How To Fix A Warped Card Table (Step By Step Guide)




Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to understand the main reasons why warping occurs. This will help you get an overall idea of how to fix it.
  • It is advised to follow all the steps meticulously. If you hasten, you may make it worse and also prone to future warping.
  • There are a few things that can help you prevent future warping.

In every social gathering of any house, a card table is the most useful thing. No matter, if you want to play cards or want to have a drink with your family or friends, card tables are used the most. But as time passes, these card tables start developing warping that makes them look old and become unstable. Slowly it becomes useless too. What if your card table starts developing warps too? How to fix a warped card table?

How To Fix A Warped Card Table

Well! If you have a warped card table and are thinking about changing it, it is better not to change it. Can you fix a warped table top? You can fix a warped card table at home and it can be like earlier after you fix it correctly. It is possible to fix a warped card table by following the proper guidelines. So instead of wasting money on buying a new one, you can fix your old warped card table at home by yourself and use the old one like a new card table.

Fix A Warped Card Table :-

You can fix a warped card table by placing any heavy object on the warped area. Also, you can use a damp cloth and press the iron there to apply heat to fix the warped card table. These are the easiest and most common two techniques to fix a warped card table.

This is just a glimpse of the picture. To know more about it read ahead and see the clear picture of the whole process.

Understanding The Cause Of Warping In A Card Table

Before going to the steps of “How to fix a warped table top” or how to fix a warped table in general, you need to know what causes wood to warp in the first place. Wood warping occurs because of fast, uneven changes in moisture content in the wood. 

Wood absorbs and releases moisture. When the wood is still in the tree, the moisture content in the wood is high (around 30-50%). But, after the tree is cut off, the wood naturally dries out. So, now it starts to seek moisture from the air in the surroundings and this is how the uneven changes or warping starts to occur.

At first, the free water (water stuck in the hollow spaces of the wood) starts to dry. It is a natural process, but the problem occurs when the bound water (the water in the wood cells) starts to dry out. When the fiber saturation level drops below 26%, all the warping starts.

Materials Needed For Fixing A Warped Card Table

Materials Needed For Fixing A Warped Card Table
  1. Sandpaper is used to smoothen the surface.
  2. Electric Sander is used as a better alternative to sandpaper.
  3. Wood Filler is used to fill the gaps in the wood.
  4. Putty Knife is to scrape out and level the wood surface.
  5. Chemical Wood Cleaner to clean the warped card table.
  6. Warped Welding Table is to place the table top on top of it so that the surface of the tabletop can be leveled properly.
  7. Tape Measure is used to measure the thickness of the tabletop to measure how much can be scrapped to level the tabletop.

Preparing The Work Area

To work efficiently, prepare the work area so that no hindrance happens while working. If you need to fix a water-damaged veneer table top, this preparing work area step is crucial. Start by removing all the objects that are on top of the table. If the table has foldable or removable legs, disassemble the card table legs from the table. Whether the problem is in the legs or the tabletop, disassembling the table will help to work efficiently. Move the table to a more open space where air is not stuck and constantly moving.

Step-By-Step Process To Fix A Warped Card Table

Can you fix a warped table? The whole card table makeover project is a complicated process. There is no ultimate solution to it. You need to inspect the table meticulously and find out the specific problem to fix the warping. Therefore, you will need a proper guideline to know about the problems and their solutions.  To put an end to your worries, the steps are mentioned below:

Clean The Table

If the table is old, clean it before going to the next step. All the old layers of dirt, dust, and other things can create barriers when working. Also, cleaning it before starting to work on it will help you identify the problems better. If the surface is rough or not smooth, use fine-grit sandpaper or an electric sander (ranging from 220 to 320 grit). Also if there are damages like holes or gauges, use a wood filler and fill all the gaps.

Identify Problematic Part

To start the actual process, you need to know the area of the problem. All the parts of the table may not be warped. So, inspect the table properly and find out all the places that need to be fixed. If you want to refinish the table, stripping is important. Also, it is not possible to refinish a kitchen table without stripping.

Find Out The Warp Type

There are different types of warping. As mentioned earlier, wood warping is a result of fast, uneven changes in moisture content in the wood. The four main types of warping are-

Process To Fix A Warped Card Table


This is when the face of the wood shrinks. Because of the shrinkage, both ends of the wood bend upwards and it looks like a bow.


This is when the edges of the wood shrink. It happens when all the edges start to shrink and one shrinks more than the other giving it a curvy look. This is also called side-bends.


This is when the face of the wood shrinks but instead of both faces of the wood, only the upper face shrinks in the middle, and the other stays the same. It is kind of like bow warping but the difference is that only one face shrinks.


This is when the wood dries unevenly, shrinking more and less in different parts, giving it a twisted or spiral effect.

Fix The Problem

After you have identified the types of warping your card table has, it is time to fix the issue. As all these issues are caused by drying and shrinking, start by wiping the table with a soft damp cloth. Make sure to damp the cloth in slightly warm water. Place the tabletop on a warped welding table, take some heavy objects (books, weights, etc), and put them on the parts that are warped and uneven.

It would be great if you could place the tabletop with weights in the sunlight. It will help to absorb the moisture. It is also important for the good condition of the finish for a butcher block table.

The whole process will take a significant amount of time. It can take up to a couple days before the card table surface is entirely leveled. So, be patient with the process. If you try to hasten the process, it may cause more severe warping in the future. 

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What If The Warping Is Severe?

If the warping is severe and it is not even after all the steps, you might need to use a putty knife to scrape out the parts that are still not shaped. You can also follow this step to fix dead spots on the air hockey table. The minimum for a black card table or card table is 1⅛-inch thick table top. You can scrape out the excess part to get a flat table. The required minimum thickness level differs for other tables.

For example, a 1¼-inch thick kitchen tabletop is the minimum for a kitchen table. Similarly, a stainless steel table, banquet table, concrete table, desk table, dining room table, faux leather table top, etc have different minimum thickness measurements. Be careful while working with others. If you don’t have excess wood you can scrape out, it is advised to seek help from a professional.

Maintaining Your Card Table Post Repair

It is better to maintain and observe the card table for a couple of days after you are done. These hours are critical for the card table. It will help to protect the table from warping anytime soon. So, be careful and follow the things mentioned below.

Maintaining Your Card Table Post Repair

Check The Humidity Levels Of The Wood

Humidity levels are the main reason warping occurs. Keeping the humidity levels in check will help you understand the current situation of the card table. If the wood is too dry, dampen it a little but not too much. If the wood is too dampened, dry it a little. Whatever you are doing, keep in mind not to hasten. It will make things worse.

Maintain The Temperature In The Room

Maintain the temperature in the room according to the situation of the wood. If you have a humidifier in the room, constantly check the temperature and adjust it according to the wood.

Do Not Store It In A Closed Place

If you need to store it somewhere, do not store it in a closed place. It will make the moisture stuck in the card table causing it to warp. It is also important after you fix a wobbly folding table.

How Can Future Warping Be Prevented?

If you keep a few things in mind and act accordingly, you may dodge a few warping. These are all simple steps but you need to be mindful to follow them.

How Can Future Warping Be Prevented

Maintain Regularly

Keeping it clean regularly can protect the table from any future damage. You can use a chemical formula or simply a damp cloth to clean the table, but do not use anything excessively or the wood will absorb it and it will cause warping. You can also use a wood conditioner to prevent any outer damage. 

Keep It In A Stable Temperature

Keep it in a room where the air is constantly moving. Do not put it directly by the window as it will get damaged because of the excessive heat. Use curtains, or window binders, or put it a little further from the window. 

Be Careful

Be careful not to spill anything. It will get absorbed in the tabletop causing it to warp. Do not put anything hot on the surface of the table, it will cause it to warp too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell If My Card Table Is Warped?

If your table is not leveled, then your card table is warped.

Can I Fix A Warped Card Table Myself?

Yes, you can fix a warped card table by yourself with the help of the right tools, materials, and techniques.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Fix A Warped Card Table?

It typically takes a few hours to a few days to fix a warped card table depending on the conditions.

How Do You Replace A Baize On A Card Table?

You can replace a baize on a card table by cutting the new baize to size and attaching it to the table with the help of glue or staples.


Throwing away a warped card table or changing it just because it has developed warped is not a solution. So ‘how to fix a warped card table’? Well, as you read this long. You can follow the tips and guidelines to fix a warped card table. It can bring you a fruitful result and thus you will not have any need to change your card table and spend money to buy a new one.

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