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Actually, in winter, a fire pit table is really helpful for me. But last winter, it started working properly, and it was really frustrating to me. The firepit repairs and conversions were really necessary to me. But I was wondering if it’s possible to fix the firepit with repairs or not.

However, I decided to research it, and I found out I could take professional firepit service. Were the firepit services free? No, it was quite high. So, I fixed it on my own. Wanna know What is the process for a fire pit table repair? Now worries, it isn’t that complicated.

Fire Pit Table Repair

Here is what you gotta do-

You can repair your damaged fire pit table easily by applying the right method. First, you need to remove the different damaged components of the table, then install the new ones, resurface the table, and reassemble the table.

These are not everything about the process. To explore the entire process read ahead and learn about the process completely.

Some main facts-

  • You need to check the gas lines properly to ensure there are no gas leaks.
  • You can fix the damaged surface using resin putty filler.
  • You can resurface the table with heat spray paint and finish it like a new table.

Is It Possible To Perform The  Fire Pit Table Repair Process On Your Own?

Basically, it is obviously possible to repair gas fire pits at home on your own. However, if the damage is major, it could get lengthy, and the process can be really time-consuming. But when you need to fix minor damage like replacing damaged parts, cleaning the gas burners, etc, it can be easier for you.

You can fix the surface damage by using resin putty filler. You can fix the chipped laminate tabletop the same way. And to resurface the table, you can use heat spray paint. You can use the spray after repairing the melamine table top as well.

Is It Possible To Perform The  Fire Pit Table Repair Process On Your Own?

However, remember one thing: no matter how major or minor the damage is, you need to apply the right method to repair the concrete firepits and follow the proper step-by-step guidelines for the best result. Anyways, there are professional gas firepit services available. If you want, you can also hire professionals. But it can be really expensive.

When Does A Fire Pit Table Need To Be Repaired?

Before you get fire pit table top repair ideas, do you know when you need to repair the fire pit table? If not, let me help you with that. Here are some signs that might help you understand that your fire pit table needs to be repaired. Such as;

Malfunctioning Ignition

Facing trouble lighting the fire? Is the gas fireplace not working properly? Actually, these all indicate one thing, that is, the ignition system is failing to light the fire, and this is a sign that you need to repair the fire pit table.

Damaged Components

Inspect the table carefully. If any of the different components of the fire pit table, such as gas burners, gas lines, gas supply, control knobs, etc, are damaged, you may need to repair your fire pit table.

Gas Leaks Or Smells

Are you smelling gas around the table? If the gas leaks and spreads around, this is really risky, let me tell you one thing: you need to repair the table immediately as soon as possible.

Uneven Flames Or Heating

If the flames of the table are uneven or the gas fireplace is not heating properly, this is a sign that your table needs to be repaired and it is not working properly.

General Wear And Tear

As time passes, because of daily usage, the parts can wear out, causing chipping, or the stainless steel or the metal cover can get affected by rust. If you notice any of these, you have to repair the table. Still, wondering How do you fix a chipped concrete fire pit? Keep reading and get your answer.

How To Repair A Fire Pit Table: The Step-By-Step Guidelines

Do you know how to fix a fire pit table or how to repair a fire pit table top? If not, you are in the right. I am sharing the method I used to repair my firepit table. Here you go;

How To Repair A Fire Pit Table

Safety Precautions

Remember one thing: no matter how expensive your table is, your safety should be your first priority. Before starting to repair the table, make sure the fire pit table is totally cool, and all the power sources are disconnected. Now, wear safety gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles to protect yourself during the firepit repair process.

Identify The Issues

Now, it is time to inspect the table. Inspect the gas lines, gas firepit, gas burners, gas supply, fuel supply, gas lines, etc carefully to find out if there are any kind of issues on them or not.

Gather The Tools And Materials

Now, the most important step to do before you start the repairing, gather the necessary tools and materials such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, pipe wrench, gas leak detector solution, wood glue, wire brush, heat spray paint, and metal drill bit. It is better to gather the tools before starting to repair the fire pit table so that you don’t face any interruptions during the procedure.

Disconnect Gas Lines

Now, you need to disconnect the gas line. You can use a plier or pipe wrench to remove the gas line. Be careful when disconnecting the gas line. Now, take the gas leak indicator solutions and check around for safety to make sure there are no leaks.

Remove Damaged Components

Now, it is time to remove the damaged components. Remove damaged components such as gas burners, stainless steel components, inexpensive sheet metal, and lava rock from any models of firepits. Be careful while doing this.

Repair The Damaged Surface

You can actually repair the damaged surface. Then how do you fix a crumbling fire table? The way you fix the split table top with wood glue or epoxy filler is the same way you need to fix this. Gather all the pieces and apply epoxy resin ( resin putty filler), or bondo filler. Apply it with a putty knife, press it together on the surface, and let it dry and set.

Resurface The Table

Now, let me ask you a question: How do you resurface a fire pit table? Do you know? If not, let me help you. You can use heat spray paint or copper metal spray paint to finish the surface. You are done with refacing the surface. 

Repair And Replace The Components

Now, replace the damaged components using the new components. If the surface is made of metal or it has a metal cover, it may get affected by rust. You can use a wire brush to remove the loose rust and apply a rust remover and clean the rust. After that, you use a metal drill bit and install the replaced components on the table.

Cosmetic Repairs

Make sure the stability and durability of the fire pit frame using a metal mobile. To protect the burner covers from heat, use gauge sheet metal.


Lastly, it is time to reassemble the table. You need to tighten the gas lines properly. Don’t forget to make sure you are installing every part perfectly. That’s it! You are done!

Where Can You Find Replacement Parts For Your Fire Pit Table?

Basically, it is not tough to find replacement parts for a fire pit table. Actually, many options are available to find the replacement parts of a fire pit table. You can find them at your local manufacturing store. They have many available options for all the models of firepits.

Where Can You Find Replacement Parts For Your Fire Pit Table

You can also find them online. Online is also a very good option. You can get and order the exact parts you are looking for online and buy them from there. Local hardware stores are also a good option for you.

You can go there and purchase the parts you want on your own. I bought the parts of my firepit table from local hardware shops, and the result was really fruitful.

How Can You Maintain Your Fire Pit Table To Prevent Problems?

Did you know you can maintain your expensive fire pit table to prevent problems? If not, you are in the right place. Let me help you with some maintenance tips. Such as;

  • Regularly clean the table and its components properly and remove the dust, debris, and ashes.
  • Cover the table with a protective cover after using it to keep it safe.
  • Inspect the gas connections every day and tighten them if needed to avoid gas leaks.
  • Check the fuel supply and gas supply regularly to ensure these are working properly.
  • Check the gas burners to make sure it is heating properly.
  • Use the table carefully with care so that you don’t damage the surface

You can maintain your precious fire pit table after repairing it by following the tips above. It is better to maintain the table instead of facing the same issues frequently.

What Are Some Tips For Safely Using A Fire Pit Table?

Undoubtedly, a fire pit table is very helpful, but it can also be dangerous if not used safely. But do you know how you can use it safely? Let me help you with some tips. Here you go;

What Are Some Tips For Safely Using A Fire Pit Table
  • Place the table in a safe area and in a non-flammable area. Concrete firepit maintenance is necessary, so keep this away from flammable objects.
  • When you are using it, stay in front of the table and don’t leave it unattended even for a moment.
  • After you are done using it, don’t forget to douse it.
  • Always keep the surrounding area of the table to avoid accidents as it is outdoor furniture if any object touches the flame, any accidents can take place.

Here is a piece of advice for you, it is better to use something carefully and safely, instead of facing a big accident that can ruin everything. Therefore, try to follow these tips while using the table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I Repair My Fire Pit Table Myself Or Hire A Professional?

This is actually up to you. If you are unable to repair the table on your own, you can hire professionals.

What Is The Best Glue For A Fire Pit?

The best glue for a fire pit table is resin putty filler.

Why Is My Fire Pit Cracking?

Your fire fit table may be cracking because of frequent temperature changes, high heat, etc.

Can I Paint A Fire Pit Table?

You can definitely paint a fire pit table and give it a new and amazing look.

How Long Does A Tabletop Fire Pit Last?

Basically, a fire pit table can last for many years.


Hopefully, now you know, ‘What is the process for a fire pit table repair? The process is kind of tricky, lengthy, and time-consuming as well. But if you apply the right method and follow the guidelines step-by-step and properly, you can definitely get the best result on your own. Otherwise, you can hire professionals and get it done.

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