Can A Wall Oven Be Installed In A Base Cabinet? [Unravel The Proper Solution]




Actually, when anyone thinks about installing a wall oven, the first question that pokes his mind is can you install a wall oven anywhere?

To be honest it depends. But if you are thinking can a wall oven be installed in a base cabinet, the answer is yes.

Can A Wall Oven Be Installed In A Base Cabinet

Installed In A Base Cabinet

  • A wall oven definitely can be installed in a base cabinet.
  • You need to position the oven in an appropriate place before you install it.
  • You need to use mounting hardware to secure the wall oven in the base cabinet.

Wait! You still have a lot to learn about this. So let’s go!

Here’s an overview of the installation:

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$504 hoursBeginners

Summery of the article is-

  • Fix the damage in the cabinets if there is any before installing the wall oven.
  • 27-inch and 24-inch ovens and 30-inch ovens are perfect to be installed in the base cabinets.
  • It is better to place the wall oven in a height that is easy to access, and comfortable, and one can monitor the cooking process while using it.

Can A Wall Oven Be Installed In A Base Cabinet?

You can definitely install a wall oven in a base cabinet without facing any issues. There is not any problem with this decision, to be honest.

Basically, standard wall ovens are mainly installed at a higher position or location for ease of use and access. But it is obviously possible to install a wall oven in a base cabinet.

Can A Wall Oven Be Installed In A Base Cabinet.

If needed you can even install a double wall oven or double oven instead of a single oven in your base cabinets. But you actually need to keep some things and installation directions in mind before you start installing the wall oven in a base cabinet such as cabinetry, height, safety, aesthetics, etc.

Why is that so?

These all can ensure you the best result so far. Therefore instead of making any kind of mistakes and ruining your kitchen design. However, you can hire kitchen designers to get the perfect position and advanced oven setups.

But fix the damage in the cabinets, if there is any, before installing the wall oven, such as if the door is twisted, fix the twisted cabinet door, or if you need to fix the cabinet door panel, do it before you install the wall oven or any regular oven in the base cabinets.

Can a wall oven be installed under a counter? If the base cabinet is under the counter, it’s fine. You can still install the wall oven.

Things That Influence The Choice Of Wall Oven Can Be Or Can’t Be Installed In A Base Cabinet

Still can’t decide whether to install your wall oven in your base cabinet or not? It’s fine. I can help you. There are some things you should consider to make the right decision. These are;

Size And Dimensions

The biggest influence on whether to install a wall oven in the base cabinet is the size and dimensions of both your base cabinet and the wall oven.

Size And Dimensions

If you want to install a wall oven in your base cabinet, there must be some clearances around it for safe installation and operation. So, the base cabinet has to be bigger in size compared to your wall oven. The dimensions of the wall oven and the base cabinet have to be compatible. So, consider that too.

Weight Support

As you know, wall ovens are pretty heavy. That means the weight-bearing capacity of your base cabinets needs to match the weight of your wall oven. Only then you can install the wall oven in the base cabinet. Otherwise, you may face cabinet doors that overlap problems.

Weight Support

Electrical Connections

Ovens need electricity to work, right? But, what if there’s no electrical outlet around your base cabinets where you can connect your wall oven? So, the availability of electrical connections in the base cabinet area greatly influences the choice.

Electrical Connections

Ventilation Requirements

Ovens need proper ventilation to release the trapped heat and cool down after each use. So, the base cabinet must have adequate ventilation to ensure safe operation for your wall oven.  Otherwise, a warming drawer or base cabinet will put your and your family’s safety in danger.

Now that you know what to do, think about these factors and check if your wall oven and base cabinet are compatible with the installation or not.

What Size Cabinet Is Needed For A Wall Oven?

If you have come so far, you know how much size and dimensions are for this installation. But do you know what size cabinet is needed for your wall oven? Let’s find out!

Facts About The SizeDetail
Cutout dimensionsThe cabinet should be large enough to fit the cutout dimensions that are suggested by the wall oven manufacturer, including the requirements of width, height, and depth.
Ventilation spaceThere should be enough ventilation space around the oven for proper airflow and avoid overheating. Therefore, it should not be that tall cabinet.
Weight supportThe cabinet should be sturdy, durable, and made of high-quality materials. Basically, structurally capable enough to handle and support the weight of beautiful and high-quality wall ovens.
Electrical requirementsThe cabinet needs to have the facilities for easy access for installation and maintenance of the electrical wiring.

However, 30-inch ovens, 27-inch, and 24-inch ovens are perfect to be installed in the base cabinets.

Types Of Wall Ovens Suitable For Base Cabinet

Do you know some wall ovens are more suitable for base cabinets than others? Yes! You heard me right. These are:

Type Of OvenReasons
Single wall oven Actually, this standalone oven unit perfectly fits on a single cabinet space and can be fit on a separate cooktop as well.
Double wall ovensFits on a larger-sized wide cabinet really well.
Microwave Combination wall ovensThese ovens provide multiple cooking options and save kitchen space. Basically, a Jenn-air micro/convection oven is definitely a good choice for you.
Stream ovensMade to be cooked through streaming and can provide a streamlined look in the kitchen.
French door wall ovensThese are easy to reach, provide a unique and decent look in the kitchen, and are appropriate to be installed in the base cabinets.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Wall Oven?

Well, if you are wondering does a wall oven have to be in a cabinet? The answer is it should be for safety and stability. However, the best places to put a wall oven are;

  • It is better to place the wall oven in a height that is easy to access and comfortable, and one can monitor the cooking process while using it.
  • This is a perfect place to install the wall oven near countertops and work surfaces so that it can be easy for you to prepare food and transfer.
  • It is better to place the wall oven in an area of the kitchen that is not busy and that is free from any mess.
  • This is the best decision to install the oven in an area that is appropriate according to the kitchen design.

How To Install A Wall Oven In A Base Cabinet?

Have you decided if you want to install your wall oven in your base cabinet or not? If the answer is yes, you must be looking for the installation process. 

I guess you don’t need to look for it anymore. Here is how to install wall oven in cabinet;

How To Install A Wall Oven In A Base Cabinet

Prepare The Cabinet Space

You need to start the process of cleaning the base cabinet. Make the cabinet empty and remove all the objects from the cabinet.

Now, take a spray bottle and put a cleaner inside that is made of mild soapy water, and clean the cabinets with a soft cloth. But make sure your cabinet is dry before you move to the next step. Fix the gap between the cabinet and the wall in this chance.

Check Electrical Connections

Well, this is the most important step. Why is that so? Actually, it is important to ensure that the electrical wiring and power supply inside the base cabinet are appropriate for the wall oven.

Otherwise, you may need to make some adjustments and changes to install the wall oven. Well, if you are not an expert, it is better to hire an electrician for this purpose.

Ventilation Considerations

Actually, it is really necessary to make sure of the proper airflow around the oven.

 You might be thinking why is that so? Actually, it helps to prevent overheating and dangerous accidents. So leave enough ventilation space for proper airflow.

Ventilation Requirements

Position The Oven

Now, staying in a standing range with the help of someone, carefully position the wall oven as it can be heavy to lift alone. Therefore, make sure you are lifting someone with you. So, yes! Carefully position the oven to make sure that your oven is at the perfect level. Now, securely place the oven in place.

Secure The Oven

Well, you really need to be careful during this step. Take the provided mounting hardware and secure the wall oven in the base cabinet with the hardware.

Actually, be patient and attentive while doing this, and make sure you are securing the wall oven tight enough to stay safe.

Connect Electrical Supply

Did you wear rubber gloves and shoes? If not, wear them because your safety needs to be your first priority while connecting the wall oven to the electrical supply.

Make sure that all the connections are secure and safe and comply with the local electrical codes.

After you are done with connecting the electrical supply, check if the connection is working or not. Boom! You are all done.

If you can, fix the paint chips on the cabinet or, even better, refinish your old wood cabinet. This way, your cabinet will be as good as new.

HOW TO INSTALL a Wall Oven EASY – DIY Installation for ALL Wall Ovens

Safety Tips While Installing A Wall Oven In A Base Cabinet

Well, I guess I talked about almost you needed to know. So, to end this, here are some safety tips for you to complete the installation without any injuries.

  • Make sure that the power supply of the installation area is turned off before you start installing the wall oven.
  • Wear rubber gloves and shoes before you start any electrical work.
  • Be careful when working on electrical wiring.
  • If the wall oven is more than 30 inches wide and tall it can be heavy. Therefore get an assistant while placing the wall oven.
  • Leave enough counter space while placing the oven to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • Leave enough ventilation space around the oven for airflow and avoid overheating.
  • Be careful and attentive to the pinch points and sharp edges while installing the wall oven.
  • Be careful when attaching oven door hinges or any other hardware to avoid getting injured.
  • Make sure the wall oven is securely mounted according to the manufacturer’s instructions and test the stability after installing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Base Cabinets Be Wall Mounted?

Unfortunately, no. This is because base cabinets were originally designed to be installed on the floor and are still not intended to be wall-mounted.

Can Wall Ovens Be Installed Under The Counter?

Yes! Some wall ovens are made to be installed under the counter. These are called under-counter ovens. 

Can You Put An Oven Inside A Cabinet?

Yes! It is definitely possible to install an oven inside a cabinet. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you are clear now whether can a wall oven be installed in a base cabinet or not. I tried to mention all the things you might need to make the big decision.

Still, if you have any questions or queries, feel free to let me know. I would love to answer all your questions.

All the best!
If you are interested in more topics like this, stay with- Restore Journey.

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