cabinet door hinge holes particle board cabinets.

How To Repair Screw Holes In Kitchen Cabinets? [The Step-By-Step Guidelines]

Actually, our cabinets get screw holes after changing hardware or installing cabinet knobs. But these undoubtedly look really worse.

How to fill them? What is actually the solution to repair these holes and gain the smoothest looks for the cabinets?

Actually, you need to go like this-

How To Repair Screw Holes In Kitchen Cabinets

Gather The Necessary Materials

Actually; gathering the necessary materials before you start the process is important. Why is that so? Because it will genuinely help you to enjoy a flawless and smooth repair journey.

Therefore, gather these materials before you start the process: drill, counterstrike bit, wood filler, putty knife, sandpaper, sanding block, paintbrush, and matching paint.

Prepare The Screw Holes

Now; it is your turn to prepare the screw holes. How? Well, go like this; The first thing that you need to do is to use a drill with a counterstrike bit in order to place some pressure around the holes. It will help to aid the adhesion of the wood filler.

Apply Wood Filler

Guess what? Yes! Now, it is time to apply wood filler.

With the help of a putty knife, apply wood filler on the holes and fill them. Do not forget to remove the excess filler with the same putty knife.

Now what?

Nothing that hard, actually! You need to let the filler dry completely before you move forward.

Applying a little bit of pressure with your finger, check whether the filler dried or not. Wait until the filler dries completely.

Well, I actually had to say this to you: you can easily repair the chipped laminate cabinet doors with wood filler perfectly.

Sand The Repaired Area

Did it dry completely? It did! Well, now you have to sand the repaired area very gently. Use sandpaper and a sanding block to sand the areas properly. Basically, keep sanding the areas until they match the level of the surrounding areas. 

Done? Now you can stop! Remember, do not over-sand the areas, as it will make the cabinets rough and uneven. However, sanding is really a necessary step when fixing the chipped melamine cabinets.

Paint Or Stain The Cabinets

Yes! You definitely guessed it right! Now, you need to put paint or stain on the repaired areas.

Why is that so? Actually, this will help you to match the color and give the cabinets a seamless and beautiful look!

Therefore, with a paintbrush, apply matching paint or stain on the areas evenly and let it dry before you start using the cabinets.

No, nothing else! You are actually done! Now, enjoy the beautiful look of your indoor pieces.

How To Repair Stripped Screw Holes In Kitchen Cabinets?

Do you have any idea about how to fix stripped screw holes in kitchen cabinets? Well, I do it so perfectly that everyone gets really impressed!

After repairing the stripped cabinet screw hole it doesn’t even look like it was ever damaged or had any holes before.

Impressive, right? I know it obviously is!

Wanna know how do you fix a stripped screw hole in a cabinet? You don’t actually need to go anywhere else. Basically, I fix the issue this way

Fill The Holes With Wood Glue And Toothpicks

Basically, I take some toothpicks and then apply coats of wood glue on them. Gently, I insert them into the stripped holes.

Then I proceed with the most important thing, and that is to let them dry and set completely. Actually, I leave it like this for a while and let it dry. When it dries, I break off the excess from the hole and then sand it to get a smooth surface.

Actually, this is seen during the time of fixing the gap between the cabinet and wall or hanging the kitchen cabinets on plasterboard walls; these kinds of holes appear in the cabinets really badly.

However, in this chance, if the door is twisted, fix the twisted cabinet door for a better result.

Use Wooden Dowels

Well, to be honest, I love this method, and most often, I try this one to fix stripped cabinet holes. Basically, in this process, I coat wooden dowels with wood glue, insert them into the holes, and then cut off the flush with the surface.

Guess what is next? Well, yes! Maybe you guessed it right! I let them dry completely so that they can set perfectly. Now, I gently sand the areas with sandpaper and a sanding block. After sanding, I painted the area in order to get a beautiful surface.

Use Larger Screws Or Anchors

Be attentive to this step! Why? Because this is really important and can be really helpful for you undoubtedly. Well, how to fix large hole in cabinet? Or the really extreme holes?

Actually, using larger screws or anchors can provide you the securest grip in the repaired hole.

However, simply you can get a stripped screw hole repair kit.

Why is that so?

Actually, these kits contain wooden dowels, wood glue, larger screws or anchors, and tools to make pilot holes. Therefore, it will be easy if you have all the materials and tools in one repair kit. Easy peasy, right?

Fix Stripped Screw Holes – 3 MINUTE FIX!

What Can You Put In A Screw Hole To Make It Tighter?

Now that you know how to fix screw holes in kitchen cabinets, you may already know that it is necessary to tighten the screw hole. Don’t you?

Actually, yes! It is really crucial to tighten the screw hole to avoid getting an ugly screw hole again. But how can you do that? Well, let me help you with this.

The MaterialsProcess
Wooden toothpicksWith coats of glue, the toothpicks need to be applied to the holes and set. After it sets properly, it provides a tighter grip for the screws.
Wooden golf teesIt can be customized and cut in different sizes accordingly and used with glue. It needs to be inserted into the hole and it will fit there really perfectly.
Plastic wall anchorApply plastic wall anchors on the larger screw holes and it will definitely gonna hold the screw holes tighter.
Epoxy resinBasically, this is also known as kitchen cabinet hole filler. You need to apply epoxy resin on the screw hole and it will create a strong and durable filler that will tighten and hold the screws.

Some Quick DIY Methods To Fill Holes In Kitchen Cabinets

Actually, I agree that knowing some quick DIY methods to fill screw holes or holes in kitchen cabinet doors is necessary.

But the question that comes out is, how to fill screw holes in kitchen cabinets through some quick and easier DIY techniques? Well, let me put 4 ways that are the quickest solutions. Such as;

  • Wooden toothpicks, or a piece of wood, and glue
  • Putty or spackle
  • Wood putty
  • Bar soap

But, do you actually know, how to fix screw holes in cabinets with these easiest DIY methods? No? No worries, buddy! You got my back! Go like this-

Wooden toothpicks, or a piece of wood, and glueApply coats of glue on the pieces of wood or wooden toothpicks and put them inside the cabinet holes. Let it dry and set properly. After it dries and sets completely, break off the excess from the holes.
Putty or spackleApply a decent amount of putty or spackle with a putty knife and remove the excess to smooth it out. Let it dry and after it dries completely, sand the area to make the flat surface smooth.
Wood puttyApply a fine amount of wood putty on the screw holes and let it dry; after it dries completely, sand it and enjoy a smooth surface 
Bar soapRub the soap into the hole and fill it and get a temporary solution for small screw holes.

Wondering how do you repair a hole in a laminate cabinet? Actually, you can apply these methods but make sure you are attaching a new piece of laminate with wood glue after repairing the hinge screw holes.

Tips On Preventing Future Issues With Screw Holes In Kitchen Cabinets

After learning how to repair a hole in a cabinet, what do you think your next step is? To be honest according to me, to do something that can help you prevent future issues with screw holes in kitchen cabinets.

Surprised and confused? Don’t know how to do it? Well, I know some tips, and trust me these are tested and gonna work for a hundred percent! Wanna know? Here you go;

  • Always pre-drill the holes when installing any screws in cabinets because it will reduce the risk of weakening the wood around the screw holes in cabinet doors and cabinets.
  • Do not over-tighten the screws, as they can cause larger holes in your cabinet.
  • If any screws are extremely tight, make them loose enough that can be perfect for your cabinets. Do you know, How do you widen a screw hole? Actually, over-tightening the screws is the reason.
  • It is actually better to use screw threads so that the screws stay in place securely and you don’t need to change them.
  • Always try to use high-quality cabinet hardware and use a pilot hole when installing screws to avoid damaging the wood.
  • Try to reinforce the screw holes with hardwood dowels as they can provide extra strength. Thus you will not have to change the screws and face the screw holes issues.
  • Remember one thing: always clean the cabinets with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris. Then, use a tack cloth and make sure the surface is clean before you make any kinds of adjustments to the hardware to avoid risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Do You Fix A Screw Hole That Is Too Big In Wood?

You can easily fix a screw hole that is too big in wood by using wooden dowels and wood glue to fill it.

What Do You Fill Screw Holes With?

Basically, you can fill screw holes with wood fillers.

What Is The Best Wood Filler For Screw Holes?

Actually, epoxy resin or cellulose-based compounds are the best wood filler for screw holes.

What Can I Use To Cover Screw Holes In Wood?

You can basically use wood filler to cover the screw holes in wood.

Final Thoughts

How to repair screw holes in kitchen cabinets? The solution is so easy, right? Actually, it is! Repairing the screw holes in kitchen cabinets is not a big deal. Besides, you don’t need any advanced level skill to repair them.

Basically, you just need to put a wood filler on the holes, and after it dries you need to sand lightly and apply paint to beautify the cabinets.

Easy like taking candy from a baby, right?

So what are you waiting for? Start repairing the ugly screw holes in your kitchen cabinets and enjoy flawless, smooth, and beautiful surfaces!

Good luck!

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