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When you notice any issues in any wooden piece of furniture, it might be shocking for you as it ruins the beauty. It is really annoying. When your beautiful rolltop desk gets damaged. It is necessary to fix the unwanted desk damage. If you are facing this issue.

No need to replace the desk you can simply try the roll-top desk repair process and fix the desk. Do you want to know ‘How to fix roll top desk’ yourself? Do not worry. You are in the right place. This beginner-friendly guide will answer all your questions.

How To Fix Roll Top Desk

A roll-top desk can get damaged for many reasons. The desk can get damaged in different ways, and the methods to fix them are definitely different than. You need to apply the appropriate method to fix the damage accordingly. By following the guidelines properly, you can get a fruitful result.

Main Point:

  • Inspect the table thoroughly and find out the problem you are facing. Follow the solution accordingly.
  • It is possible to modernize a rolltop table by painting or refinishing it, changing the outlook, decorating the table, etc.
  • Prevent the rolltop from sticking by cleaning regularly, using lubricant, handling it with care, etc.

Already rushing to fix the roll-top desk? Wait a minute; you have another side of the paper to solve! To learn about the entire process, keep reading and get the best outcome for your desk.

What Type Of Roll Top Desk Needs To Be Fixed Immediately?

Before going to ‘how to repair antique roll top desk’, you must know what needs to be fixed and how. A roll-top desk can be damaged in various ways. Which one needs to be fixed immediately? It depends on the type of damage and its severity. 

To identify major and minor issues, you need to inspect the table thoroughly. Scratches, stains, little splits, and cracks fall under minor issues. Bigger dents, holes, etc, fall under major issues. If the issue is major, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. For minor damages, you can keep them for later. However, it is better to fix them before getting any worse.

To identify major and minor issues, you need to inspect the table thoroughly. Scratches, stains, little splits, and cracks fall under minor issues. Bigger dents, holes, etc, fall under major issues. 

How To Fix Roll Top Desk: The Different Methods For Different Type Damages

Now, let’s get into the real questions, how to fix roll top desk? Damage can be of different types. Each type has different methods. Some different methods with the fixing processes are given below. Choose the appropriate one that goes with the issue you are facing.

How To Fix Roll Top Desk

For Difficulty Moving The Top

Nevertheless, shouldn’t you also ask how to fix sticky roll top desk? Well, If the rolltop is sticking out or difficult to move, it can be the dust and debris on it. To fix this problem, you must clean the rolltop desk.

You can use a damp cloth or alcohol solvents like mineral spirits, etc. Clean the table regularly to avoid this problem. You should also be considered refinishing roll top desh just refinishing an oak desk.

For Broke Or Loose Top

How to fix a roll top desk tambour? If the roll top’s tambour is broken or loose, you should change the wood slats. A loose roll top can cause accidents. To fix it, remove all the objects from the table. Now, carefully remove the tambours. How do you remove a tambour from a roll top desk? 

Remove the strips or brachets holding the tambour in place. Remove the remaining strips and take out the top. To install a new top, reverse the process. If the surface of the top is uneven and rough, use a wood rasp for flat surfaces.

For Split Or Cracked Wood

For split or cracked wood, fix it with some wood glue and clamps. Clean and remove all the dust and debris from the split part. Apply some wood glue to the split part. Secure the part with clamps. After it dries, sand and refinish the part.

For Broken Hardware

Hardware includes handles, knobs, locks and hinges, etc. Take out the nails or brackets holding the hardware in place. Be careful not to hurt yourself. Use protective gear for your safety. Replace the broken parts with new ones. 

For Any Missing Piece

You can replace any missing pieces with similar-looking pieces. You can find these online or in the local hardware stores. Install the replacement pieces with the help of wood glue and clamps. Make sure you secure the repair of the piece of furniture in place. This method can be applied to fix a laminate desktop according to the issues.

Fixing a roll-top desk is a delicate process. So, be careful while working. A simple mistake can ruin the entire desk. Also, be aware of getting into unwanted accidents.

What Should I Do If The Roll Top Is Difficult To Unroll Or Close?

How to fix a broken roll top desk? It depends on the severity of the broken part. Follow the instructions below to fix the problematic roll top.

Clean The Top

The first reason for the difficulty in unrolling or closing is dust and debris. Wipe the entire desk with a soft or damp cloth. You can use alcohol solvents like mineral spirits.

Use Lubricant

If you still face similar problems, use some lubricants on the rolltop. You can use silicone spray or paraffin wax. It helps to reduce excess friction and makes it easier to function.

Check For Misalignment

How to fix a stuck roll top desk? Inspect the table thoroughly and find any signs of misalignment. If yes, adjust them gently. For example, to make slats tight, use brackets to secure them. Misalignment also makes your desk drawer slide out frequently, and thus, you may need to fix the desk drawer sliding out.

Call Professionals

If you still can’t figure out how to fix a broken roll top desk, it is appropriate to get professional help. Rolltop desks are antique pieces of furniture. If none of the previous points can’t fix it, you should consult a professional. It may cause extra costs, but it is worth it.

Always remember to work with a rolltop desk with care and don’t use excessive force. Otherwise, you might cause harm to the table. 

The Glues To Use For Repairing A Roll-Top Desk?

What kind of glue do you use to repair a roll top desk? Wood glue is the best answer for any woodwork project. It is ideal for any kind of cracks or splits in wood. It is waterproof, dries quickly, bonds perfectly, and also can be sanded when needed. It does not affect the color while adding paint or wood stain. 

The Glues To Use For Repairing A Roll-Top Desk

Hide glue is one of the popular choices after wood glue. It is derived from animal skin. It has a quality of pulling joints closer as it cures. However, hide glue is water soluble.

How Can I Prevent My Roll Top Desk From Sticking?

The roll top sticking out is the most common problem of a roll top desk. However, it is easy to fix. There are a few things you might need to do. Go through the instructions. Try the things in order and find out what works for your table.

  • Clean the table regularly. The buildup of dust and debris can cause the top to stick out. Use a soft or damp cloth to wipe the table every day.
  • Use a lubricant to reduce the excess friction. You can use a silicone spray or furniture wax as a lubricant.
  • Handle the rolltop with care. Use less force while opening or closing.
  • Put as little weight as possible on the table.

You can easily prevent your rolltop desk from sticking out by following these preventive measures. However, if you are still not satisfied with the result, it will be better to consult professionals.

How Do You Modernize A Rolltop Desk?

How do you modernize a rolltop desk? To modernize a rolltop desk, you need to change the appearance of the table. Decorate the table how people would want to see their tables nowadays.

How Do You Modernize A Rolltop Desk

Paint Or Refinish

Paint the table with modern colors. It makes the table look more vibrant. latex paint is the perfect paint for painting a rolltop desk. This is because it does not require sanding or priming. It is also good for restoring a tanker desk. Always paint in the direction of the wood grain.

Change The Outlook

To modernize a rolltop desk, you can change the whole outlook of the table by adding recent features. Can you remove the top of a roll top desk? If you want, yes. You need to take out the brackets it is secured with. This way, the table will transfer into a regular table. You can put a grommet hole in desk.

It will help you organize the cables. If the table has rough edges, use a Low-angled block plane to make them even. For a complete desk makeover, you can consult professionals.

Change Hardware

As rolltop desks are antiques, the hardware originally used on the table must be old and worn out by now. The design is quite old too. So, replace the old hardware with new hardware with the aesthetic of the modern era. 

Decorate The Table

Decorate the table with different accessories. You can use LED lights, desk organizer, laptop, monitor screen, etc that suits your taste.

You can always add new features to your table. But keep one thing in mind. Incorporate everything while keeping the functionality of the table intact.

How To Keep Roll Top Desk Safe From Further Damage?

Taking precautions is always better than repairing. Follow these instructions to save your rolltop desk.

How To Keep Roll Top Desk Safe From Further Damage
  • Clean any spills promptly. Don’t let it get inside the surface. It will cause warping.
  • Use protective pads to avoid scratches and stains.
  • Keep a balanced humidity level in the room.
  • Clean regularly to prevent buildup.
  • Keep the table away from direct sunlight.

Prevention is better than cure. Follow these instructions so you don’t have to fix your table later.

Tips To Keep Roll Top Desk Safe

How do you repair a roll top desk? There are different methods to repair it. However, if you follow certain tips, you will be able to keep your table safe from damage.

  • Keep the table clean all the time. Use a soft or damp cloth to wipe it regularly.
  • Inspect the table and fix the problems before they get any worse.
  • Avoid using excessive force or putting heavy objects on the table.
  • Keep the table away from all the heat sources.
  • Be gentle with the desk when using it.

Damage is inevitable. However, following these tips will increase the lifespan of your piece of furniture.


Can You Remove The Top Of A Roll Top Desk

Certainly. It is easy. Remove the brackets that are holding the top of the table. Pull out the rolltop. Use protective gear so that you don’t get hurt.

Can I Refinish My Roll Top Desk To Fix Cosmetic Issues?

Yes. Refinishing is one of the most effective ways of fixing cosmetic issues. For better results, follow the proper refinish steps.

How Long Does Roll Top Desk Last?

A roll top can last many years depending on a lot of things, such as the type of material, structure, usage, maintenance, etc. 

Should You Hire Someone To Fix Roll Top Desk?

If the results don’t meet your expected outcome, you can consider consulting a professional or hiring someone.


How to fix roll top desk? Fixing a roll-top desk is not something impossible. You can fix your roll-top desk at home on your own if you apply the right method for the damage and follow the guidelines properly. If you complete the process accordingly you may get a fruitful result for your damaged roll-top desk and make it look like a new piece.

To learn more about restoring a table, stay with- Desk Restore.

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