Can You Reuse Countertops When Replacing Cabinets Of Kitchen?




Actually, I am a very frugal person. I don’t like to spend my money or waste it unnecessarily. Last December, my kitchen cabinets got damaged badly, and they were beyond repair. So I had to replace them.

But my countertops were absolutely fine. So, I decided to keep them. I know you might be wondering, can you reuse countertops when replacing cabinets? Let’s explore this in detail with me.

Can You Reuse Countertops When Replacing Cabinets

Reuse Countertops When Replacing Cabinets

You can definitely reuse your old countertops even after replacing the kitchen cabinets with new ones. But conditions are that your kitchen countertops need to be in good condition, without any kind of damage that can make them ineligible for reusing.

Don’t be in a rush. You have just uncovered the cover of the book. To reveal the entire story, keep reading and decide what would be better for you.

Some main facts-

  • Actually, it is possible to reuse the countertops after even replacing the cabinets until they are in good condition and match the cabinet layouts.
  • You can repair the repairable damaged parts of the countertops and reuse them after the process of replacement cabinets.
  • If your countertops are worthy of reusing, replacing them costs you a lot of money, like $600.

Can You Reuse Countertops When Replacing Cabinets In The Kitchen?

Actually, the thing is when any piece of furniture gets old, dull, and damaged and loses its natural color, shine, and original beauty.

Throwing it away or replacing it with a new one is not the only ideal solution. It is costly and an unfair thing to do as well. 

Let me tell you one thing: many pieces of furniture can be repaired and restored. So, what is the best solution for you? What do you think? Is replacing the furniture the solution or reusing them the solution?

Changing your old damaged kitchen base cabinets? Are your kitchen countertops totally fine? Well, you can reuse them. Yes, you heard it right. If you are still confused, let me share my story and experience with you.

You can actually keep the granite and replace cabinets with new ones. But you just need to match the cabinet layouts.

I have granite countertops as this is the most popular choice among all. Besides, this type of granite countertop is really expensive, if you know.

Can You Reuse Countertops When Replacing Cabinets In The Kitchen

However, my countertops were totally fine, worthy of reusing, and were a perfect fit with my new cabinet layouts and cabinet dimensions. 

So I decided not to remove the granite counter. But yes, there were some small issues on my granite countertops, such as granite cracks, scratches, etc. What I have done is that I fixed the issues.

I know you might be wondering, Can you reuse granite countertops on new cabinets?. Well, surprisingly, I did. You heard it right! The outcome I got was worth all the effort I put into fixing and reusing them.

However, I have also fixed the discoloration issue. I used the small granite pieces and the granite slab, matched the finish with that, and refinished the granite counter according to the granite pattern.

After replacing the countertops, I am still using my old countertops. All I knew was that granite was a very precious and expensive piece of stone. So, I matched the cabinet box and cabinet frame accordingly so that they could fit with my granite countertops.

Luckily I was smart enough to play this smart move and reuse the countertop and save my money. In this chance, if you have any upper cabinets like medicine cabinets and any of them are discolored or damaged, you can fix the medicine cabinet door.

But let me tell you something: there are various types of countertops, such as granite, quartz, laminate, stone, wooden, etc. 

If you are somehow wondering, Can quartz countertops be reused with new cabinets?. Well, if the condition is good enough to be used or the issues are light enough to be fixed, then you can definitely use them. 

And if you are also thinking about the laminate countertop, Can you reuse laminate countertops?, 

let me ask you 

Why not? If they are in a condition to be reused!’. But yes! You may need some special tools to fix the laminate countertops’s damaged parts.

Most people with quartz countertops get confused while replacing old, broken, and damaged cabinets. They start thinking, ‘Can you reuse quartz countertops when replacing cabinets?.


It can be possible if you want to. You just need to follow certain rules and processes to do that.

Pros And Cons Of Reusing The Old Countertops

To help you learn more about reusing old countertops, here are some pros and cons of reusing old countertops. You can completely rely on this information because these are the things I personally experienced in my journey of restoring and reusing old kitchen pieces.

Pros And Cons Of Reusing The Old Countertops
Old countertops are filled with memories. It adds an essence of home to the space that the new countertop can’t.Reusing old countertops may hinder the new designs, layouts, and renovation ideas.
Reusing old countertops saves a lot of money. Old countertops may have scratches, dents, stains, and other tear and wear.
It also has a big impact on the environment as it reduces the amount of waste and the demand for new materials.Old countertops may not fit with the new furniture or kitchen appliances.

Can you reuse granite countertops when replacing cabinets? If you have read this far, you already know the answer.

Absolutely, you can. If you know the techniques properly, you can actually remove the cabinets keeping the countertops in place without causing any damage. 

Well, if you know the proper techniques, you can even replace kitchen tile without removing cabinets or you can install backsplash before cabinets.

Cost Comparison Between New And Reused Countertops

If you are someone like me who is frugal and wants to reuse the old countertops, you don’t need to spend extra dollars on new materials., you want your kitchen to look new and want to change the countertops, here are a few things you need to know;

Cost Comparison Between New And Reused Countertops

Materials Cost

There is a wide range of materials for countertops. We have laminate countertops, stone countertops, granite slab countertops, etc. All of these have different price ranges.

The most popular countertop material is granite pieces. It is a durable material that matches every kitchen layout. However, it is also the most expensive among all the materials.


Even if you are installing a new countertop yourself, you may need to move or remove things. In that case, you will require some additional help. 

If you have friends or family members to help with that, you are good to go. However, if you don’t, hiring laborers is the only option. It will also cost you some money.


You may not be able to change the entire outlook of the kitchen but you can certainly modify some things to get a somewhat new look while using reused countertops. For that, you will have to spend some extra money.

I wanted to reuse my old countertops but also change the look of the kitchen at the same time. So, what I did was change the color of my countertops. If you are feeling the same as me, you can do this too.

Here is an estimated cost of both installing new and reused countertops;

ForNew countertopsand Reused Countertops
The estimated cost$2500$1000

Should You Reuse Old Countertops Or Buy New One?

I know you are feeling confused and lost in deciding whether to use old countertops or new ones. Let me help you with that. There are some things you must consider before making the decision.

These are the condition of the old countertop, the cost of both the process, the layout of your kitchen and the new countertops, the impact on the environment, and most importantly, your preferences. 

Considering all of these factors helped me to make my decision. I hope it helps you too. But before removing and replacing the old cabinets, remove thermofoil from the cabinets.

Things To Do When You Decide To Reuse The Old Countertops

There are a set of things you need to do when you decide to reuse your old countertops. There is no need to worry or rush to the process. Take a breath and go for it. Are you ready? Here you go:

Assessing The Countertop

I like to start by assessing the condition of the entire countertop. Look for scratches, stains, chips, dents, or any damage. It is always better to repair damages early. Identify and mark the places of the damages to not lose them.

Repairing The Damages

After assessing, I will suggest cleaning the entire countertop. It helps a lot with the repair process. Thoroughly clean the table to remove the dust, debris, stains, etc, as much as possible.

Now, it’s time for the repairs. Remember, every damage has a specific type of repair process. You already know the issues. So, now, just fix them. 

Considering Designs

If you want to change the outlook of your countertop, this is the time. Using the old countertop does not mean you will have to stick to the old design as well. 

Carefully check out the countertop and decide whether you want a new design or any other modifications.

Preparing The Surface

Before you install the countertop, examine the underlying surfaces if they are compatible with the countertop or not. The underlying surface is the base of the countertop that is going to support the countertops.

So, make sure it is in good condition or there is a high risk of damaging your countertop.

Installing Process

Well, let me tell you one thing, the installation process is a very crucial part and it should be done properly in order to increase the lifespan. You should keep the moderation and adjustments in mind during the installation process.

Finishing Touches

After you are all done with the installation, you can refinish the countertops. I have refinished my granite countertops for a new look. It is completely optional. If you think your countertop needs a new finish, you can do it. 

If you are like me and can’t decide what to do, the simple solution is to apply a sealer. I did that, too, and trust me, it adds such a vibrant and polished look to the countertop that you can’t help but fall in love.

It also adds a layer of protection to the countertop. It makes it more durable and resistant to future damage. So, I highly recommend using a new finish.

You can never go wrong with these steps. So, without worrying about anything else, just follow these steps accordingly.

Are There Situations Where Reusing Countertops Is Not Advisable?

Of course. Every kitchen piece has its lifespan. Even if you cautiously use them, you can’t extend their lifespan more than a few years. Sometimes, you just need to let go. Here is when;

Are There Situations Where Reusing Countertops Is Not Advisable

Structural Stability

Structural stability may sound difficult to understand. Let me explain. It means the ability to withstand. If you think the countertop is too old to bear the intended weight, there is no need to waste time on it. 

Countertops are heavily used in everyday life. If it is not able to provide a secure base or safety, it is advisable not to use it.


If the countertop is not compatible with the layout or design you want, there’s no use spending time, money, and effort on it. The countertop needs to match the design for a seamless appearance.


If your countertop is too old and the material is not used much anymore, try to avoid reusing these materials. These are neither practical nor safe to use. Always prioritize what is worth more.


If the countertop was neglected, not maintained, or placed in a shady place, it is better not to reuse it. Why? There must be bacteria, molds, and other bacteria and parasites.

Cost Of Modification

If modifying the old countertop costs around the same as buying a new one, I suggest going for the new one. It has a lot of benefits that the old countertop will not be able to provide you.

If you face any of these situations, do not reuse your old countertop. Otherwise, it will affect the current cabinets or the other kitchen pieces too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are There Any Cost Savings Associated With Reusing Countertops?

Yes. Reusing countertops saves a significant amount of cost as you don’t need to buy new materials.

Can I Install New Cabinets Over Old Ones?

Yes. It is possible as long as the old cabinets are stable enough and free of any damage.

What Should I Do If My Existing Countertops Have Damage Or Wear?

If the damage is minor, carefully assess the countertop, find out the damages, and repair them. You can also refinish if you want. If the damage is severe and hard to repair, the only option is to replace them. 

Can I Reuse My Existing Countertops When Replacing Cabinets?

If the existing countertops are stable, sturdy, and free of damage, you can reuse the existing ones when replacing cabinets.


Can you reuse countertops when replacing cabinets? Definitely, you can. You can’t just throw a completely fine countertop, right? If it has any minor damage, you can always restore it. It is not only a waste of money, but also environmental resources. So, if you are someone who likes to make proper use of resources while preventing unnecessary costs like me, I suggest reusing the countertops when replacing the cabinets.

To learn more about restoring a Cabinet , stay with- Restore Journey.

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