Where To Put Grommet Hole In Desk: Solution To Get Rid Of Tangled Cables




Everyone hates it when all the cables get tangled together. The entire room is organized, and there’s a mess of cables. It ruins the aesthetic of the room. The ultimate test of patience is when you need to find a specific cable. Are you facing the same problems?

Do you want to install a grommet but don’t know how and where to put grommet hole in desk? Need someone to guide you through the entire process? No need to worry.

Where To Put Grommet Hole In Desk

Put Grommet Hole In Desk

Annoyed dealing with tangled cables? Install a grommet. It is flexible to put anywhere on the desk, even in multiple locations. To determine the size of the grommet hole, consider the type of cables and the table. Sand the edges after drilling. Use a drill bit to avoid damaging the table.

Is it done? I wish I would say those, but this isn’t the case. There is more to the picture. Read on to learn the whole process.

Key Takeaways:

  • For determining the right size of the grommet hole, consider the number and size of cables, the type and size of the grommet, cable movements, the thickness of the table, etc.
  • You will need a specialized drill for metal and glass tables. Otherwise, you will cause serious damage to the table.
  • You can use any type of drill to drill the holes. However, it is better to use a drill bit to prevent damaging the table.

Should I Get Grommet Holes In My Desk?

If you always have a pile of tangled cables under your desk, grommet holes can be a life savior. You will definitely feel the difference after you install one. Grommet holes are round holes in a desk that works as a passageway for cables. It allows cables to pass while keeping them organized without tangling. There are numerous benefits of grommet holes, such as;

  • Manages cables. It keeps all the cables organized in one place. It prevents cables from cluttering your workspace.
  • Neat appearance. A clean and organized workspace without a pile of cables. It makes the entire room look neat.
  • Ensures safety. As it keeps all the cables organized in one place, there’s no risk of tripping, pulling, or getting hurt.
  • Saves time. Grommet holes make it easy to work with cables. You can add or take out cables without any hassle of detangling them. 

What Type Of Desk Can A Grommet Hole Be Installed?

Before you learn where to put a grommet hole in a desk, learn what type of desk grommets can be installed. A grommet hole can be installed in a wide selection of tables. It does not matter if your table is made of wood, metal, glass, or even plastic. However, the size of the hole and the installation process will be different depending on the material and thickness of the table.

Where To Put Grommet Hole In Desk?

You can put grommet holes anywhere you need on the desk. It totally depends on your activities. If you want to install monitor arms, you can put the holes on the surface of the table. If you need to plug or unplug devices, you can put holes on the sides of the table. If you have multiple devices, you can put multiple grommet holes. But how Far Apart Are The Grommets On An Uplift Desk Should be? It depends on how far the table can stretch.

The location of the hole can be anywhere based on the number and size of cables, your preference and comfortability, your workflow, etc. You can also put different types and shapes of holes in one table based on your needs.

What Are Grommets and Grommet Holes?

How To Determine The Right Size Of A Grommet Hole?

Determining the right size of the grommet hole is really important. If you don’t know how to determine the right size, here is how you can determine the right size of the grommet hole;

How To Determine The Right Size Of A Grommet Hole

Grommet Type and Size

Grommets are versatile. There is a wide range of different shapes and types of grommets for different uses. For example;

  • Circular grommets for regular use.
  • Oval Grommet for preventing abrasion or damage while passing through a sheet metal casing.
  • Circular Power Grommet or Desk Power Grommet for power cords.
  • Floor Access Grommets for cable to pass through floors.
  • Brush Grommets to pass air without air leaking from outside.

For materials, there are Metal Grommets, Plastic Grommets, Antique Brass Power Grommets, etc. Determine the hole size according to the type/material and size of the grommet.

Number and Size of Cables

The size of the hole will be bigger or smaller depending on the number and size of the cables. For a handful of cables, a Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet will do. For a lot of cables, you will need a bigger hole. Similarly, thick cables need bigger holes, and thin cables will be fine in smaller holes.

Cable Movement

The grommet hole size should be big enough for cables to move freely without moving other cables while moving. Also, if the cables need to move too far, it is better to have more holes. For example, for conference tables, having several small holes would be better than having one big hole. 

Desk Thickness

Larger holes are for thick tables, and smaller holes are for thin tables. For example, metal tables are usually thick. So, you will need a larger hole to install a Metallic Grommet. Plastic desks are thinner. So, you will need a smaller hole for Plastic Desk Grommets.

Follow these steps and help yourself to determine the right size of the grommet hole. These steps are really helpful and I have tried once and got a fruitful result.

How To Drill A Grommet Hole In A Desk: Step By Step Guidelines

It is obviously necessary to know the process of drilling a grommet hole in a desk. Excited to learn the process? No worries; you are just one step away from learning this method. Here you go;

How To Drill A Grommet Hole In A Desk: Step By Step Guidelines

Fix The Location

Before installing a grommet hole, the biggest question that comes to mind is ‘Where Do You Drill Grommet Holes In A Desk?’ You can install it anywhere on the desk. To make things easy for you, think about your desk activities. Personalize the location of the grommet hole according to your needs.

You can always drill more than one grommet hole as you need. You will also need to find the exact location while fixing a sliding out desk drawer. 

Measure The Hole Size

Drilling the right size of a grommet hole is very important. Otherwise, the grommet would not attach to the desk properly. Carefully measure the grommet size. Then, draw the shape of the grommet on the desk. Use a pencil to draw or anything that would not leave a stain. 

Secure The Desk

Secure the desk before starting to work. It will keep the table still while you work on it. It will prevent accidents and make you satisfied with the results. You can use clamps to secure the desk with other tables or other furniture. There is another way. If you have helping hands, they can put their body weight on the desk so that the table can’t move. You can also use this while restoring a tanker desk.

Drill The Hole

There are different types of drill machines. You can use the one that goes the best with your needs. The most common combination of drills to make a perfect hole is a power drill with a drill bit. But, how To Cut A Grommet Hole? Drill straight and steady. Be extra careful while drilling holes for any unusual size grommet. It will help you to avoid damaging the desktop surface and to be safe yourself. 

Sand The Edges

Now, you must be wondering How to make a grommet hole smoother. After you are finished drilling the hole, sand the sharp edges. Sanding the edges is necessary. Even if it is not sharp, use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the edges. It will smoothen the rough edges and make it easier to install the grommet. Sanding is also important for refinishing oak desks

Install The Grommet

Insert the grommet into the hole and press it firmly onto the hole. Press it till you feel it’s completely secured. Now, you can route all your cables through the grommet and organize them as you want. 

If you have children or pets in your home, make sure to install the grommet where they can’t reach. Otherwise, they might get hurt trying to play with the cables. If you install a power grommet for power cords, use a grommet hole cover.

How to Drill a Grommet Hole in Your Laminate Desk Top

What Type Of Drill Should You Use?

The type of drill you should use for drilling a grommet hole depends on the material of the table. If you drill a wood table, MDF desk, or a standard desk, you can use a regular drill. However, for materials like metal or glass, you will need a specialized. It is because these materials are thicker and stronger than the standard ones. 

Another thing you should know is that the power and speed of the drill is also important. If you are trying to cut a small hole or a usual shape, using a faster drill can cause damage to the desk. The solution is to use a drill bit on the driller. Be careful to avoid accidents. Be careful about this, even when fixing a laminate desktop.

Is There Any Alternative To A Grommet Hole?

Do you want to organize your cables without making holes in the desk? There are some alternatives to grommet holes. These alternatives don’t require any drilling or making holes. Are you curious about them? These are;

Cable Clips

These clips are to be attached with nails. These don’t require making holes. However, you will need multiple clips if you have too many cables.

Cable Ties or Velcro Straps

These are fasteners to keep all the cables fastened together. So that, they don’t tangle. However, if you need to add or take out a cable, you will need to loosen the ties and organize the cables every time.

Cable Management Sleeves

These sleeves keep all the cables organized while hiding them inside it. These sleeves not only prevent tangling cables but also messy sights. Also, it protects the cables from heat and other damage.

Cable Management Trays

These are baskets to hold and conceal the cables. These trays are usually mounted underneath the desktop surface. 

Cable Raceways

These are suitable for electric wires. It protects the wires from any outer damage like heat, water, corrosion, etc. It also makes the workspace space as it prevents physical contact with the wires. However, these are not suitable for thick cables, for example, USB Ports

These alternatives are useful. However, every one of these has drawbacks. I suggest using grommets as they are the only ones to have all the benefits.

Safety Tips While Drilling Grommet Holes

No matter what you are doing, your safety should be your first priority. So, it is necessary to follow safety measures. Some important tips to work safely while drilling holes;

Safety Tips While Drilling Grommet Holes
  • Make sure to wear safety gear. Wearing goggles and gloves are a must. You can also wear an apron to protect your clothes. Use these while fixing wooden desk holes, too.
  • You must secure the desk. Otherwise, desk movements will interrupt while drilling and can possibly hurt you.
  • Clean the workspace before working to avoid damage and accidents. Keep it in mind while fixing a dent desk.
  • Use the right drill according to the type of table to prevent splitting or cracking the table.
  • Keep the drill straight while drilling to prevent making an uneven hole.
  • Sand the edges to smoothen rough and sharp edges. Also, sand while fixing a roll top desk.

Following these tips while drilling will not only ensure your safety but also save the desk from getting damaged. It is a win-win situation. So, make sure to follow them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are There Any Aesthetic Considerations When Placing A Grommet Hole?

Place a grommet hole where the cables will not be seen. It makes the table look neat while adding to the aesthetic values.  

Should I Place The Grommet Hole On The Left Or Right Side Of The Desk?

You should place the grommet hole wherever you feel comfortable to work. If your devices are on the left, place the hole on the left. If it is on the right, place the hole on the right.

Should I Consider Cable Length When Deciding On The Grommet Hole Location?

Yes, you should consider cable length when deciding on the grommet hole location. Place the hole where the cables will be able to pass through the holes easily.

Will The Grommet Hole Affect The Desktop Area?

The grommet hole will only affect the desktop area positively. It will make the desktop area look neat and clean. It will keep everything organized and decluttered.

How Far Apart Are The Grommets On An Uplift Desk?

Keep the grommets on an uplift desk apart enough to work comfortably. It will depend on the configuration of the table.


Let’s sum up: Where to put grommet hole in desk? Desk grommets are versatile and can be put anywhere on the desk. It depends on your needs and preferences. However, the size of the grommet hole and the installation process depend on many factors. For example, the material, cable’s thickness, cable’s number and size, etc. Follow all the instructions carefully for the best outcome. 

If you are interested in learning more about restoring a desk, stay with- Restore Journey.

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