How Do You Fix A Water Damaged Veneer Table Top (Complete Guidelines)




Key Takeaways:

  • There are many methods available to repair a water-damaged veneer table top such as sanding and refinishing, re-gluing, replacing the damaged veneer, and using wood filler.
  • It is crucial to follow the proper guidelines step-by-step to get the best result such as cleaning the tabletop, sanding, applying glue, securing with clamps, sanding and refinishing, and lastly applying wood stains or finishes.
  • During the process it is important to avoid common mistakes like using the wrong glue, not letting the adhesive dry, over-sanding the veneer, not using the right stain or finish, etc.

I know a water-damaged table top looks really ugly and weird. No matter how beautiful the design of the table is, a water-damaged table top of a veneer table kills all the beauty. Do you have one with the same issue? How do you fix a water damaged veneer table top? No need to be worried. There are many methods to fix a water-damaged veneer table top.

Most people with a water-damaged table top think about throwing the table away or buying a new one. But believe me! You can just simply fix the table top following proper guidelines. So it would be a wise decision if you simply try to fix the tabletop instead of wasting your money on buying a new one. Reading the article you can get the proper solution to your problem and fix the tabletop.

How Do You Fix A Water Damaged Veneer Table Top

Instead of changing the water-damaged veneer tabletop or buying a new one, you can fix the tabletop and save money. There are different methods to fix the water-damaged veneer tabletop. You can follow the right method and proper guidelines and get the expected result.

This is just a single glimpse of the picture. To learn about the process properly let’s read ahead.

How Can You Assess The Extent Of Water Damage On Your Veneer Table?

It is necessary to assess the extent of water damage on your veneer tabletop before you process the methods. This is how you can do it:

  • Inspect the surface of the veneer table carefully, and try to find out if there are any signs of water damage. Look if you can’t find discoloration, warping, bubbling, or peeling of the veneer table.
  • Now gently press the different areas of the surface and try to find if there are any soft spots because these are the signs of deeper water penetration and structural damage.
  • Scrutinize the edges as water damage affects the edges first.
  • Flip the table and inspect the underneath to find any signs of mold, staining, or decay.
  • Water damage can make the joints weak or make the table wobbly so test the table’s stability.

Different Types Of Water Damage Veneer Table Tops

Well, the water damage is not the same in the case of every veneer tabletop. You can see many types of damages and you have to repair a damaged veneer table top depending on them. Such as:

Different Types Of Water Damage Veneer Table Tops
  • Surface Stains: Stains anywhere on the entire surface of the table caused by spills or anything else.
  • Swelling Or Bubbling: Water penetration causes the wood underneath to swell or create bubbles in the table.
  • Peeling or Delamination: Veneer furniture peeling away from the wood substrate is causing visible gaps or loose sections.
  • Warped Or Buckled Veneer: The piece of furniture warping or buckling can lead to an uneven surface.

Try to figure out the type of water damage on your tabletop and start your process depending on these.

What Tools And Materials Do You Need To Repair A Water-Damaged Veneer Table Top?

Fixing a water-damaged veneer table top is a lengthy process but this process doesn’t cost as much as it cost to replace pool table bumpers. There are proper guidelines that need to be followed for the best outcome. How to repair damaged veneer on a table top? Before diving deeper into the process you need to know about the tools and materials used during this repairing method.

What Tools And Materials Do You Need To Repair A Water-Damaged Veneer Table Top
  • Sandpaper: Fine-grit sandpaper is important to sand the water damaged area of the wood veneer. Sanding is also necessary when repairing chipped laminate table top. It removes wood stains from the table as well.
  • Utility Knife: It can be used to remove any water damage or veneer blister from veneer furniture.
  • Wood Glue: Wood glue is needed to reattach the loose or peeling piece of wood. 
  • Wood Filler: Wood filler is needed to fill the gaps in the wood grain.
  • Clamps Or Weight: Clamps or glue is needed to hold the pieces of veneer in place when the glue is drying. 
  • Putty Knife Or Scraper: A putty knife or scraper is needed to apply glue and remove the excess glue from the entire pieces.
  • Wood Stain Or Finish: For the perfect finish of the veneer table you need to use wood stain or finish.
  • Brush: You can use a brush to apply the stain or finish on the veneer table top.
  • Clean Cloth Or Sponge: A clean cloth or sponge is needed to clean the entire surface of the veneer table the same way you clean when fixing the glass on a table top.
  • Protect Gear: Protective gear is necessary to protect yourself from any kind of accident.

Gather these tools and materials and learn about their uses so that you can process the method flawlessly.

What Are The Different Methods For Repairing Water Damaged Veneers?

How to repair water damaged veneer table top? Well, there are many different methods available to repair a water-damaged veneer tabletop. But it is important not to get confused. You need to choose the method that is appropriate according to the tabletop’s condition and apply the method to repair the tabletop. The different methods are:

Sanding And Refinishing

If the table top has some minor damages then you can definitely try this method. Sand the damaged area, remove the loose or raised veneer, and refinish the table top to make it look like earlier. 

Re-Gluing Loose Veneer

If the veneer tabletop is peeling then you can re-glue the problematic area and reattach it to the wood substrate. First, you have to apply the glue on the affected area and then press the veneer down with the help of clamps or weight to hold the veneer in its place until the glue dries properly.

Replacing Damaged Veneer

If the veneer table top is damaged very badly or warped then you may need to change the veneer and replace it with a new one. To perform this process you need to remove the water-damaged veneer, then prepare the wood surface and apply the new veneer in its place properly.

Using Wood Filler

If there are any dents, holes, or gaps in the veneer furniture you can use wood filler to fill the damaged area.

Before you start the process of fixing a water-damaged veneer tabletop, it is important to choose the right method and process it accordingly.

How Do You Fix A Water Damaged Veneer Table Top? Step-By-Step Guidelines

How to fix water damage on veneer furniture or tabletop? It is obviously crucial and beneficial to know the proper guidelines of the repairing process before you dig into it. You can follow the step-by-step guidelines to achieve the expected result: 

How Do You Fix A Water Damaged Veneer Table Top

Clean The Table Top

The first thing you need to do before you start the process is, clean the table top using soapy warm water and clean cloth. Let the surface dry completely before you move forward.

Sand The Damaged Area

Use fine-grit sandpaper or power sander and gently sand the damaged area. Try to sand it in the wood gain’s direction. Be careful when sanding the table. Do not over-sand it or do not sand the table aggressively. It will help you smoothen the surface and damage areas of the tabletop.

Apply Bondo

If you notice any holes, cracks, or gaps on the table you can apply Bondo and a fair amount of it to these areas to fill the holes, cracks, or gaps. Now remove the excess Bondo using a putty knife or utility knife.

Apply Wood Glue

If the veneer table is peeling, then apply wood glue with the help of a scraper or putty knife to the damaged area. Now press the veneer table top down. Let the glue dry properly. You can use a hair dryer to dry the glue. You can use a utility knife to remove the excess glue from the table.

Secure With Clamps Or Weights

When you glue the veneer using wood glue, you need to press the veneer down. It is not possible for someone to press the veneer down using his strength. So, instead, you can use clamps or weights to hold the veneer in place till the glue dries properly.

Sand And Refinish

Now when the glue dries properly use sandpaper to sand the repaired area so that you can smooth it out. After you are done with sanding do not forget to clean the dust using a clean cloth.

Apply Wood Stain Or Finish

Now, the most important part is, staining or finishing. Apply a stain or finish that matches the veneer. Let the stain or finish dry. Now the result is in front of you. Staining or finishing gives the wood a shiny and new vibe and helps it to look beautiful.

Well, I have a veneer table, and once I had to fix its water damaged tabletop. You must be thinking, ‘How do you fix a water damaged table top?’.The answer is I’ve followed the steps above and was able to fix it.

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What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Repairing Water-Damaged Veneer Tops?

When you perform the process of fixing your veneer tabletop, there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid for a better result. Such as:

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Repairing Water-Damaged Veneer Tops
  • Inadequate damage assessments cause improper repairs.
  • Using the wrong type of glue can lead to poor bonding and frequent damage.
  • Insufficient drying time can lead to weak bonding.
  • Over-sanding the veneer tabletop can destroy the surface.
  • Using the wrong type of sandpaper causes an unsmooth surface.
  • Not using any matching stain or finish is a kind of mistake that you need to avoid for sure as it can give the veneer a worse look.
  • Not protecting the table top after fixing it is the biggest mistake you must avoid to protect against future damage.

You can try to fix the tabletop by avoiding these common mistakes and get a better outcome than you are expecting throughout the whole process.

What Are Some Tips For Preventing Water Damage To Veneer Table Tops In The Future?

Fixing the water-damaged veneer tabletop is not enough. Because after fixing it the most important thing that you need to do is maintain it properly. Because maintaining the table in a proper way can help you to protect the table from any future damage or frequent damage. Some tips to help you:

  • Always try to use coasters and placements on the table.
  • Avoid putting any liquid or hot things on the table as it can damage it.
  • If you notice any spills on the table or liquid things or white spots on the tabletop, clean it using a soft cloth as soon as possible. You need to keep this tip in your mind after you fix a warped card table.
  • Do not put any wet items on the table.
  • You can use a protective pad to protect the wood veneer from getting any scratches or water damage.
  • Always try to maintain the humidity level to avoid warping and cracking,
  • Inspect the table regularly so that you can find any signs of water damage.

I personally maintain my veneer table top according to these tips to protect my tabletop from any damages or issues.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Repair Veneer That Has Bubbled Or Lifted Due To Water Exposure?

You can bubble or lift the veneer using wood glue.

Is It Better To Replace The Veneer Entirely Or Repair The Damaged Areas?

It is better to repair the damaged area instead of replacing the entire veneer as it can cost you a lot of money.

Can I Repair The Water Damage On My Veneer Table Top Myself?

You can obviously repair the water-damaged veneer table top by yourself.

Can I Refinish The Veneer On My Table To Restore Its Appearance After Water Damage?

You can definitely refinish a veneer on your table to restore its appearance after water damage.

When Should I Seek Professional Assistance For Repairing Water-Damaged Veneer?

If you do not have enough idea about the repairing process of veneer or do not have enough courage to process it, then you can hire a professional to fix it.


Reading this long you may get the solution to your problem ‘How do you fix a water damaged veneer table top?’. If you have read till here attentively and are interested in fixing the water-damaged veneer tabletop by yourself you can definitely give these guidelines a try and make yourself amazed with the perfect result.

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