Can You Keep Granite And Replace Cabinets? [Replace in 6 Steps]




Last winter, I decided to give it a try for kitchen renovations. So, I was thinking and inspecting what should be replaced or repaired, and I noticed that it was crucial to replace the current cabinets. But I had granite countertops on every cabinet, as on base cabinets. I wanted to keep the granite counter on the cabinet, and I wanted to keep them in place.

I was wondering, ‘Can you keep granite and replace cabinets’? Would it be the perfect solution for my kitchen renovation project? However, it was definitely my successful renovation. Wanna know in detail? Keep reading and stay connected till the end.

Can You Keep Granite And Replace Cabinets

Replace Cabinets

Actually, it is possible to keep the granite and replace the cabinets in your kitchen. But you need to be really careful throughout the entire installation process.

Wanna know, ‘How to move a cabinet with granite countertop?’ in detail? Keep reading and learn everything related to the cabinet replacement process with granite.

Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$200-$40024 hoursBeginner

Essential Understanding:

  • You can keep the granite countertop and replace the cabinets, but make sure the cabinets fit in place properly.
  • Take the measurements of the dimensions of the cabinets properly, and if needed, customize the cabinets to fit them.
  • It is better to use protective covers to cover the granite while removing the cabinets to avoid damaging the countertops.

Can You Keep Granite And Replace Cabinets?

So, let’s clear out your doubts: Can you replace a cabinet without removing countertop? Yes, you can. When people think about kitchen renovations, they start with inspecting and repairing or replacing the cabinets. Replacement cabinets are necessary when the current cabinets are really damaged or beyond repair.

Can You Keep Granite And Replace Cabinets

They also try cabinet refacing, changing the kitchen layout, they try to add some modern objects to the kitchen, they even also try new cabinet designs, etc. Or if you are so bored with the old thing. Then, you can just replace halogen under cabinet lighting with LED lights.

So, Can you save granite countertops when replacing cabinets? Obviously, you can. You need to be extra careful during the entire process so that you don’t damage the countertops and the cabinets. If needed a wall oven can installed in the base cabinet under the granite countertop.

However, make sure the new cabinets fit on the granite countertops properly. So, now stop wondering Can you reuse granite countertops when replacing cabinets in your kitchen? You can definitely reuse the granite countertops as long as they are safe and not damaged.

How To Replace Cabinets With The Old Granite?

‘Can you replace cabinets and keep granite countertops?’ I know you already know the perfect solution and answer. But do you know how to do that? Do you know how to complete the process and get the expected result? Well, as I have already replaced my cabinets by keeping the granite countertops, let me share the process of installing new cabinets under existing countertop. Are you ready? Let’s dive into it.

How To Replace Cabinets With The Old Granite
  • Step 1: Measure And Plan
  • Step 2: Remove The Current Cabinets
  • Step 3: Prepare The New Cabinets
  • Step 4: Install The New Cabinets
  • Step 5: Reconnect Plumbing And Electrical
  • Step 6: Clean And Seal The Granite

Step 1: Measure And Plan

Stop wondering: Can you replace base cabinets without removing countertop? You just need to start the installation process by taking the perfect measurements of the old cabinets and paling the cabinet layout. Make sure that the new cabinets fit on the granite countertop properly. In this case, you can take professional advice.

Step 2: Remove The Current Cabinets

Now it is time to remove the old existing cabinets. First, carefully remove the cabinet doors and then remove the cabinets from the cabinet box one by one. You may need to remove the thermofoil from the cabinets. Be extra careful throughout the entire process of removing the old cabinets so that you don’t damage the granite countertops. Also, don’t forget to disconnect the plumbing or electrical connections.

Step 3: Prepare The New Cabinets

However, if the old cabinets are just slightly damaged and can be repaired, you can try the refinishing process and refinish the hickory cabinets, and repair the cabinets and reuse them.

For example, if the cabinet doors are damaged, you can basically replace kitchen cabinet doors. But if these are beyond repair it is necessary to replace the cabinets with new cabinets. Now, get cabinets according to the taken measurements, and make any adjustments if needed to fit the cabinets in place properly.

Step 4: Install The New Cabinets

Now, the most awaited step is installing the new cabinets. Carefully place the cabinets in place under the granite countertops. Make sure they are leveled and secure. Properly attach the cabinets to the wall studs properly. You can perform this process for the cabinets installed over laminate flooring.

Step 5: Reconnect Plumbing And Electrical

Now, carefully reconnect the plumbing and electrical connections that you detached while removing the cabinets. Do not forget to wear safety gear during this process to avoid danger. You can also take the help of professional plumbers or electricians to reconnect the connections.

Step 6: Clean And Seal The Granite

Lastly, clean the granite countertops gently using mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Let the countertops dry completely. Now, apply granite sealer to protect the countertops.

Now you may get the perfect solution to your problem, ‘How to replace kitchen base cabinets without removing countertop?’. This is how I replaced my cabinets without removing the granite countertops, and I got the best result, the same as professionals. You can also give it a try and enjoy a beautiful and amazing outcome.

Easy Kitchen Granite Installation On Stainless Steel Frame – Complete Cooking Table

What Is The Role Of Old Granite, And Can You Reuse It Anyhow?

Actually, why are granite countertops used? Granite countertops actually increase the beauty of the kitchen. It makes the kitchen cabinet design really unique and wonderful. These can be used for many activities, such as preparing food and cooking, and can also be used as kitchen islands. 

Granite cabinets are really precious and expensive as well. While maintaining them can save you money, replacing them can cost you a lot of money.

Now, a question may pop up in your mind, which is: Can you remove granite and reuse it? Yes, you definitely can do it. Even if the granite countertops get damaged, you can reuse the granite slab. You can also preserve its pristine condition. You can even install porcelain tiles on the existing damaged granite and get a fresh look.

Can You Replace Granite Countertops?

Can you remove existing granite countertops without damaging cabinets? Well, you can. But let me tell you something: replacing granite countertops can be really expensive or cost effective. Besides, the process of replacing granite countertops is lengthy and time-consuming. Granite is a natural stone. Each granite slab is very precious and made very amazingly. Finding the exact match of granite is almost impossible or challenging.

Can You Replace Granite Countertops

Can you replace granite without damaging cabinets? Well, it can be really tricky and challenging. If you are not skilled and don’t have enough idea about this process, there is a strong possibility of damaging the granite countertops. Therefore, it is better to take professional advice and hire professionals to get it done.

If you are wondering, Can you reuse quartz countertops when replacing cabinets? the answer is still yes. You can also reuse a quartz countertop for many activities.

Installing Granite Countertops

The Potential Challenges And Solutions While Replacing The Cabinets Keeping The Granite

Keeping the granite countertops in place and replacing the cabinets is really challenging, and you need to be really careful throughout the entire process. But people often face some challenges during the installation process, and knowing the solution is obviously crucial. Let me share the challenges and solutions with you. Here you go:

Not getting the matching cabinetsTry to match the new cabinets with the existing ones or else you can customize the cabinets accordingly.
Ensuring the proper fitTake the measurements properly so that the cabinets can fit below the countertops, and adjust the cabinets if needed.
Protecting the granite during the replacement processUse protective coverings on the granite countertops to protect them and handle them gently and carefully throughout the entire process.
Reconnecting the plumbing and electrical connections:If you are not skilled, it is better to hire professional plumbers or electricians to reconnect the connections.

You can follow the solutions if you face any of these challenges. I have tried them, and they were helpful for me.

What Care Does The Granite Need After Cabinet Replacement?

It is really important to maintain and take care of your granite countertops after the cabinet replacement. It should be your daily routine because the granite countertops do need care after the cabinet replacement. Such as;

What Care Does The Granite Need After Cabinet Replacement
  • Clean the granite countertops regularly using a soft cloth or sponge and neutral-pH cleaner.
  • Do not place any acidic substances, such as citrus fruits, vinegar, etc, directly on the surface.
  • Do not use any scrub brush or do not cut any fruit or vegetables directly on the granite countertops, as they can leave scratches on the surface.
  • According to the type of granite, use a sealer to protect the granite surface from stains.
  • Gently blot the spills immediately to avoid getting stains.
  • Do not place any heavy objects on the countertops, as they can cause cracks or damage.

I actually followed these tips to maintain my granite countertops, and the result is worth the care. The condition of my countertops is really good and like new.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Replace Kitchen Cabinets One At A Time?

You can obviously replace kitchen cabinets one at a time. You just need to follow the replacement process and handle the cabinets gently.

Can Granite Be Removed And Replaced?

Definitely, granite can be removed and replaced. But keep one thing in mind, the process can be really costly.

How Many Years Can Granite Last?

Actually, if the granite is maintained properly, it can last for many decades or even a lifetime.

Can Old Cabinets Hold Granite?

If the old cabinets are structurally strong enough, they can hold the granite.

Is It Necessary To Remove The Granite During Cabinet Replacement?

It is not obviously necessary to remove the granite during the process of replacement cabinets. Just handle the entire process gently.


Well, let’s sum up: Can you keep granite and replace cabinets in your kitchen? Definitely, you can replace the kitchen cabinets while keeping the granite countertops in place. Though it is very challenging, if the cabinets and countertops are handled carefully and gently, you can definitely achieve the expected outcome so far.

However, let me tell you one thing, the entire process of replacement is really tricky and challenging, and the cost of granite countertops is very expensive. If you damage the countertops during the procedure, it can cost you a good amount of money. Therefore, if you are not skilled enough, it is better to hire professionals to replace the cabinets keeping the granite countertops in place.

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