How To Fix Cracked Marble Countertop? [Fixed Rather Than Throw Out]




What if your beloved marble countertops get cracks in? It would undoubtedly ruin the beauty of the entire kitchen countertops.

What to do in this situation? How to fix cracked marble countertop? Looking for a solution? The solution is simple: try the kitchen marble countertop repair process. Keep reading and learn about it in detail.

How To Fix Cracked Marble Countertop

Fix Cracked Marble Countertop

Fixing the marble kitchen countertops is easy. Start the process by applying marble repair adhesive and fill the cracks, then sand the countertop surface, and finish the process by polishing it to get the best result.

Some main facts-

  • The cracks on a marble countertop can be fixed by applying the right method. But if the cracks are beyond repair, you may need to replace it.
  • To fix the cracks first you need to clean the surface, then apply the adhesive, sand the repaired area, and apply polish and sealer.
  • You can fix the cracks on your marble countertop on your own and it can be cheap. But if you hire professionals, it can be very expensive.

What do you think is that? I wish I could say! But there is more to the story. Keep reading to learn in-depth about this.

earn in-depth about this.

What Kind Of Cracks Can A Marble Countertop Get?

You may know that marble countertops can get cracked. Do you have any idea about what kind of cracks are these? If the answer is no, here is something for you below that might be helpful to give you some idea about it;

Hairline Cracks

A hairline crack is really thin and shallow, and these can appear on marble countertops due to daily wear and tear. Well, then how to fix hairline crack in marble countertop? You can use superglue to fix this.

Surface Cracks

The cracks that are a little bit deeper than hairline cracks are called surface cracks. These are not that much noticeable. Temperature changes or structural issues can cause these cracks. You must be thinking now How to repair damaged marble surfaces? Well, the solution is very simple. Keep reading, and you will get to know the solution.

Vein Or Fissure Cracks

Marble is actually a natural stone. However, a marble countertop has natural veins and fissures, and as time passes, these can turn into cracks because of stress.

Through-Body Cracks

The reason behind these cracks is significant impacts or structural issues of the countertop. The thickness of the countertop actually extends these cracks from its surface to its bottom.

Basically, a marble countertop can get these cracks on it. Many reasons cause these. And I have a piece of advice on marble countertops for you and that is each of the crack types has its method to be repaired. So it is necessary to learn about these all.

Necessary Tools And Materials That Are Needed To Fix The Cracked Countertop

Before you learn how to repair cracked marble countertops, let me tell you one thing: it is crucial to learn about the tools and materials that are needed to fix the cracked marble countertops. Excited to learn about them? Here you go

Necessary Tools And Materials That Are Needed To Fix The Cracked Countertop
  • Marbel repair kit to repair the marble countertop.
  • Marble repair adhesive, marble crack filler, or epoxy resin (epoxy glue) to fill the cracks. The easy answer to how to fix chipped marble countertop is to use epoxy resin for this.
  • Super glue if needed to repair the small cracks or hairline cracks.
  • Putty knife to apply adhesive or filler and remove the excess adhesive or filler.
  • Small piece of marble slab to match the color of the adhesive with the marble countertop.
  • Sandpaper to sand the surface. Sandpaper is necessary for getting the best finish for the desktop.
  • Tin oxide powder to polish the marble countertop.
  • A damp cloth to clean the surface before applying adhesive or filler.
  • Lint-free cloth to wipe off the excess polish.
  • Marble dust or color-matched pigments if needed to fill the cracks.
  • Mixing container to mix marble dust to match the color.
  • Masking tape to protect the surrounding area.
  • Stone sealer to protect the marble countertop.
  • Marble polish or wax for the shininess.

Now, that you already know about the tools and materials and their usage, it will be easy for you to gather them and use them in the right way. It is better to gather these tools and materials before starting the fixing process to complete it without any kind of interruptions.

How To Fix Cracked Marble Countertop: Step-By-Step Guidelines

How to fix cracked marble countertop? Learning the guidelines is necessary. Right? Excited to learn the guidelines to complete the process perfectly? Here you go;

Prepare The Work Area And The Countertop Surface

Start the process by preparing the work area. It is better to work in a well-ventilated area. And gather all the necessary tools and materials in front of you. Use masking tapes on the surrounding area to avoid mess. Now, clean the surface using a damp cloth and remove all the dust and debris. If any broken piece or marble slab comes out, store it separately and safely.

Assess The Crack

Now inspect the countertop carefully. Find out the cracked area.  Try to understand the depth and width of the crack. Because if the cracks are wider than 1/8 inch you may need to use marble repair adhesive.

Apply The Adhesive

Worried about how do you fix a crack in a marble countertop? No worries, you are almost there. Firstly, match the color of the adhesive with a marble slab. If it doesn’t match, take a mixing container and mix the marble dust or color-matched pigments to make a customized color that matches the countertop.

Apply the adhesive using a putty knife on the cracked area. Remove the excess using the same putty knife. Let it dry properly before you move forward. Stop worrying so much about how to repair chipped marble countertop edge just use epoxy resin or epoxy glue to fix it. 

Sand And Polish

Now use fine-grit sandpaper sand the surface to smoothen the repaired area. After sanding the area, clean the surface using a soft cloth or a damp cloth. Sanding is necessary when fixing holes in a wooden desk. Let the surface dry before moving forward.

Now it is time to apply polish (tin oxide powder or any other suitable polish) on the countertop. Apply a marble polish on the surface. Rub it using a lint-free cloth in circular motions and wipe off the excess using another lint-free cloth. Let the polish dry properly. Now, enjoy a shiny and elegant countertop.

Apply Sealer

If needed you can apply a stone sealer that will work as a protective layer to the marble countertop surface. It can protect your countertop from getting scratches, hairline cracks, etc. You can apply sealer after fixing the roll-top desk as well.

You can simply follow these steps above and fix your cracked marble countertop perfectly and get a fruitful result. In this chance, you can fix the drawer that keeps sliding out.

What Can Cause A Marble Countertop Cracked?

There are many reasons behind the cracks on a marble countertop. It is necessary to learn about them. If you can understand the reasons, you will be able to prevent your countertop from cracking. Wanna learn about it? Keep reading and learn about the reasons behind a cracked marble countertop.

Impact Or Heavy Weight

Dropping any heavy objects on the surface of the countertop or applying unnecessary force on the surface can cause cracks on the countertop.

Structural Issues

If the support and the structure of the countertop are not designed properly, over time it can cause cracks on the marble countertop.

Temperature Changes

Placing extreme temperatures on the surface can cause thermal stress to the countertop. As a result, your countertop can get cracks.

Natural Characteristics,

However, marble is a natural stone. The natural features can start developing cracks because of external factors.

Basically, a marble countertop gets cracked because of these reasons. Avoiding these is a wise decision. Thus you will have to face this issue frequently.

How Do I Match The Color Of The Repair Material With My Marble?

Matching the color of the repair material with the marble is necessary. Otherwise, the countertop will look really ugly. But how to match the color? Here is the solution;

Identify The Types Of Marble Countertop

The first thing that you need to do is to identify the type of marble used in the countertop. Because different marbles have their own different colors and patterns, it is necessary to choose the original color of the repaired material.

Collect Sample Chip

Now, collect small chips or marble pieces from the damaged countertop to match the color with these. 

Use Color-Matched Pigments

There are a few adhesives that come with color-matched pigments and you can mix them in to get the exact color of the countertop.

Mix Marble Dust

Not getting a matching color adhesive? No worries, you can mix marble dust with an uncolored adhesive to get a custom color match. But be careful when mixing the marble dust, use a small amount of dust at a time to match the color. Apply it in a small area before applying it to the entire damaged area to test the color. You can take the help of professionals in this case.

You can follow these tips to match the color of the repair materials and make your marble countertop look fabulous.

What Happens If The Marble Countertop Cracks?

You may need to face some problems if your marble countertop cracks. But what are these problems and what actually happens? These all happen when a marble countertop cracks;

What Happens If The Marble Countertop Cracks
  • Cracks in marble can ruin the beauty of the entire marble countertop and the smoothness of the countertop surface.
  • The structural integrity of the marble countertop can be compromised because of the severity of the damage.
  • Basically, cracks in marble countertops can make pathways for the liquids and can result in staining, chipping, discoloration, etc.
  • If you don’t repair the cracks it can cause further cracking. As a result, the damage may go beyond repair and you may need to replace the entire marble countertop.

Can A Broken Marble Countertop Be Repaired?

Marble is actually a natural stone and very precious. A marble countertop is very expensive. And when it breaks, each broken piece is enough to make someone sad. But is it possible to repair the broken marble countertop? Because I understand that replacing it could be really expensive.

The good thing is you can fix a broken marble countertop on your own at home. But if the damage is beyond repair and broken into many marble pieces, you may need to replace the countertop. In this case, you can talk to a stone industry, repair shop, or professional service center and get their help.

How To Repair A Broken Marble Countertop

Wondering how to repair broken marble countertop? Let me help you with this. First, clean the broken area, collect all the marble pieces, use a marble crack repair kit (natural stone products that are designed for marble stone), and apply the adhesive or epoxy resin (epoxy glue). Now, gather each broken piece together, align them, and press them together to ensure a tight fit. Clean the excess adhesive and let it dry properly.

After that, sand down the repaired area to get a smooth and level surface. Apply the appropriate polish to get a shiny and elegant polished marble countertop, rub it using a lint-free cloth, and remove the excess. Apply a stone sealer to protect the marble counter from any kind of damage. Now, enjoy the beautiful transformation of your broken marble countertop. Lastly, this is the solution to your problem, ‘How to fix broken marble countertop?’. You can install wall ovens under the counter as well.

The Cost And Duration Of The Process And Skills You Need

I know, you might be thinking about the cost and duration of the process and the skills you need to fix the cracks in the marble countertop. Let me help you to get an idea about it.

The Estimated Cost Of The Process

The cost can be different for DIY and professional services. Professional services can be more expensive than DIY.

DIY Method

Adhesive or Fillers$20-$50
Fine-grit sandpaper$10
Marble polish and sealer$10-$30
Masking Tape$5
Estimated Cost $50-$100

Professional Service

Service chargeCost
Estimated cost$500-$700 (it can be more or less depending on the difficulties)

The Duration Of The Process

DIYProfessional Sevices
2-5 hours (depending on the difficulties the duration can increase or decrease)2-4 hours (it can increase or decrease depending on the difficulties)

Skills You Need To Fix The Cracks Of The Marble Countertop

There are a few skills that you may need to fix the cracks and that might be helpful for you during the process. Such as the ability to apply adhesives, and fillers, sand the surface, ability to choose the right color of repair materials, and lastly, skills of applying polish and sealer on the countertop. Most importantly, you need to be patient, attentive, careful, and focused throughout the entire process to complete it perfectly.

Tips To Maintain The Marble Countertop To Increase Its Lifespan

It is necessary to maintain the marble countertop after fixing the cracks to increase its lifespan. Wanna know how you can do that? Some tips to help you;

Tips To Maintain The Marble Countertop To Increase Its Lifespan
  • Clean the countertop surface using a damp cloth regularly and wipe off the dust and dirt from the surface.
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaner to clean the countertop as it can damage the natural stone and all types of marble countertops.
  • Always use a chopping board whenever you need to cut something on the marble surface. It will help you to avoid getting scratches in marble countertops and save the polished marble.
  • Clean the spills immediately to avoid getting any kind of stains on the countertop.
  • Try to use trivets or heat-protection mats before placing any kind of hot items on the surface directly because the heat can damage the surface.
  • Be gentle when placing something on the countertop surface or any heavy objects as the impact can cause cracks in marble.
  • Use stone sealer regularly to avoid getting any kind of stains on the marble slab or surface.

You can follow these tips to maintain the marble countertop after fixing it. It will help you to make the countertop long-lasting and avoid facing these issues frequently.


When Should I Hire A Professional For Repairs?

If you are unable to perform the process, or if you want to hire a professional, you can definitely hire one and get the countertop repaired.

Is It Normal For Marble Countertops To Crack?

The answer is, no. It is abnormal for the marble countertops to crack.

Can A Repaired Marble Countertop Look As Good As New?

A repaired countertop can definitely look as good as new if it is repaired properly.

Is It Possible To Prevent All Types Of Cracks In Marble?

Yes, following the maintenance tips you can prevent all types of cracks in marble, but over time, as the marble counter gets old, it can get cracked or damaged somehow.


You may get the answer to all the confusion related to, ‘How to fix cracked marble countertop?’. Replacing the marble countertops can be expensive. So it is better to repair the beautiful stone countertops and fix the cracks instead of replacing them. Just apply the right method and follow the guidelines properly to fix the countertops. If you are somehow unable to perform the procedure, you can hire professionals to get it fixed by them.

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