Can I Replace Halogen Under Cabinet Lighting With LED Lights For A Change?




Once, I was sitting in my house idly doing nothing. Suddenly I noticed the halogen under my cabinet. I found it kind of common and boring. So I started thinking, can I replace halogen under cabinet lighting with LED light?

I started looking for the answer, and surprisingly, it came out positive. Wondering about the same thing? No worries, keep reading and let me guide you with this.

can i replace halogen under cabinet lighting with led

Replace Halogen Under Cabinet Lighting With LED Lights

Definitely, you can replace the halogen bulbs under the cabinet lighting with LED lights. Before you switch into the transformation, check the wiring properly and the congruence of the light fixtures.

You have just read the outside of the packet. To explore the overall, keep reading, tear the packet up, and make the replacement.

Essential Understanding:

  • It is possible to replace halogen light under cabinets with an LED light but ensure the wiring before replacing.
  • LED lights are highly energy-efficient and consume less energy.
  • LED lights can save you money and electric bills due to using less electricity and long lifespan.
Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$30-$10020 minutes to a few hoursBeginner

Can I Replace Halogen Under Cabinet Lighting With LED?

So, let’s answer your first answer: Can you replace a halogen light with an LED light? The answer is yes. You can definitely replace the kitchen under cabinet lights with LED lights. You just need to match the light output and choose the right type of LED bulbs or lights for the replacement.

Can I Replace Halogen Under Cabinet Lighting With LED

LED bulbs or LED lights are really savers. These are energy-efficient, consume less energy and you can use them for a long time compared to halogen lights. Moreover, before the transformation, check the wiring congruence of the light fixtures with the LED lights. Besides, LED lights are reasonable also.

What Kind Of LED Light Is Perfect To Put Under A Cabinet?

Before you learn how to change halogen under cabinet lights to LED lights, let me ask you a question: Do you have any idea about what kinds of LED lights you can use? No!? Here is some: 

What Kind Of LED Light Is Perfect To Put Under A Cabinet

Direct Wire Or Plug-In

What kind of lights do you want? Direct wiring or the lights that can be plugged into an outlet. Direct wire lights provide you with a cleaner look.

Color Temperatures

There are many color temperatures available for LED lights, such as warm white light, bright light, etc. You can choose any according to your preferences.

Type Of Lights

Many types of lights are available that are suitable for under cabinet lighting such as puck lights, strip lights, linear fixtures, etc. You can choose the one that goes with your needs and preferences.


Make sure that your chosen LED lights are compatible with the existing wiring and power supply. Because some halogen transformers don’t work with LED bulbs.

I used the ‘color temperatures’ LED lights as a replacement for halogen under the cabinet. You can use any of these lights for replacing halogen under cabinet lights with LED. 

Do Under Cabinet LED Lights Need A Transformer?

Do cabinet lights need transformation? Surely, cabinet light bulbs can get a transformation. Well, this is actually up to the owner of the cabinet. Some people are really tasteful, picky, and love to try new things. They like transformations for a change or to enhance the beauty of things. If you are one of them, you can surely change the cabinet bulbs with LED bulbs. If needed you can keep granite and replace cabinets.

Wondering about can I replace halogen down lights with LED. Well, I am one of those people who loves to try new things and change the style of household items to increase the beauty of my house.

However, I decided to get a transformation for my cabinet lights and try LED bulbs. Many type lights are available. I wanted to replace the halogen cabinet lights with LED bulbs or lights. Spending hours in research, I decided to pick white light to get a warm vibe. In the end, you can definitely try the transformation of under-cabinet LED lights if you want! If needed, you can refinish the hickory cabinets during this process as well.

Things To Consider While Installing LED Under Cabinet

A few things are there to consider while replacing under cabinet lighting with LED lights, and it might be important for you. I actually researched everything before the transformation so that I could get the best outcome. Such as

  • Inspect the power supply for the LED light to make sure the proper hardwiring.
  • Do not forget to wire and install the LED light properly. Always use connectors or junction boxes for the proper installation.
  • If needed, you can try to install dimming capabilities and controls for the light because it works as a level light, which means it allows you to control the brightness of the light.
  • Make sure the LED lights are congruent with the old halogen transformers or any other components of the electrical system.
  • Do not forget to take safety precautions like wearing rubber gloves, rubber sandals, or safety boots before starting the installation process.

It is important to consider these steps before installing the LED lights for proper installation and the best outcome.

How To Convert Halogen Lights To LED: The Step-ByStep Guidelines

How to replace under cabinet lighting bulb? When I installed the LED light I followed the proper guidelines that brought me the best result. Wanna learn about the guidelines? Here you go;

How To Convert Halogen Lights To LED

Step 1: Identify The Bulb Type

The first thing that you need to do is inspect the bulb and understand the type of bulb. Remember, different types of bulbs require different LED installations.

Step 2: Choose LED Bulb

Now choose the LED bulb for your cabinet. Choose the one that is compatible with the base and voltage. You can prioritize your preferences in this case.  You can remove thermofoil from cabinets in this chance as well.

Step 4: Check For Compatibility

Now, the most important thing, make sure the old light fixtures are compatible with the LED bulbs. Make sure the lights fit on the fixture properly to avoid overheating or any kind of accidents.

Step 5: Replace The Bulbs

Now, be careful remove the halogen bulb from the socket, and install the LED lights. Do not touch the LED chips during the installation process.

Step 6: Test And Adjust

After installing the LED lights, the most important thing is to test the light. Test the lights and check if they are functioning properly or not. You can adjust the position if needed to achieve the desired look.

Step 7: Consider Dimming Compatibility

Some LED lights need a special kind of dimmer switch. Therefore, check the dimmer switch if they are compatible with the LED bulbs. Now, enjoy the transformation!

Actually, this is how to change under cabinet halogen light bulbs. I used the same method and followed these guidelines, and my result was really the best. You can change the lights for the cabinets installed over laminate flooring as well.

Replacing Under cabinet Lamps with G8 LED bulbs

What Happens If You Put An LED Bulb In An Halogen Fixture?

Is it okay to put an LED bulb in a halogen fixture? Well, there are a few issues that you may face if the fixture is not appropriate for the LED bulb installation. Such as;

  • The LED bulbs may not properly fit in the halogen light fixtures because of the differences in size, shape, etc.
  • Because of the inability to dissipate the heat efficiently in the halogen light fixtures, the light may not last longer.
  • The light may not function properly because of improper electrical compatibility.
  • The existing dimmer switch may not work with the LED bulbs as a result you may face flickering.
  • There are also safety risks such as electric shorts or fire risks.

Why LED Light Is Being So Famous? The Benefits

Nowadays almost everyone likes to use LED lights. I know you might be thinking why is that so? There are many benefits, therefore, people like to use LED lights. Such as;

Why LED Light Is Being So Famous
  • An LED light consumes less energy than traditional ceiling lights or fluorescent lights.
  • It has a long lifespan therefore you don’t need to replace it frequently.
  • LED lights are more durable and prohibitive to shock, vibration, etc.
  • They come in many shapes, colors, and designs. You can style lights and use them anywhere accordingly.
  • LED lights turn on and off immediately.
  • You can adjust the brightness levels accordingly if you don’t like bright lights.
  • They have less chance of fire risks or hazards and burns.

You can use LED lights as the replacement for the halogen light of your cabinets. Besides, using LED lights is really profitable for one.

Will Installing LED Save Your Energy Bill Cost?

Unlike normal ceiling lights or halogen lights, LED lights are really reasonable. Installing LED lights can definitely save your electric bill cost. Wondering how? Let me explain this to you. The first time I decided to install the LED lights I was worried that the cost of the electricity bill would get high. But surprisingly something opposite happened. The electricity bill was less than earlier.

At first, I thought I received someone else’s bill. But when I noticed carefully, it was mine.  So I researched about it, how did it happen! I found out something really amazing.

Actually, LED lights are energy-efficient. Compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights, LEDs consume less electricity. After reading all about LED lights, now I know why the cost of my electricity bill got lower.

Besides, the good thing is that LED lights are really long-lasting and you can use them for a long time compared to fluorescent light. You don’t need to face any issues with lights frequently and don’t need to replace the lights.

Thus it will save money as well. So what are you waiting for? If you have the chance. Don’t hesitate to replace the halogen lamp or light under cabinet lights with LED lights as it is profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will LED Bulbs Work With My Existing Dimmer Switch?

Some LED requires a specific type of dimmer so the existing dimmer switch may not work.

Is It Worth Replacing Halogen With LED?

It is definitely worth replacing halogen with LED lights as it is profitable.

Which LED Is Closest To Halogen?

The LED light with a color temperature of 2700k is the closest to the halogen.

Should I Use Halogen Or LED?

LEDs are more profitable than halogen. Therefore it would be better for you to use LED instead of halogen.

Are Led Bulbs Compatible With Existing Dimmer Switches?

LED bulbs are compatible with the existing dimmer switch but make sure it is designed accordingly.


Can I replace halogen under cabinet lighting with LED light? Yes, you can definitely replace the halogen under the cabinet with LED lights. Besides, using LEDs is more profitable, they use less electricity, save money, and come in many color temperatures and styles. You can choose the LED of your choice accordingly and design your cabinet and room in an amazing way.

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