Easy Console Table Restoration: Bring Back the Beauty




Starting console table restoration is like opening the door to a bunch of possibilities.

Taking an old or dull table and making it awesome again is what this is all about. The process of restoration is easy work.

Console Table Restoration

Console Table Restoration

As a process of restoration, you’ll clean it, fix any breaks or scratches, smooth it down with sandpaper, and slap on some new paint or finish. You have to make sure you have the right tools and stuff. And then just follow each step carefully, from cleaning it to putting on that final coat.

This guide’s got your back, giving you simple tips and tricks to help you fix up your console table. Let’s explore how you can make your console table look like new again.

Key Takeaways:

  • A console table is a slim and long table.
  • Fixing up a console table opens up many opportunities to refresh your space.
  • The restoration involves cleaning, repairing, sanding, and refinishing, each step crucial to the outcome.
  • Choosing the correct tools and materials is essential for a successful restoration.

What Is a Console Table?

A console table is a slim, long table that fits perfectly against a wall in your entryway or behind your couch. It’s an excellent choice for making the most of tight spaces. However, it serves both as extra storage and a spot to display your favorite home decor, adding a personal touch to your space.

What Is a Console Table

What Can I Do With Console Table?

You can fit a console table into almost any spot that’s not being used much. Slide your table against a wall, between doorways, or at the end of a hallway to make the space look less stretched out.

You can even use a console table with shelves and drawers instead of your bathroom or bedroom vanity. This gives you more storage and makes things easier to reach. 

What Do You Put On The Bottom Of A Console Table?

Decorating a console table is fun. This piece of furniture offers lots of cool ways to show off your style. You can use table lamps, books, small statues, vases with plants, candles, and trays to make it look great. Thus, you can put these items on the bottom of your console table.

What Do You Put On The Bottom Of A Console Table

However, some console tables don’t come with a shelf underneath. Thus, you have a big space from the ground up, which can be a bit tricky to fill because you need to think about size and balance.

When Needs Console Table Restoration?

For console table restoration hardware or for your console table repair you need to follow certain steps. But first, you need to understand when you need to do your wood console table restoration. However, at the following times, you need to restore your table:

When Needs Console Table Restoration
  • It Looks Worn Out: If your console table has lots of scratches and dents, or the color looks faded or has a cloudy look, it’s time to fix it up. This table usually catches the eye in a room, so keeping it looking good is important.
  • It’s Wobbly or Falling Apart: When your table starts to wobbly or pieces come off, glueing them back together shows it needs some care. A solid wood table can be made strong again with some work.
  • The Surface is Damaged: If there are deep marks or stains on your table, you might need to sand it down and give it a new finish. Doing this can make your console table look new again, especially if it’s an important piece of furniture for you.
  • It Doesn’t Fit Your Style Anymore: If your table doesn’t match how your home looks now, updating it can make a big difference. Whether it’s a simple minimalist console table or something that needs more flair, fixing it up can make it suit your taste better.
  • The Small Parts are Broken or Missing: When parts like the drawer handles or other small details are broken or gone, getting new ones or fixing them is part of making your table look great again. This can change how your console table looks during your metal console table restoration.

How Do You Make A Console Table Look Good?

If you want your console table to look new or good again, you need to restore your table. For table restoration,  you should follow the easy tips below:

Clean and Take Apart

First off, you need to clean your console table and then take it off. You have to take out the drawers, remove all the knobs and handles. And, then you have to clean every part of your console wood table with soap and water.


You can use an orbital sander with 80-grit sandpaper. Your main job was to smooth out the top because some parts were uneven.

While standing, you should be careful with the legs because we don’t want them to lose their original shape. In the table restoration process, the main aim of sanding the surface is to keep the minimalist console table look intact.

Wood Filler

After sanding, you will see some small holes and gaps that need filling. If left alone, they’d stand out after painting. Don’t use the same paint you used antique table. You need to use wood filler to fix these spots. Once it dried, you had to sand it down to make sure the surface was perfectly smooth.


It’s crucial to clean your table again before priming, especially to remove any dust from sanding. A clean surface means the primer sticks better. You should choose a top-notch primer that works well on bare or previously painted wood.


You can decide to paint black for a timeless look. The matte finish looks great but shows fingerprints. so you can choose a satin finish cabinet-grade paint in Tricorn black. For painting purposes, you can use a brush for the legs and a foam roller for flat areas.

Rolling everything may be easier. A paint sprayer is another option. This step is important in transforming your old wooden table into a narrow console table.

Protectant Finish

After painting, the table felt a bit sticky. So, you can apply two coats of Polycrylic satin finish on the top and sides. This protects against chips or peeling, keeping the simple table looking great.


You can do this step anytime, like while paint or primer dries. You might replace the hardware or keep it if it looks good. It’s amazing how a little can go a long way, making our wood console table shine.

Console Table Makeover Ideas

Restoration doesn’t only mean repairing the damage. It also means giving a new look to your console table. So, here are some makeover ideas:

  • Paint or Stain: A fresh coat of paint or a new stain can completely transform the look of a console table. Choose a color or finish that complements the room’s decor and style.
  • Add Decorative Hardware: Upgrade the hardware on the drawers or doors of the console table for a more modern or stylish look. You can choose from a variety of knobs, handles, or pulls to match your aesthetic.
  • Stencils or Decals: Get creative with stencils or decals to add patterns or designs to the surface of the table. This can be a fun way to personalise the table and make it stand out.
  • Apply a Decorative Finish: Experiment with techniques like distressing, antiquing, or crackling to give the table a unique and aged appearance.
  • Change the Legs: If the table has removable legs, consider swapping them out for something more modern or decorative. You can find a variety of options online or at hardware stores.
  • Add a Glass or Mirrored Top: Replace the existing top of the table with a glass or mirrored surface to create a sleek and elegant look. This can also help to visually open up the space.
  • Incorporate Storage Baskets or Bins: If your console table has open shelves or space underneath, consider adding storage baskets or bins to keep clutter organized and out of sight.

Zero-charge zingers

Alrighty, ever had a table leg throwing a tantrum or a woolly table in need of some serious love? Don’t stress! We’ve got the answers you’re itching for. Check out our article for all the giggles and DIY brilliance you’ll ever need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Is The Best Paint For Console?

Pick semi-gloss or satin paint for your console. They’re strong, easy to clean, and have a nice, soft shine. Use wood-friendly paint if your table is made of wood.

What Materials And Tools Are Commonly Used For Console Table Restoration?

Grab sandpaper, wood filler for any gaps or scratches, paint or stain for color, and sealant to keep it all safe. You’ll also need a screwdriver for any knobs or handles, brushes for painting, and a cloth for dusting. If you have a lot to sand, an orbital sander can help speed things up.

What Are The Advantages Of DIY Restoration?

You’ll save money by doing the work yourself. Also, you can make it look just how you want, picking the colors and finishes yourself. Plus, fixing up something on your own feels great—you get to see your old table look new again.

Final Note

Console table restoration is more than painting it and making something old look cool and new again. You’ll need the right tools and a bit of patience. This guide was all about showing you how to do that. Whether you’re a DIY pro or this is your first time, just remember that putting in a little work can make your table pop. So, go ahead and give it a shot with the restore journey.

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