How To Fix A Split Table Top: A Guideline With All The Solutions




Is your tabletop splitting in half? Is a split in your table hindering the beauty of your wooden piece? Are you looking for answers to ‘How to fix a split table top?’ Do not worry. I have answers to all your queries.

How To Fix A Split Table Top

Fix A Split Table Top

You can fix your split table at home by yourself. There is a process to fix the split table and to complete the process you need to choose the right method and follow the proper guidelines throughout the entire process.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are different ways to fix a split. Identify the splits and assess the severity of each split. It will help to select the way to fix it.
  • Different tools and materials will be needed depending on the way to fix the split. Gather the necessary tools and materials after you are done selecting the ways to fix them.
  • During the process, only following all the guidelines step-by-step can ensure the best results.

This is not everything about the process. To learn more read ahead. So without wasting time let’s dive into it!

Why Did My Wood Table Split?

‘Why did my wood table split?’ If you have this question, you may need to keep an eye on the level of moisture content of your tabletop. The balanced moisture content level of harvested wood is between 8%-10%. If it gets more than that, your tabletop may warp and swell. If it gets lower, it makes the wood dry, and the tabletop cracks and splits. 

What Are The Causes Of A Split Table Top?

Before taking any step about ‘How to repair split wood table top?’, you need to know the factors that cause the table to split in the first place. A few of the factors are mentioned below.

What Are The Causes Of A Split Table Top?

Quality Of The Wood

The quality of the wood is connected to the durability of the wood and the wooden products. The source of the wood and the way the wood is harvested affects the quality. The quality of the wood that is correctly cut with care is better than the wood that is cut carelessly without maintaining the rules.

Processing Of The Table

The way the wood gets processed plays a vital role in the durability of the table. It is necessary to make wooden furniture with the right type of wood. Otherwise, it results in damages including cracked and split wood. Also, the design can cause future damage if not made with a suitable wood type. The time allocated to cure after each step can cause damage too if you do not let the wood cure properly.

Temperature Around The Table

The temperature where the table is placed affects the piece of wood. In hot weather conditions, there’s a high chance the wood table may get warped and crack or split. Similarly, in dry or cold weather, the wood may shrink and warp. If the air in the room doesn’t move frequently or gets trapped, it can make things even worse.

What Tools And Materials Need To Fix A Split Table Top?

Having all the necessary tools and materials gatherers in one place is efficient while working. It helps to hold onto the workflow and saves time.

What Tools And Materials Need To Fix A Split Table Top?
  • Sandpaper- to blend the repaired area with the rest of the table.
  • Wood Filler- you fill in the gaps while repairing.
  • Glue (liquid hide glue, hot hide glue)- to stick the split parts together. You may need to repair a melamine tabletop.
  • Pipe clamps- to stop wood from moving and help the splits to stick.
  • Straight Edge Wood- to take measurements.
  • Biscuit Cutter- to make space between the split parts to stick the parts together. An alternative to glue.

How to fix a broken glass table top? You may need to use adhesive or glue and many more to fix the table. And if you are looking for the answer to, ‘How to replace a broken glass table top?’.The process is the same, and tools and materials are used during this process.

How To Fix A Split Table Top? [Step By Step]

‘How to repair split in wood table?’ It is crucial to follow all the steps. It increases the possibility of getting a better result. You can follow these steps to fix an oak table too. But if you want to learn about ‘How to fix a cracked glass table top?’, these steps will not work for that.

How To Fix A Split Table Top?

Clean The Table

‘How do you fix a split piece of wood?’ Before that, you must clean the table. Remove the dust with a brush. Wipe the whole table with a damp piece of cloth including the table legs. You can use a chemical cleaner too. But make sure the cleaner is mild. harsh chemicals can strip off the color or finish.

Fix The Split

There are different ways to fix a split table. Inspect the table thoroughly and find all the splits and cracks. Divide them into different categories depending on the severity of the split or crack.

For Smaller Splits

Using glue can be enough for smaller splits. Pour a generous amount of glue inside the split. For even distribution of glue in all the parts inside the split, put a string inside the split. Now, pull it back and forth in the whole split. Wipe the excess glue.

Secure the split part of the table using wood pipe clamps to prevent any wood movement. After removing the pipe clamps, give the glue a few more minutes before the wood moves. You may need glue when processing patio table glass replacement.

For Bigger Splits

If one part of the tabletop entirely comes out, there are a few things you can do. First, look for signs of falling out. For any signs of wobbliness, remove the split part from the table. If both parts of the split part are even, use glue on both of the parts. Secure both parts together with a wood clamp. After drying, if there are any gaps between the parts, fill the gap with a wood filler. Let it sit and it will be one again. 

If both parts of the split are uneven, cut the sides to make them even before gluing them together. Now, if you don’t want to use glue or if you feel the glue joints are not sturdy enough, you can use pocket screws to secure it. Another way is using a biscuit cutter to make adjustments on both the parts and join them.

‘How to fix split wood from screw?’ For screw splits, spread the glue inside the splits, put some weights on the splits part to make the surface even, and use pipe clamps to secure it. To prevent further damage, use some adhesives around the screw to lessen the friction.

If you want to know about ‘How to fix a broken patio table top?’ You can follow these steps too. 

How To Assess The Severity Of The Split?

‘How to fix split wood furniture?’ To work on that, you need to know the severity of the split part. The severity of the split depends on a lot of things. It includes the type of the split, the size of the split, the depth of the split, the location of the split, etc. To assess the splits, follow a few steps. Go through the following steps to know more.

  • First, inspect the table carefully including the table top and the table legs.
  • Find out all kinds of split wood or cracks the table has.
  • Divide the splits into a few different categories. It will make it easier for you during the actual fixing process.
  • If the split is small, narrow, or minor, that means it is not severe. Using glue will be able to fix it.
  • If the split is large, wide deep, and wobbly, it is severe. Using only glue won’t be able to fix it. You may need to look for other ways.
  • Mark the comparatively small splits. This way, you wouldn’t have to look for them while working.

How To Refinish A Table Top After Fixing The Split?

Refinishing is important for any wooden repairs. It helps to hide and blend the repaired parts with the rest of the table. You need to be careful and follow the steps accordingly. If ‘How to repair a broken granite table top?’ is your concern, these steps may not work for you.

How To Refinish A Table Top After Fixing The Split

Sanding The Table

Sanding will help the fix to blend in with the rest of the table. It is not necessary to sand the entire tabletop. Sanding the damaged spot and a small part around the split will be enough. Start with a 100-120 grit sandpaper. After removing the finish from that part, use a fine-grit sandpaper preferably 320 grit to make the surface smoother and to make it ready for the next step.

You may need to apply sanding during the process of refinishing the pottery barn table.

Applying Wood Stain

Choose a wood stain that matches the color of the rest of the tabletop. If you fail to get the exact color, mix two or more colors to get the match. After applying the first coat, let it dry, sand it again, and then apply the second coat. Repeat this process until you get the actual color.

Refinishing The Table

Apply a few coats of finish. It has many benefits. First of all, it will secure the repair and the wood stain and work as a protective barrier to prevent further damage to the table or color. Secondly, it will blend the damaged part with the rest of the table. No one will be able to tell if it was damaged or repaired. Lastly, it will change the appearance of the surface. 

Choose the same finish that is used on the rest of the table. Use an oil-based finish to get an oil finish.  Apply it in the same way you stain the wood. Always work in the direction of the grain in all the steps. You can try to refinish when repairing a fire pit table. How to fix a cracked marble table top? The process is quite different from a wood table.

If you need any professional help regarding this, you can follow the website ’Stack Exchange’. There is a question feed where you can ask your questions. Also, you can connect with a different online community like a community for developers to get professional tips. How to fix a broken marble table top? The process is quite different from a wood table.

How To Prevent Splits In Table Tops In The Future?

Even after fixing it, there’s always a possibility of splitting in the future. It is better to take preventive measures. It will save time and effort in the future.

  • Having a humidifier or dehumidifier installed in the room helps to keep the moisture level in balance. Check the moisture levels regularly with a moisture meter and take action accordingly.
  • Try to keep the tabletop away from heat sources. For example, a fireplace, radiator, window, direct sunlight as the UV rays damage the wood, stove, etc.
  • In hot weather, ensure proper movement of air in the room. Air circulation prevents heat from getting trapped in the room. It keeps the temperature of the room balanced.
  • Use coasters and placemats. It will prevent water or any liquid from getting into the tabletop. Also, hot surfaces will not touch the tabletop.
  • Clean the table regularly with a cloth or brush. In dry weather conditions, use a damp cloth to clean. It will prevent the tabletop from drying too much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Normal For Wood To Split?

Not really. Some factors contribute to the splitting of wood. If you can prevent those factors, your wood is not likely to split.

Does Water Cause Wood To Split?

Yes. If the wood dries quickly after getting soaked in water, there’s a fair chance that the wood will split.

Are There Professional Services Available For Repairing Split Table Tops?

Yes, any woodworker will be able to help you. If the split is severe and you are not confident doing it yourself, you should seek help from a professional.

Can I Claim Insurance For The Repair Or Replacement Of A Split Table Top?

There are two types of home contents insurance coverage. If you have the replacement cost coverage, you can claim insurance for the repair as it doesn’t deduct depreciation. You will need to provide proof of that.


How to fix a split table top? It is easy yet tricky as different splits may need different ways to fix them. But if you follow proper guidelines step-by-step, you can achieve the best results even being a complete beginner. 
To learn more about restoring a table, stay with- Restore Journey

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