How Much Does It Cost To Replace Pool Table Cloth? (Pool Table Cloth Replacement Price)




Are you worried because the pool table cloth on your pool table looks old and dirty? I know for a pool table owner it is a matter of sorrow. But don’t think about changing the whole table and buying a new one or don’t think about throwing the pool tables away because of their dull and dirty look.

Because it is possible to replace the pool table cloth. Don’t have enough idea about ‘how much does it cost to replace pool table cloth’? No worries! You are about to get the answers to your all questions related to the cost of replacement.

It is normal for a pool table cloth to get old or dirty. If the surfaces of pool tables aren’t covered with any cover or protection, then the pool tables can easily get dirty and start looking old. But throwing it away is not the solution.

So, can you replace the cloth on a pool table? Yes, you can replace the pool table’s cloth easily and make it look like a new one.

Cost To Replace Pool Table Cloth

But if you are thinking about pool table cloth replacement price and have no idea about it, then you can get helpful reading ahead.

Cost To Replace Pool Table Cloth

A pool table felt replacement price can be different depending on many factors like the types of pool table, the size of the table, types of pool table fabrics, additional changes and its location, etc. But the average cost can be around $200 to $700 or more.

Some key points to help you throughout the process:

  • The cost of the replacement process depends on the table size, fabrics, etc.
  • The cost can be different for different types of tables.
  • It is important to follow some tips to extend the pool tablecloth’s life to avoid damage and frequent replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Pool Table Cloth?

It is important to know the typical range for the cost of replacing a pool tablecloth before starting the process. It can help one to make a budget or to understand how much it costs to put new clothes on a pool table. If you are one of them, you can get an idea from the list and get prepared for the process properly.

FactorsCost Range
Size Of The Table$200-$500 or more.
Cloth’s Quality$200-$750 or more.
Types of ClothA worsted cloth can cost more than other clothes.
CustomizationDepends on the customized pattern, design, and color.
Additional Materials$100-$200.
Labor Costs$200-$600.
LocationDepends on the local rates.

The list above can help you get a proper idea about the pool table felt replacement price. You can prepare for the replacement process without facing any issues during the task. You can find your answer to How much does it cost to put new cloth on a pool table? from the list.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Replacing Pool Table Cloth?

The cost of replacing the pool table can be affected by many factors. The cost of the replacement process depends on these things and having a clear idea about them before planning to replace the pool table is important. Such as:

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Replacing Pool Table Cloth

Size And Type Of The Table

The size of the table is an important factor in determining the cost. There are different kinds of pool tables such as 7-foot pool table,  billiard table, 8-foot pool table, 9-foot table, American pool table, commercial pool tables, custom pool table, wobbly tv tray table etc. And the clothes on the tables depend on their size. The cost can increase if the size of the table is larger.

Quality Of The Cloth

The cost of the clothes depends on the quality. The cost of basic quality clothes is normal and reasonable. But the cost of high-quality clothes is more expensive because of their premium quality and specialty. 

Type Of Cloth

There are different types of pool table fabrics such as worsted cloth and woolen cloth and the price of the is different than each other. The cost of worsted wool is more expensive than any other clothes because of their quality, performance, and smooth texture.


A customized pool table cloth costs more than normal cloths. If you decide to customize your table cloth such as color, cloth, and pattern it can be expensive and add some extra money to your pool table cloth replacement budget.

Service Or Labor Costs

If you don’t have any idea or don’t have enough skills or courage to replace the pool tablecloth, no need to worry. Because there are many pool table companies where you can hire pool table professionals to replace the billiard cloth or pool tablecloth. However, hiring professionals is expensive and increases the cost of pool tablecloth replacement.

Additional Materials

The materials that are important to ensure the installation of the pool tablecloth properly and the performance of the table such as cushion rubbers, adhesive, pocket liners, pool balls, etc can add extra cost to the budget.


Your location and local market rates for materials and services can increase the costs of the pool tablecloth replacement process.

You can be helpful if you keep these factors in mind and control the expenses during the replacement process of the pool tablecloth. Moving a pool table to the right place for better replacement and to install carpet properly, can also be a costly process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does Pool Table Cloth Typically Last?

A pool tablecloth typically lasts about three to five years.

Is It Expensive To Refelt A Pool Table?

Refelting a pool table can be expensive if you customize it but on average it can cost you $200 to $700 or more.

Can I Choose Different Colors And Designs For The Replacement Cloth?

You can definitely customize your pool tablecloth while replacing it with a new one.

Is There A Warranty For Pool Table Cloth Replacement?

If you buy clothes from any shop with a warranty, then you can enjoy this benefit.

Can I Save Money By Purchasing A Pool Table Cloth And Installing It Myself?

You can obviously save money by purchasing a pool tablecloth and installing it yourself.


Reading this long you definitely got your answer for ‘how much does it cost to replace pool table cloth’. If the tablecloth of your pool table looks old and dirty you can just easily replace it with a new one instead of wasting money on buying a new pool table.

You can follow this article and get help during this process and save your money by creating a proper budget before you start processing the replacement.

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