How Long Does It Take To Refinish A Table (Reduced Time)




Key Takeaways:

  • The timeframe for the process of refinishing a table depends on several things like its size, condition, and the expertise of the person performing the process.
  •  It is necessary to follow complete guidelines or instructions to refinish a table.
  • Some mistakes during this process can increase the timeframe such as uneven coating, inadequate sanding, etc.

Imagine a house with all the new, shiny, and beautiful wood furniture, but a table with an old, dully, damaged look and condition! Worse one, right? A piece of furniture with this look can change the whole game of beauty of a house easily. But there is a way to change the look of the entire table like a new one and that is refinishing the table.

If your table is damaged or looks old and you decide to refinish it but want to know how long does it take to refinish a table, then I can help you with the answer to your question and explain it in a proper way throughout the whole article and you can have a clear idea about it.

How Long Does It Take To Refinish A Table

Time Take To Refinish A Table

The timeframe for refinishing a table depends on several things and it can be different depending on its size, additional repairs, and the method you are following. Generally, it may take a few days to a few weeks to refinish a table properly.

These are not everything about the timeframe of refinishing a table. Want to know more? Let’s move forward with the article and get a complete idea about it!

How Long Does It Take To Refinish A Table? 

There are many people who decide to change their old and damaged table or buy a new one. But whoever knows about the refinishing method, wants to refinish it instead of changing or buying a new one. If you are one of them and thinking about how long does it take to refinish a dining table or any table in your house then I must tell you it depends on various factors such as the size of your wood table, its condition, how much repairing it needs and, the methods you are deciding to follow.

Usually, it can take a few days or a week, but if you decide to hire professionals it can be done faster because of their expertise. You can refinish your pool table and the time it takes to complete the process is kind of similar. If you are thinking about moving the pool table to replace flooring you can do it during this process.

Factors That Affect The Time It Takes To Refinish A Table

The duration of the refinishing piece of wood furniture process depends on several factors. Depending on them it can be less or more time. Some factors that affect the time takes to refinish a table:

Size And Complexibility

The size and complexity of the dining tables or any other table are very important factors for determining the time it will take to refinish. Large dining tables or any tables with complex designs can take more time than small tables with simple designs in this process.

Condition Of The Finish

The condition of the old finish is an important factor. The refinishing process can take less time if the condition of the existing finish is good and not damaged that badly. On the other hand, if the existing finish is bad and damaged badly then it can take more time to complete the process.

The Refinishing Techniques

The techniques you are following for this process can affect the time as well. Because different techniques like sanding, staining, painting, and new finishing have varying time demands. different techniques require different needs like multiple coating or drying and it can take more time for this process.

Drying And Curing Time

Drying and curing is another important factor for the time period of the process. The products used for drying and curing often require specific time and this can increase the time to the refinishing process.

Skills And Experience

The person who is performing this process, his skills, and experience can impact the time. Because it is obvious that an experienced and skilled person can perform the process faster than a person without any idea about it. There are many professionals available for refinishing wood furniture, they can complete refinishing faster without taking extra time.

Depending on these factors it can take more or less time to complete the process properly.

How To Refinish A Table?- Step-By-Step Guidelines

The refinishing process of a table is really lengthy and time-consuming. But how hard is it to refinish a table? It is not that easy to refinish a table. But if you follow proper guidelines then it is possible for you to complete the process properly. Any mistake can ruin the process of refinishing your table or can make the condition of your table worse. 

Prepare The Work Area

Before you start the process, prepare your work area. It is better to choose an open space outside of the house, but you can use a well-ventilated area or room to perform the process. Use a fan. You need to cover the floor with drop cloths, newspaper, or paper towels to protect the floor from any spills or stains.

Remove The Existing Finish

Start the process by removing the old finish from the table. Use sandpaper, and a paint stripper to remove the finish. Make sure that you are removing the old finish nicely. If the table has rust then remove rust from steel table legs using rust remover.

Clean The Table

Use a tack cloth to clean your table and remove the dust and dirt after removing the old finish. It is better to clean the table very nicely.

Repair The Damages

How To Refinish A Table?- Step-By-Step Guidelines

You need to use wood filler or a putty knife if there are any scratches, dents, holes, or other damages on the table to repair them. Make sure the filler dries properly before you move forward.

Sand The Table

Now, you need to sand the table with the help of a fine-grit sandpaper or orbital sander to smooth rough wood table top or wood surface. Keep sanding it until you get a smooth surface. Wood veneer can provide a more stable surface. You can also use a wood grain for a natural finish. Use steel wool to smooth out the rough spots on the surface.

Stain Or Paint The Table

You can choose the paint or stain according to your preference. Apply the coat of stain or paint gently and let it dry before you apply another coat.   You can use wood conditioner on raw wood before staining so that the stain can be set properly. You can use a paint brush or foam brush to complete this painting or staining process.

Apply A Finish

Now it is time for applying the finish after the paint or stain has completely dried. You need to apply the finish according to the manufacturer’s instructions depending on the type of wood. Choose the one that is perfect for your wood such as varnish, wax, polyurethane (it is perfect for solid wood), oil finish, etc. After applying the finish, let it completely dry.

If you have come this long and read these properly, then by just staying attentive and working patiently you will be able to complete the process giving the table a perfect look. Some of these steps can be followed to refelt a mdf pool table.

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Tips For Saving Time When Refinishing A Table

Though the process of refining a table is time-consuming, still you can save your time with the help of some tips or hacks, if you are performing this process by yourself. These are:

Tips For Saving Time When Refinishing A Table
  • The time can be different depending on the technique you are following. Choose the right technique that is appropriate for your table. The right one can save precious time during this process.
  • Get a proper idea about the tools and materials that you need to use during this process. Use the right tools and materials and thus you can save your time by using them in the right way.
  • If you keep working continuously, you can face problems to stay focused. So it is better to take a break, prepare yourself for the next steps, and stay focused.
  • It is better to take the help of someone during this process. Working all alone requires a lot of time, but working with someone can save time and help to complete your task faster.
  • Try to use fast-drying products like stain, paint, or finish so that it does not take a lot of time to dry.
  • Always follow the proper guidelines and instructions to avoid mistakes so that the process of refinishing doesn’t consume more time.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as the UV rays can damage the table.

You can follow these tips to save time and complete the process faster than the usual timeframe. If you have a pool table and you know how long does it take to refelt a pool table you can follow these tips to save your time as refelting a pool table is a time-consuming process.

How To Maintain A Refinished Table?

Refinishing the table is not everything. You need to maintain the refinished table in a proper way to protect it and avoid facing the same problem with your table again. There are many ways to maintain your refinished table. Such as:

How To Maintain A Refinished Table
  • Clean your table regularly using a soft cloth.
  • Do not put any hot objects on the table as it can damage the wood surface.
  • Always use coasters and placements so that you can protect your table from any kind of scratches, stains, and spills.
  • Observe the table daily so that you can notice if there is any damage.
  • Avoid direct sunlight from the table, because it can cause fading over time.

You can follow these tips to maintain your table and protect the table from any kind of further damage and avoid facing the same issues with the table.

Troubleshooting Common Problems That Can Add Time To Refinishing A Table

It is possible to create some problems during this process because of your own fault. But it is important to troubleshoot these common issues that can add time to refinish a table. The problem and their solutions:

Troubleshooting Common Problems That Can Add Time To Refinishing A Table
Stubborn Finish RemoverSometimes it becomes really very difficult to remove the existing finish and it takes more than the expected time.You can use a more potent paint remover or heat gun to remove the finish easily while facing this issue.
Uneven Staining Or PaintingUneven paint or stain application can be time-consuming while fixing it.You can lightly sand the area, clean the surface, and apply the paint or stain again evenly to solve this issue.
Deep Scratches Or DamagesIt can require extra time to repair the damages or deep scratches.Fill the scratches or damages with wood filler or putty and let it dry. Then sand it to smooth the wood surface nicely.
Insufficient SandingInsufficient sanding can cause worse or improper finishing, which may need extra coating or corrections.Sand the surface using the right tool and make it smoother so that you don’t need to waste your time.
Drying And Curing TimeIf you do not let the coating dry properly and set the finish, it is not possible not to get a good result. You may need to repeat the process again to make it look good.Don’t rush during the drying and curing process. Let the coating dry and let the finish set properly so that you don’t need to face the issue and waste your time.
Troubleshooting Common Problems That Can Add Time To Refinishing A Table

Frequently Asked Questions

What Furniture Should Not Be Refinished?

The furniture that is antique or valuable should not be refinished because if you refinish it, it can decrease its worth.

Is It Hard To Refinish A Table By Myself?

Refinishing a table is a tough task but if you follow the right methods and use the necessary tools properly, then it is possible for you to refinish a table by yourself. But it can be a little bit challenging for you if you don’t have enough skills.

Should I Hire A Professional To Refinish My Table If I’m Short On Time?

You can absolutely hire a professional to refinish your table if you are short on time. However, it can be costly to refinish the table by a professional.


Reading this long you may get your answer of how long does it take to refinish a table. Though the time required for this process depends on some necessary factors, if you are skilled and have enough ideas it can be done by you also. Yet, it is a lengthy process, but if you stay patient and work hard to complete the procedure, you can definitely get a fruitful result with the best outcome.

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