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It is natural for desk legs to decay before the tabletop. Table legs are the base of the table and bear the weight of the table. Do you know that you can change the legs of the table? Yes, you can keep your favourite table by changing its decayed legs. Also, you can customise the look. So, the question comes to your mind, what can I use instead of desk legs? Do not worry. Read ahead to learn about the alternatives.

What Can I Use Instead Of Desk Legs

Can I Use Instead Of Desk Legs

In short, to find the best alternative for your desk legs, you need to learn about all the available options. Analyse them using the factors such as stability, compatibility, budget, user review, etc. Compare them with one another. Choose the one that is closest to your preference.

There are just some takeaways from the article. The full article has detailed information about what you can use as an alternative. Also, the things you should keep in mind while doing that. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some unconventional alternatives are not usually used but can be good options for DIY projects. Such as wooden crates, PVC pipes, cinder blocks, etc.
  • Be careful not to affect the stability of the desk legs. The factors that affect this are the material, shape, and structure of the table, attachment method, etc.
  • Avoid some common mistakes while choosing the best alternative. Such as poor-quality legs, ignoring user reviews, wrong attachment method, etc.

So, What Can I Use Instead Of Desk Legs?

There are a lot of options for alternatives to desk legs. These are simple yet elegant. It changes the look of the table and also your room. However, be careful with the stability and weight distribution when installing the alternatives.

What Can I Use Instead Of Desk Legs

Hairpin Table Legs

Hairpin table legs are metal legs. These are made of steel rods that bend into the shape of hairpins. Hairpin table legs are known for their simple and elegant look. Although it was popularised in the mid-20th century, it looks like a modern design.  

Metal Or Steel Pipes

Steel pipes are one of the most popular choices for table legs. These are stable and sturdy. With its strength, it can support any tabletop despite the size or weight of the tabletop. Metal pipes are suitable for any type of table.

Repurposed Wood

Repurposed wood means using salvaged legs from any old piece of furniture. Any old table whose legs are fine but the table is not usable anymore, you can use its legs in another table. If the aesthetic and vibe of the old table matches with the new table, using repurposed wood as an alternative is a good option. You also can use this to fix the desk drawer that keeps sliding out.

Tresled Legs

Tresled legs are braced frames standing vertically spread legs at each end. It is placed on the end of both sides of a square table. Trestle legs add a simplistic vibe to the table.

Are you asking yourself, what can I use instead of desk legs IKEA? Well, you can use the same things for your IKEA desk legs as well. It is wise to choose the right one for your desk for the best outcome and also for the best service so far.

Factors That Affect The Stability Of Desk Legs

When choosing an alternative for the desk legs, the one thing that matters the most is the stability, sturdiness, and durability of the alternative. It is better to choose something sturdy, and durable instead of the desk legs. Want to know about the factors that affect the stability of the desk legs? Here you go;


Material is the most important thing when choosing an alternative to desk legs. Desk legs made with strong materials are the most stable and sturdy, for example, metal table legs, wood table legs, etc. These are the most popular choices for tables like coffee tables, dining tables, sofa tables, console tables, etc as well..


Actually, the stability of the desk depends on its overall structure. Along with the table designs, table height, table shape, table sizes, table leg design, etc. For larger tables, you will need strong and bulky desk legs to support the table tops. Also, keep this in mind while fixing a laminate desktop.

Attachment Method

The stability of the legs depends on how it is attached to the desk. The desk legs will be stable and sturdy if they are attached to the table with screws, nails, brackets, etc. There are other ways. However, they don’t make the table as stable.

Weight Distribution

Proper weight distribution is necessary for any table. It doesn’t just affect the stability of the table legs. It affects the functionality of the entire table. If the weight is not equally distributed on all the legs, it will be difficult to put anything on the table. You won’t be able to work freely. 

These factors may seem small but their impacts are huge. Keep these in mind to get a sturdy, stable, and strong table.

How To Choose The Best Alternative Of Desk Legs?

How do you reinforce desk legs? Before you dive into this, let me ask you, how to choose the best alternative of the desk legs. Don’t have any idea? Excited to learn? No worries, the guidelines below will help you learn how to choose the best alternative for the desk legs. Such as;

How To Choose The Best Alternative Of Desk Legs


Desk legs are the base of any table. It has to be stable and sturdy for the desk to function properly. Desk legs bear the entire weight of the table. It is designed to support the desk. To check the stability of the table, try shaking it while keeping it in the ground. If it moves or feels wobbly, you may need to change the legs into more stable ones.


The table leg style needs to be compatible with the rest of the table. There are different types of table legs. So, you must choose table leg designs according to the type of table. For wood tables, wooden table legs. For metal tables, metal table legs. For adjustable tables, adjustable table legs. 


Determine a budget that you are comfortable with. Get familiar with all the suitable options for desk leg replacement. Analyse the alternatives according to the cost and the effectiveness in that price level. Consider all of them to find a long-term replacement for your table.

User Review

Analysing user reviews is necessary when choosing the best alternatives for desk legs. You may ask, why? It is because they have already had the experience. You get to know the stability and compatibility without doing it yourself. You can learn from their mistakes. Also, you will get an idea of the things that may work or not.

Now, the query may come to your mind, what can you use instead of desk legs for couch?  Now, it would be easy for you to choose the alternative choice of table legs. You can definitely pick the right one following the guidelines.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Alternative

People often make mistakes when choosing an alternative for their desk legs. But it is important to avoid such mistakes for the best result. So, try to avoid these mistakes when choosing an alternative for your desk legs;

  • Mismatched the table. The alternative table legs must be compatible with the rest of the table. For example, you should not use sofa table legs on a solid wood table.
  • Poor quality. Choose a good quality table while keeping your budget in mind. Using low-quality or flimsy material may save you money now, but it will cost you later. You will have to spend much more money on repairing and maintaining it. Avoid poor-quality goods for fixing laminate desktops too.
  • Ignoring user review. The previous users have already experienced the way it might work. You will get an idea of what to do and what not from the user reviews. You will get to learn from their mistakes and not commit the same mistakes.
  • Neglecting adjustability. Choose the legs with the same height as the table. Otherwise, it will be hard to work on that desk. The legs have to be all the same height too. Or, the table won’t be able to stand.
  • Neglecting weight capacity. The alternative legs should be strong enough to stand properly. Otherwise, the table would not function well. 
  • Wrong attachment method. The stability depends on how the legs are attached to the table. Screws, nails, and brackets are the most preferable attachment choices. You can use other methods, but they will not be as sturdy as these.

Keep these in your mind. Choose your alternative choice carefully. Avoid these mistakes that are so common when choosing something to use instead of your desk legs.

Resourceful Ideas For Desk Leg Replacements

If you want some creative table leg ideas to make your table look different, here are some options for you. These are budget-friendly substitutes for any table. These may be unconventional but can add a different aesthetic to your table and room. Another benefit is that these are widely available.

Resourceful Ideas For Desk Leg Replacements

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are not usually used as table legs. However, it can be a good idea for unconventional DIY projects. Stack a few wooden crates on both sides of the table until you get the preferred height. Use nails to secure them to one another. It is a unique and customizable idea for table legs. You can change its colours and height according to your preference.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are another unconventional yet great alternative for table legs. You can stack and secure them to get your preferred height. These are super easy to use. Also, it is a highly available and affordable alternative.

PVC Pipes

You can use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes or any other pipes as table legs. How? Cut the pipes to your preferred height and attach them to the table. If you want a different colour to match your table, you can paint them. It is an easy DIY project with a great outcome.

When you decide to use an alternative choice instead of using the same boring desk legs, you can want it to be the best. Hopefully, reading this long you may learn enough about what to choose as an alternative choice of desk legs.

The Cost For The Alternative Of The Desk Legs

The Cost For The Alternative Of The Desk Legs

The cost will be different depending on the alternative you use. The cost of the alternative legs and other materials to secure them are the same. However, you will save a lot of money if you install them yourself.

Other Materials$20-$50$20-$50

I know, you might be wondering about the cost. But, this estimated cost list can help you to get a clear idea about the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Much Leg Space Should A Desk Have?

A desk should have a leg space of about 24-26 inches in width and 18-20 inches in depth.

Can A Desk Stand On 3 Legs?

A desk can definitely stand on 3 legs. But it needs to be designed appropriately for 3 legs.

What Are Desk Legs Made Of?

The legs of the desk can be made of many different materials such as wood, steel, plastic, iron, aluminium, glass, etc whatever is appropriate for the desk.

What Metal Is Good For Desk Legs?

The metals that are sturdy and durable are good for desk legs such as steel, aluminium, or iron.


Hope you will never ask, what can I use instead of desk legs? There are many things that you can use instead of desk legs. You need to choose the appropriate one that goes with your desires, needs, and preferences. But one important thing is that it is better to the metal that is sturdy and durable. Though the decision is up to you, it is better to choose the right one for your own betterment.

If you want more table restoring hints, stay with- desk Restore.

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