What Is The Best Finish For Teak Dining Table: Unravel The Answers




Dining tables are the place where all the family members gather for suppers. However, an old-looking, discoloured table ruins the whole atmosphere of family gatherings. No one wants to ruin the aesthetics of the dining room because of a scratched, stained, or damaged dining table.

Finish For Teak Dining Table

In short,  To find the best finish for your teak dining table, find all the suitable options. Then, learn about them. Consider all the factors to choose the right finish. Take sample tests of the finishes for a better understanding. Don’t forget to take proper care after finishing to avoid future damage.

Well, this is not everything. To know about the best finish for a teak dining table read ahead and learn everything that you need to know. Let’s dive into it!

Key Takeaways:

  • Finishing is important to give the table a long-lasting life.
  • All the finishes have pros and cons. Choose the finish that is the closest to your needs.
  • Take proper care of your teak table after finishing to avoid future damage.

Why Is Finish Important For A Teak Dining Table?

A teak table is known for its durability and resilience. However, long-term contact with heat and moisture can affect the table, especially when it comes to outdoor tables and indoor teak dining tables. When it rains or the table is in the kitchen, naturally water penetrates the surface.

Why Is Finish Important For A Teak Dining Table?


Applying a coat of finish is necessary for any wooden furniture even when fixing a rocking table and repairing it at the same time. It adds a layer of extra protection on the surface. This layer acts as a barrier against insects, woodworms, or parasites. Also, it prevents stains or scratches, which can lead to permanent damage and extra work. Because of these characteristics, applying finishes enhances the durability of the teak dining table.


A suitable finish can elevate the appearance of any furniture. The finish brings out the natural beauty of teak wood. It makes the original colour of the teak wood visible with the pattern of the wood grains. The polished look makes it aesthetic.


Covering the table with a finish protects the table from a lot of things. It protects the table from all the natural elements, such as changes in temperature, sunlight, moisture, heat, etc. All these things can cause the teak table to warp, split, crack, or discolour. However, applying a suitable finish gives the table the maximum protection from all of these.


Applying a finish makes it easier to maintain the teak table. It does not let anything sit on the actual surface. You can clean the table simply by wiping it with a cloth damped with warm water. Also, it does not let stains, scratches, or any other damage reach the table surface. You can clean them without stripping or damaging the teak table. 

Applying a finish will unlock all of these benefits. These are too good to miss out. So what are you waiting for?

Best Finish For Teak Dining Table

What is the best finish for teak wood? The typical answer to this question is teal oil. However, it may vary depending on the person. Teak oil deeply penetrates the surface and deeply nourishes the table. It is easy to apply. It provides a protective barrier and protection from UV rays. It enhances the appearance of the table.

Best Finish For Teak Dining Table

Despite all these advantages, there’s a disadvantage of teak oil finish. It is not food-safe. It can be a major throwback to a lot of people. Most of the time, food is made or processed on dining tables. So, it can be a health hazard, especially for children.

The solution to this problem is using a coat or  teak sealer to seal the wood after finishing with teak oil. Or you can shift to the next best finish. It is Danish oil.

Different Types Of Finishes For Teak Dining Tables

What finish to use on teak dining table? The answer to this question is different for everyone. You need to get familiar with the characteristics of each of the following finishes. Compare them with your needs to get to a decision. 

Different Types Of Finishes For Teak Dining Tables

Teak Oil

Teak oil is one of the most popular finishes for teak tables. However, it is applied to outdoor furniture. Teak oil is a mixture of a few different oils. It protects from UV rays. It adds a rich, warm-looking finish to the table. Teak wood oil is easy to apply and penetrates deeply into the wood. You can apply teak oil when restoring a teak veneer table.

Teak Sealer

Teak sealer is an alternative to teak oil. Teak sealer keeps up the natural greying colour of solid teak. It adds a protective barrier to the table. This barrier prevents water and moisture from penetrating the surface of the table. 

Danish Oil

Danish oil is a mixture of different oils, for example, tung oil, linseed oil, etc. It dries quickly. It penetrates deeply into the surface and nourishes the teak wood. It is also food-safe. Danish oil is an alternative for finishing Danish teak tables.

It is advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results. You can run sample tests on each of the finishes. You will also need to run sample tests while fixing a discolored wood table to get the right colour.

Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Finish

What is the best finish to put on teak wood? You need to research the pros and cons of each finish. Then, choose the finish closest to your needs. It will help you choose the best finish for your teak table.

Teak OilEasy to applyAppearanceUV protectionExpansiveRegular maintenanceNot food-safe
Teak SealerProtectionHigh protectionDurableApplication ProcessSensitiveLow-resistant
Danish OilFood SafeWater-resistantDry fastLess durableTime-consumingMaintenance
Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Finish

Carefully go through all the pros and cons before reaching any conclusion. It will help to make the best decision.

How Do I Choose The Right Finish For My Teak Dining Table?

Choosing a finish among all these finishes can be confusing. Every finish has advantages and disadvantages. However, you have to choose the one that works best for your teak table. Consider the following factors to find the right finish for your teak dining table.

Food Safety

Food safety should be the priority when choosing a finish for dining tables. Choose the safest option. Otherwise, a toxic finish will cause harm to the health of you and your family members. 


The second thing you should consider is the appearance of the teak dining table. Dining tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in households. A beautiful dining table increases the beauty of a home by a few times. Choose the finish that keeps the natural beauty of your dining table intact. 


Considering protection is a must when choosing a finish. The well-being of your dining table depends on the effectiveness of the finish. A durable finish can increase the lifespan of a teak table. However, using a less durable finish will cause frequent refinishing, which means sanding and stripping. It will harm your dining table in the long run.


Maintenance is a requirement to consider when choosing a finish. Every wooden piece of furniture needs maintenance. Maintenance requires a significant amount of time. A durable finished table doesn’t need frequent maintenance

Should teak be oiled or varnished? You can use both oil or varnish. I suggest using oil on both indoor teak furniture and outdoor furniture. It is more durable and protects the table from heat, moisture, and other damaging factors.

How To Care For A Teak Dining Table?

Taking care of the teak table is a lot easier and safer than refinishing the teak wood table. It prevents future damage. How to care for teak dining table? It is simple. Follow some simple steps to use your teak dining table for a long time.

How To Care For A Teak Dining Table

Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning regularly is necessary to maintain any piece of furniture. It increases the lifespan of the table. Brush the dust and wipe the table with a damp cloth every day. Use alcohol solvents like mineral spirits or a teak cleaner to clean the table at least once a week. This way, the dust doesn’t sit permanently. Cleaning is necessary after restoring a burl wood table to maintain the table.


Proper maintenance is necessary to avoid any future damage even after refinishing a table that is not real wood. Keep an eye on the temperature of the room. Extreme hot or cold weather can harm the table. Frequent changes in temperature also negatively affect teak furniture. Use a humidifier during winter and a dehumidifier during summer. Don’t let direct sunlight fall on the table. Keep the table in the shade, or use curtains and window binders.

Protective Measures

Spilling water or other drinks on a dining table is inevitable. You can’t stop water from spilling. However, you can prevent water damage. Use protective pads, for example, coasters and placemats. These pads prevent water from penetrating the surface and keep the table safe. You can also protect your table from hot surfaces using these pads. Keep heavy and sharp objects away from the table. It is a must after refinishing a dining room table.

Retouching Finish

Refinishing or retouching the finish in a span of every few months protects your teak table. It strengthens the protective barrier. A strong finish can prevent scratches, stains, and other minor damages.

These steps are simple, but their effects are enormous. It increases the lifespan of the table by a few years.

Professional Advice For Choosing The Best Finish And Refinishing Process

How do I protect my teak dining table? Choosing the best finish is the solution. Take some sample wood blocks and apply a different finish on each one. Inspect them for a few days. Choose the finish you like the most after considering all aspects.

  1. Apply the finish with a foam brush for even application. 
  2. Sand between the coats with a fine-grit sandpaper. And remember sanding is necessary when fixing water bubbles on a wood table.
  3. For outdoor furniture, use a water repellent finish. It will make the teak table water resistant.
  4. Use a food-safe finish for indoor teak furniture and a teak coffee table. 

Follow these instructions to get a professionally finished teak table at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Teak Wood Good For A Dining Table?

Yes, teak wood is excellent for a dining table. Teak wood is durable and resilient. The natural beauty of an indoor teak dining table enhances the look of the dining table.

Should Teak Be Oiled Or Varnished?

You can use both oil or varnish. I suggest using oil on both indoor teak furniture and outdoor furniture. It is more durable and protects the table from heat, moisture, and other damaging factors.

Can You Varnish A Teak Table?

Yes, you can varnish a teak table. However, there are more durable and sustainable options for finish than varnish.

What Is The Best Oil For Teak Tables?

Teak oil is formulated especially for teak tables. Danish oil is an alternative for finishing Danish teak tables.


What is the best finish for teak dining table? It depends on your needs and the characteristics of your wood. Find out a few suitable options for finishing. Get familiar with and learn about them. Find the pros and cons of each finish. Run sample tests to get real experience. Choose the one that meets all your requirements.
Continue your refinishing journey with Restore Journey to know more.

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