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Every piece of furniture is important to the owner. No matter how expensive or how cheap the furniture is, everyone wants their furniture to look beautiful and elegant. When it is a matter of laminated desks this is obviously special. Is your laminate desktop damaged? But don’t know how to fix laminate desk top? No worries, I have a solution that might be helpful for you to fix the desktop.

How To Fix Laminate Desk Top

Fix Laminate Desk Top

In short, no need to throw the laminate desk or replace it if the desk surface is damaged. You can fix the damaged desktop at home on your own with the help of the right techniques. There are solutions to fix the scratches, dents, chips, water damage, etc.

Already rushing to start the process? Don’t! You have just solved a single piece of the entire puzzle and the entire is left that you need to learn about. Let’s know all the details-

Key Takeaways:

  • There can be different types of damage on a laminate desktop such as scratches, dents, chips, water damage, burn marks, etc.
  • There are some necessary tools and materials that need to be used to complete the process such as sandpaper, filler, wood glue, safety gear, etc 
  • To fix the damaged desk surface there are step-by-step guidelines for the best result such as cleaning the surface, applying the filler, applying wood glue, sanding the surface, applying stains or paints, etc.
SkillCostEstimated Time
Moderate$100Few hours to few days

 Necessary Tools And Materials

Before you learn, ‘How to fix laminate desk top’? Let me suggest to you one thing, which is to learn about the necessary tools and materials that are needed during the process. It is important to know about these all and make the right use of them. These are;

 Necessary Tools And Materials
  • Laminate repair paste or wood filler to fill the cracks or scratches.
  • Wood glue to attach the laminate to the wood.
  • Putty knife to apply the filler and remove excess glue or filler.
  • A block of wood as a support when using the putty knife to get an even surface.
  • Sharp utility knife to cut the damaged desk edge.
  • Fine-grit sandpaper to make the laminate desk surface smooth.
  • Laminate repair compound or adhesive to repair the chipped laminate table surface.
  • Clean cloth, a damp cloth to clean the laminate surface after sanding for a smoother finish.
  • Mild soapy warm water to clean the laminate surface.
  • Coats of paint or stain if needed to finish the laminate desk surface.
  • Safety gear to protect yourself during the process.

It is better to gather the tools and materials and learn about their usage before you start the process. This will help you to make the right use of them and complete the process without any interruptions.

How To Fix Laminate Desk Top: [ Step-By-Step]

How do you repair a damaged laminate desk?? Well, there are guidelines that you can follow to fix the damaged laminate desk surface properly. Want to know about the guidelines? Here you go;

How To Fix Laminate Desk Top

Clean The Surface

Start the process by cleaning the surface properly. Use a damp cloth and clean the surface properly. Remove all the dust, dirt, and debris from the table. Let it dry properly before you move forward with the process.

Prepare The Filler (Laminate Repair Paste Or Wood Filler)

For scratches or cracks or to fix a dent in a desk surface, you need to use laminate repair paste or wood filler. Prepare the laminate repair paste following the instructions properly.

Apply The Filler

How to fix laminate desk top scratches or cracks? Well, applying your favorite wood filler to fill them is the answer or solution. After preparing the filler it is time to apply it. Apply the filler using a putty knife, you can use a block or wood as a support. Apply the filler evenly and remove the excess using the same putty knife. This is how to fix scratches on laminate desk.

Let The Filler Dry

Now, when you are done with applying the filler, let it dry properly. It is necessary to let the filler dry before you move forward. You can use a hairdryer to dry the filler faster.

Apply Wood Glue

How to repair laminate on desk if it is peeling off? If the laminate chips are coming off from the wood, you can use wood glue to reattach them with the wood. Apply the glue using a putty knife and let it dry properly.

Sand The Desk Surface

Now sand the real wood or hardwood desk surface using fine-grit sandpaper. It will help you to get a smooth surface and get an even surface. But remember one thing, don’t be aggressive when sanding the surface.

Clean The Desk Top

Now again clean the surface using a damp cloth or soft cloth. Remove the mess from the table. Make sure there is no dust or debris left on the surface.

Apply Laminate Repair Compound

Now you can use the laminate repair compound to seal the exposed edges of the desktop after cutting them using a sharp utility knife. Be careful and gentle when applying this.

Apply Paint Or Stain If Needed

If you want to try a laminate desk makeover or try another color for a change you can refinish it. A paint job is a good idea if you want to change the color of your antique furniture. Apply the coats of paint on the laminate using a roller or paintbrush. Let it dry properly before applying each coat. Don’t start using the desk without drying it properly as it can bring you a sticky finish. You can refinish the desk when fixing the desk drawer that keeps sliding out.

You can get helpful by following the guidelines step-by-step and fixing the laminate table properly. It will definitely bring you the best outcome. You can fix your coffee table the same way.

LAMINATE REPAIR | How to perfectly repair damage to new laminate 

Different Types Of Damage

There are different types of damage that can appear on the laminate desk surface. I know you are thinking, each of them must have different techniques to fix them! Yes, that is true. But for that, you need to know about the different types of damage. Let’s explore-


Scratches are the most common type of damage. Scratches can appear on your laminate desk surface because of daily wear and tear such as sliding objects across the top, using toxic cleaners, placing any sharp objects on the laminate surface, etc.


The dents are really small but make the desk look really ugly. They can appear on the desktop if any heavy objects drop on the surface.


Chips are actually small pieces of laminate that can come off from the wood because of daily usage of wear and tear.

Water Damage

Water damage appears on the top, if any liquid items fall on the desktop and you leave it for a long time. These can cause warping, bubbles, or discoloration.

Burn Marks

If you place any hot items or objects directly on the laminate surface, burn marks can appear there easily. These are kind of difficult to fix.

Learning about the different types of damage that can appear on a laminate desktop is necessary. It will help you to understand the damage type and choose the right method to fix the damaged part. You can fix the damages when choosing an alternative to use instead of desk legs.

Estimating Cost, Duration And Skill 

When trying to fix any real wood or any piece of furniture, people are often excited to know about the cost and duration of the process and the skills you need while trying the DIY method. Want to get an idea about these? Let me help you with this. Here you go;


The cost of the process depends on many factors such as the array of desk size, its difficulties, etc. But here I am sharing an estimated list of the costs to give you an idea.

DIY Method

Damage TypeCost
With tools and materials for small damages like (scratches, chips, cracks, etc)$10-$70
With tools and materials for extreme or large damages like (broken parts, refinish)$40-$100
On Estimate$100

Professional Service

Damage TypeCost
Scratches or cracks$50-$150
Chips or dents$100-$200
Large damage or refinish$150-$400


DIYProfessional Service
A few hours to a few days (depending on the skill level it can be more or less)A few hours to a few days (depending on the damages and difficulties)


When you are fixing the laminate table on your own at home you need some skills that can help you to fix the laminate desk surface properly. You need to know about sanding, applying adhesives, refinishing, etc. Along with these, you need to be patient, careful, and attentive throughout the entire process to get the best outcome.

I am pretty sure you get a clear idea about the cost and duration of the process and the skills you need to fix the laminate surface properly.

Safety Precautions

I know that fixing the laminate desk surface might be a very important thing for you. But thinking about your own safety is the most important thing. It is necessary to take some safety precautions during the process. Such as;

why Safety Precautions should be taken during the process
  • Do not forget to wear safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and masks. These will protect you from any kind of danger during the process.
  • Make sure you are processing the procedure in a well-ventilated area to avoid any kind of danger.
  • If you have an adjustable desk, be careful when fixing it or opening up any part.
  • Keep your pets and children away from the work area.
  • Take some paper towels or newspapers and spread them all over the work area to avoid any mess.
  • Make sure your work area is neat and clean. Any dangerous items such as pins, small pieces of wood, or anything else are not on the floor as you can get seriously injured by these.
  • Be careful when using the tools and use them in the right way to avoid danger.

Do not forget to take these safety precautions before you start processing the procedure. It will protect you from any kind of danger.

Future Tips

If you are reading here, you may understand that the process of fixing a laminate desktop is time-consuming and lengthy. Would you like to perform this process frequently? For sure you would not! Therefore, you need to maintain your table and follow some tips to prevent the laminate table from future damage. Such as;

tips for preventing the desk top from future damage
  • Always use desk mats before placing anything on the desk surface.
  • Do not put any hot items directly on the laminate surface as it can damage the surface.
  • Do not place or put any sharp objects like knives, scissors, etc on the desktop as they can cause scratches to the desk surface.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the desk surface as they damage it.
  • Always clean the spills immediately as they can leave spots on the surface.
  • Do not place the laminate desk in direct sunlight.

If you follow these tips to maintain your laminate desktop, for sure you will not have to face frequent damage and perform the foxing process frequently.

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ’s)

What Is The Best Glue For Laminating Desk Tops?

A high-quality adhesive that is waterproof is the best glue for laminating desktops.

Can I Refinish A Laminate Desk Top To Change Its Color Or Style?

Yes, you can definitely refinish a laminate desktop to change the color or style of it.

What Should I Do If The Laminate Is Peeling Off The Desktop?

You need to use wood glue to attach the laminate to the wood.

Where Can I Find Professional Help To Fix My Laminate Desktop Issues?

There are professional services available in the local market and online and you hire professionals to fix your laminate desktop issues.

Is It Possible To Replace A Damaged Section Of Laminate On The Desk Top?

Yes, with the help of the right tool in the right and right techniques, you can replace a damaged section of laminate on the desktop.


Therefore, I hope you have got a comprehensive guide on how to fix laminate desk top that is damaged. There are techniques that you can use to fix the damaged laminate desktop. If you are skilled enough or if you are patient enough to learn about the fixing process and follow the guidelines step-by-step you can fix the damaged desktop on your own at home. Otherwise, you can take the help of professionals and get the laminate desktop fixed by them professionally and perfectly.

Want to learn more about fixing a table? Don’t go anywhere else, stay with- Desk Restore.

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