Can I Replace My Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors?




A few months ago, I was checking out the furniture in my kitchen, the cabinets, island, etc. Suddenly, I realized I was getting bored with the same look, and the kitchen cabinets and doors were damaged and needed to be replaced or repaired.

So I was wondering, can I replace my kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors for a change? I did that! And surprisingly the result turned out really amazing. Today, I am gonna share everything about this through the blog post that might be helpful if you are also thinking of trying this transformation.

Can I Replace My Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors

Basically, you can replace kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors, and the good thing is you don’t need to purchase IKEA cabinets for that. Apply the appropriate method and make sure the dimensions are compatible.

Wanna explore the entire scenario? Keep reading and explore the entire thing, and enjoy the best outcome for your kitchen cabinets.

Essential Understanding:

  • It is definitely possible to replace the kitchen cabinet doors with the IKEA doors. You just need to follow the right installation method to replace the doors.
  • Make sure the dimensions of the cabinets are suitable for your chosen IKEA doors.
  • There are many kinds of IKEA doors available for your cabinets. Among them IKEA Sektion system is the perfect choice as you can customize the doors anyhow you want.

Can I Replace My Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors?

So, let’s get into the real questions: Can I just replace the doors on my kitchen cabinets? The answer is yes. No matter if these are kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, any normal cabinets, or IKEA cabinets, you can replace the door. Transformation is a good thing. Yes, the cost can be a little bit higher than the cost  to replace pool table bumpers. But trust me, it will be worth it.

If the changes in cabinet doors can bring you your dream kitchen you can definitely change the kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors. Wanna get a custom kitchen? I would say replacing kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA is undoubtedly an amazing idea.

Can I Replace My Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors

Let me share something with you: the replacement IKEA cabinet doors have a huge collection. Before replacing the doors, make sure these are suitable for the existing cabinet. Ensure that the dimensions of the door match with the cabinets.

You can customize the doors or get custom doors for IKEA kitchen cabinets as well. Choose the appropriate method to replace the doors. You can change the doors of cabinets installed over laminate flooring as well. In the end, you can bring out an outstanding result for your kitchen cabinets and enjoy a new look of your kitchen.

Considerations Before Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Door With IKEA

A few things are there to consider before replacing kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors. Wanna know about them? Here you go;

  • Take the correct measurements of the dimensions of the existing cabinet doors to fit the new doors.
  • Determine if the installation method is appropriate for the cabinet doors.
  • Pick the IKEA doors that can fit with your kitchen look and your desires.
  • Consider the finish of the doors. Choose the finish that will match your cabinets.
  • Try to pick the doors that go with your budget and desires.
  • Inspect the cabinets if they need to be refinished. If needed, you can refinish the hickory cabinets with this, too.

Note: Do not forget to consider these things before replacing the doors to get the best outcome so far.

Are IKEA Doors More Durable Than Other Cabinet Doors?

The moment you start thinking, Can you replace old cabinet doors with IKEA? you also think about one thing, and that is, “Are IKEA doors more durable than any other cabinet doors?”. The answer is yes. IKEA doors are definitely durable, and these are designed this way to be durable. 

They run quality tests every time to ensure the durability of the doors. Though I might say their materials and finish make their door more special. IKEA is actually a popular choice among all because of their quality and durability. But I must say one thing: you need to maintain the table accordingly as well to increase its lifespan.

How Do You Determine If Your  Cabinets Are Compatible With IKEA Doors?

Wanna know if your cabinets are compatible with the IKEA doors or not? How would you determine that? Here are a few tips for you;

Correct Measurements

Measurement is the most important thing when replacing cabinet doors. Measure the dimensions of the existing old cabinet doors. Get the correct measurements.

Hinge Placement

Check the hinge placement of the existing cabinet doors and compare it with the new IKEA door hinge.

Additional Modification

Consider any additional changes or modifications needed, such as adjusting new frames and drilling new holes for the proper fit of the IKEA doors. During this process, you can install a wall oven in the base cabinet.

How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors: The Step-By-Step Guidelines

Well, when you already know you can replace the cabinet doors using the IKEA doors, you might be thinking about how you can install the IKEA doors. Right? This is how  I have replaced the kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors.

How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors With IKEA Doors

Correct Measurements

Start the process by taking the correct measurements of the cabinet boxes to make sure you order or get the right size of replacement doors.

Remove The Old Doors

Now, remove the existing old cabinet doors along with the drawer fronts and drawer boxes by unscrewing the hinges. You need to remove thermofoil from cabinets if you have one. Cause you won’t need it now after all.

Prepare The Cabinet Boxes

Now, it is time to clean the cabinet boxes. Clean the cabinet boxes using a soft cloth and remove all the dust, dirt, or debris. Inspect the cabinet boxes if any repairs are needed.

Install The Doors

First, install the hinges on the doors following the instructions provided with the IKEA doors. Now, applying the right method attack the doors with the cabinet boxes properly.

Install Drawer Fronts

Now, if needed, install the new drawer fronts on the existing drawer boxes with the right method. In this chance, if you want it fancy then you can install  halogen under cabinet lighting with LED.

Adjust The Doors

Check the alignment of the installed cabinet doors. If needed adjust the cabinet doors if they are not installed in level.

Add Crown Molding

Now, add crown molding to the top of the cabinets. This step is actually suitable for high-end kitchens or bespoke kitchens.

Now, enjoy the new look of your kitchen and cabinets. Can you replace IKEA cabinet doors? You can definitely do that just follow these guidelines and get an amazing result.

Which Ikea Doors Style Is Suitable For Kitchen Cabinet: Some Best Types of IKEA Doors

Wanna get a custom kitchen? Thinking about replacing the IKEA exterior doors or kitchen cabinet doors? This is absolutely a great idea. But do you know which doors would look better and would be the perfect match for the cabinets? Let me help you with this. There are a variety of styles in IKEA interior doors or exterior doors for your kitchen cabinets that would be the perfect match. You can choose any of the doors according to your preferences. Such as;


This is a classic and versatile door style. It has a raised flat panel design. These doors are available in different finishes such as white and gray. This means you are getting an option to choose the color for your replacement doors.


Looking for a door that is modern, stylish, and clean but affordable? Also, the white door? Häggedby is the perfect match for you.


Are you an eco-friendly person? Do you want replacement doors that are made from recycled materials? Kungsbacka is the perfect match for your bespoke kitchen cabinets. You can get custom doors as well. Besides, these are available in matte black.


If you are looking for a special kind of door, Lerhyttan doors are the best suggestion for you. Why so? This is a rustic style door, has a black metal frame and a flat panel made of glass. Can you replace IKEA kitchen doors with these kinds of doors? Yes, You can do this.

IKEA Sektion

Want custom doors in order to get your dream kitchen? No need to be worried. IKEA sektion doors are for you. Why am I saying this? Actually, I had high-end kitchens, and when I decided to replace the doors of my old piece of furniture, I wanted to customize the doors according to my desires.

So after a lot of research, I decided to go with the IKEA Sektion. Because it allowed me to customize the doors, and choose the finish of my choice. If you are like me, you can go for it.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Door VS Custom Painted Door. Which is MORE DURABLE!!!

Where Can I Get Replacement Doors For Kitchen Cabinets?

I answer pretty much everything about: Can you buy replacement doors for IKEA cabinets? But, where can you find them? You can definitely purchase your doors in order to get a custom kitchen or custom doors. But the question might be, where can you get these doors and where can you buy them?

Where Can I Get Replacement Doors For Kitchen Cabinets

Well, when I was purchasing replacement doors I bought some doors from the local shops and some I bought from Nieu Cabinet Doors. However, the doors from Nieu Cabinet Doors were really amazing as they provided me with the doors of correct measurements and a desirable look as I said. But let me tell you one thing, you can get the doors from online shops and sites as well. If your cabinet drawer front is damaged or worn out, you can get an IKEA drawer front replacement as well.

Some Maintenance Tips For IKEA Doors

Replacing the old doors using IKEA doors is not everything. You need to maintain the doors to make it long-lasting as well. Let me share some tips that I apply to maintain my IKEA doors. Here you go;

Some Maintenance Tips For IKEA Doors
  • Clean the doors regularly using a soft cloth and do not use any abrasive cleaner as they can leave scratches on the doors.
  • Wipe off the spills using a soft cloth immediately to avoid getting marks. Also, these cause warping to the table.
  • Do not slam the doors and try to handle the doors with care, otherwise, there is a possibility of damaging the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Inspect the kitchen cabinet doors frequently. If any hardware is loose such as the hinge or handle, tighten them immediately.
  • If you need to finish the finish for maintenance try to use products from Sherwin Williams as their products are really quality.

I always maintain my IKEA doors of cabinet following these tips and believe me, my doors still look new and the lifespan has increased as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors Interchangeable?

The answer is yes. Within the IKEA Sektion system, IKEA kitchen cabinet doors are interchangeable.

Can I Reface My Cabinets With IKEA Doors?

You can absolutely reface your cabinets with IKEA doors.

Do I Need To Replace Hinges When Installing IKEA Doors?

If needed, you may need to replace hinges when installing IKEA doors according to the instructions given with the new doors.

Can I Customize IKEA Doors To Fit My Kitchen’s Design?

Of course, you can customize the IKEA doors to fit the design of your kitchen 


So, what’s the summary of: can I replace my kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors? Definitely, you can! No matter if it is the old IKEA cabinet doors or any other wooden cabinet doors, you can replace the door using IKEA doors and surprisingly the result will come out really amazing. If you wanna enjoy a transformation or wanna try something new, you can definitely go for this.

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