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After working as a professional woodworker for so many years, I can understand your desperation to fix your table legs when they are unstable.

I have seen my clients struggle with a lot of different table leg issues and how it affected their daily lives.

As a professional woodworker and wood fixing enthusiast, I love to teach people how to fix table leg and it is my wish to help as many people as possible.

Here is how-

How To Fix Table Leg

Fix Table Leg

To tell you the truth, fixing a table leg is a diverse task. There’s a different method for all the issues. You will be required to follow one or more methods according to your needs. It is also time-consuming. So, be patient and trust the process to get your expected results.

Instead of starting to work based on only this, I would suggest sticking to the end so you can learn everything in detail and also the tips and tricks.

So, shall we start?

A quick overview of the project-

Summery of the article is-

  •  Most of the leg issues, when become serious, end up causing a wobbly table.
  • Depending on the severity of the damage, it can be hard to fix, like a broken table leg.
  • The only difference between the fixing process of a wooden table leg and a metal table leg is the adhesive used in both processes. 
Estimated CostEstimated DurationSkill Level
$1005 hours Beginner

Common Issues That Can Arise With Table Legs 

Before I start, I would like you to know something. That is a common issue that can arise with table legs.

You must be wondering why I am talking about this instead of the fix. Well, in my 7 years of professional journey, I have found that most people have no idea about these issues.

They don’t even realize their table legs need to be fixed until the issues get worse. If they noticed and fixed those earlier, things wouldn’t have gotten so bad.

So, I want you to know these things so you can avoid these problems in the future. These are:


I know you are wondering how table legs get uneven. It might sound weird but it is true. 

Uneven legs are a common issue for table legs. It happens due to the regular use for a long time and the wear and tear.

It can happen due to uneven floors. Then, how to know if it is because of the legs or the floor?

You can try a paper sliding test to identify that. If all the other elements of your table are fine and your floor is even too, try sliding a piece of paper under all the legs of the table.

When the paper passes easily under any of the table legs, that means the problem lies in that leg.

If not, then it’s the uneven floor.


You might know this one. This is common for any wooden tables or other pieces of furniture.

Want to learn a fun fact? Do you know what causes a wobbly table? Most of the leg issues, when become serious, end up causing a wobbly table.

It can be uneven legs, uneven floors, weak joints, loose screws, etc.


Anything after using it for some time gets weak. Wooden furniture is no exception. 

If there are no other damages or issues, yet it feels like your table leg needs help, it must be because the table leg is weak.

Your table leg can also be weak if it is frequently moved or the material of the table is not sturdy enough. Actually, wicker table legs get weak easily.

It can also be the weak joints. When the joints get weak, the legs are bound to develop weakness too.


If your table gets damaged, your table leg, along with the tabletop, needs to be fixed. It can be due to anything such as heat, moisture, external forces, etc.

This problem is especially common for dining tables and kitchen tables. This is because these tables are placed in rooms that are prone to heat and moisture.


Maybe not for wooden tables but it is normal for metal table legs to develop rust. It is especially common in humid temperatures.

It can happen due to long-term exposure to exposure. Also, if the protective layer of the metal table wears off, it can become vulnerable to rust.

Loose Screws

Table legs are usually secured to the tabletop using screws, bolts, or other fasteners. You would be surprised to know that these fasteners get loose over time.

It causes the table legs to wobble. The wobbliness makes the table lose its stability and in extreme cases its structural integrity. It also ends up causing uneven table legs.

Here’s a short description so you can remember these issues;

Unevennesshappens due to constant use for a long time.
Wobblingis caused by weakness, damage, loose screws, etc.
Weaknessis developed by overtime use.
Damagecan be anything caused by heat, moisture, external factors, etc.
Rustis developed by humidity and moisture in metal table legs.
Loose ScrewsIs because screws, bolts, and fasteners get loose after some time.

These are the issues you should be careful about. Learning about these issues will not only help you avoid these problems in the future but also help you find the right process to fix them.

Issues That Can And Can’t Be Fixed 

Let’s talk some more about the issues. I know you are waiting to know the process but trust me this is important.

In the previous part, I talked about the details of the causes. There’s another thing you need to know.

You need to know which issues can be easily fixed and which are hard to fix and why so you can make the preparations accordingly. Let’s start; 

Issues That Can And Can’t Be Fixed
Can Be FixedCan’t Be Fixed
IssuesThe ReasonIssuesThe Reason
UnevennessIt can be easily fixed by using shims.WeaknessIt can be hard to fix if the structural integrity gets affected.
WobblingIt can be fixed by tightening the loose joint.DamageDepending on the severity of the damage, it can be hard to fix like a broken table leg.
Loose FastenersIt will be fixed if you just tighten them.RustSevere rusts are pretty stubborn so it can be hard to fix.

That’s all about the issues. I know you are here for the fixing process but it will greatly help you to take care of your wooden table, especially larger tables and antique tables.

Let’s move on to the part you are eagerly waiting for.

How To Fix Table Leg? 

How to fix table legs to top? As we have talked earlier, there are different issues that can arise with table legs. 

So, I can give you a short answer to that. Instead, I will share all the ways you can repair your table legs so you don’t need to look for anywhere else.

Can we start? Let’s go;

How To Fix Table Leg

Assess The Table Legs

Before you start any wood fixing process, the first thing you need to do is carefully assess the entire piece.

Another thing, even if you know the issues with your table legs, I would say check it again. It is always better to be careful. Then, you can start the actual process.

You might have already understood, but let me tell you. There’s no specific way of fixing it. All the issues have different fixing methods.

Let’s get familiar with them one by one;

Loose Table Legs

Do you know, what is the best way to attach legs to a table? It is by using screws, bolts, brackets, and other fasteners.

Now, the question comes: what if the screws or other fasteners get loose? Your table leg becomes loose and unstable.

If your concern is how to fix loose table legs, I’ll help you with that. 

There are two ways to fix loose table legs: 1. Tightening the screws, and 2. Attaching new repair brackets.

If you don’t know how to repair a screw in table leg, here’s how;

  • Carefully remove the screw from the table leg using a screwdriver or a drill.
  • If the hole is damaged, fill it with wood filler or a wooden dowel to create a new surface for the screw to grip.
  • Drill a new pilot holes for the screw using a drill bit. Make sure the drill bit matches the size of the screw.
  • Insert the new screw into the new pilot holes and tighten it using an adjustable wrench.

If you are using table leg repair brackets;

  • Place the bracket in its place and mark both sides.
  • Cut the divots right inside the marked line so the side of the brackets can sync in perfectly.
  • Place the bracket in its place. If it sits perfectly, insert and tighten the screws except the middle, big one.
  • After the bracket is secured against the table, insert the drill inside the middle hole of the bracket and drill a pilot hole.
  • Insert the middle screw in its place and tighten it. Make sure the threaded inserts are completely inside the wood fibers.
How To Fix Wooden Table Legs

How do you fix a loose table leg without screws? You can use wood glue to fix a loose table leg if you don’t want to use screws or any other fasteners.

If you manage to follow these instructions properly, your loose table leg will be fixed in no time. 

Split Wood Table Legs

If you want to know how to fix split wood table leg, here it is;

  • Apply wood glue to the split in the wood. Use a glue bottle for better application and make sure the glue spreads inside the entire split.
  • Use clamps to hold the split together while the glue dries. Wipe away the excess glue.
  • Give it enough time to rest so the split wood can dry and bond together.

You can fix your split table top by following these steps, too.

Dog Chewed Table Legs

If your doggy chewed your table legs, don’t scold or punish him. It is easy to fix a dog’s chewed table leg and scolding or punishing will only make things worse.

If you don’t know how to fix table leg dog chewed, let me help you. It goes like this;

  • Sand down the areas that are chewed.
  • Fill in any deep chew marks with wood filler.
  • Let it rest until it dries.
  • When it is almost dried, sand and again to smoothen the repairs.

Uneven Table Legs

How to fix uneven table legs? You can achieve an even and stable table leg by following these steps;

  • Place a level on the tabletop to identify the uneven legs.
  • You can adjust the shorter table leg by adding shims underneath.
  • Place some heavy objects on the table base to test the table’s stability.
  • If there are still any problems, adjust as needed.

Wobbly Table Legs

If you are looking for how to fix wobbly table legs, there is no specific way to fix a rocking table.

Do you remember what I said when I was talking about the issues that wobbling can happen due to many causes, such as loose screws, uneven table legs, uneven floors, and weak joints? 

You must find out the source of table wobbles to fix the issue.

I have already mentioned how to fix loose screws and uneven table legs. To fix weak joints,

  • Put some wood glue in the joints using a glue bottle. It will make it easier to put glue inside the joint.
  • Use clamps to hold while the glue dries.
  • Don’t forget to remove the excess glue.

How do you fix an unstable table leg? If you fix the unevenness and wobbling by following the steps I mentioned earlier, the unstable table leg will be fixed.

You can fix a wobbly TV tray table or coffee table in the same way.

However, if you want to know how to fix a broken pedestal table leg, you can fix it the same way as fixing the weak joints.

Folding Table Legs

How to fix folding table legs? To fix a wobbly folding table, follow the mentioned steps;

  • Carefully inspect the folding mechanism and look for any possible damage or misalignment.
  • Tighten any loose screws or fasteners.
  • Apply some lubricant to the hinges or any moving parts if they are sticking or not moving properly.

Glass Table Legs

How to fix glass table legs? Here’s how;

  • Carefully assess the attachment points of the glass legs to see if they are secured and without any damage or not.
  • Tighten any fasteners or hardware holding them in place. That’s it.

One tip would be to be cautious while fixing a glass on the table top and legs, as it can be fragile. 

Any improper handling can cause damage to both your table and safety issues for you.

Final Touches

After you have fixed all the issues, add the final touches to match the fix with the table base. How to do that?

If the repair is a comparatively smaller part of the table leg, you can only refinish that area or the entire table leg if you want.

However, for bigger repairs, refinish the entire table.

  • Use sandpaper to sand the table leg surface. It will remove the existing finish, paint, and imperfections like scratches and stains. It will also remove and fix the sticky varnish on your table.
  • Wipe the sanded leg with a tack cloth to remove the dust and debris.
  • If you want to change the color of the table leg, apply wood stain. You can choose any wood stain according to your preference.
  • Apply a few coats. Let one coat dry before applying the next one. Make sure to sand between the coats for even and smooth application.
  • Use a paintbrush or a clean cloth to apply a clear wood finish. Apply it in the same way as the wood stain.

If you follow all these instructions, your table leg will be as good as new. 

Do you know if you refinish your table legs, some of the issues get fixed even if you don’t intend to? 

For example, if you want to fix a faded wood table, just refinish it, and voila! You will also end up fixing a discolored wood table.

If you have any issues with your dining table chair legs, you can fix them by following these steps.

However, if you face any other serious problem during the process and need help, seek professional help. 

You can just simply search online using the term- table leg repair near me and you will get plenty of local professional woodworkers to help you.

You can also purchase table shims, tool for table hardware, and other necessary materials online or look for local hardware shops near you.

Difference Between Fixing A Wooden Table Leg Compared To A Metal Or Plastic One 

Can you fix a broken table leg? It depends on the severity of the broken part. 

You can try these steps to fix a broken table leg;

  • Clean the broken surfaces to remove the dirt, debris, or old adhesive. 
  • Use a utility knife to do that so you can make the surface somewhat even. It will make it easier to fix.
  • Apply wood glue to the broken surfaces of the table leg and evenly distribute them.
  • Attach the broken parts and use clamps to hold the broken pieces together while the glue dries. 
  • Make sure to wipe off any excess glue and give it enough time to rest before you use the table.

If you have a metal table, you must be wondering how to fix a broken metal table leg as everything I have talked about so far is mostly about wooden table legs. 

Here’s how to fix metal table legs;

  • Start by cleaning like I said for the wooden legs.
  • Apply a high-strength metal epoxy adhesive to bond the broken pieces of the metal table leg together.
  • Attach the broken parts and use clamps to hold the broken pieces.
  • Let the adhesive dry completely before doing anything else.
  • Put some bolts, screws, or metal brackets in the broken area to provide extra stability.
  • Sand the repaired area and repaint the metal table leg to match the rest of the table.

Now, if I ask you to make a comparison of both processes, can you tell me the difference between the processes?

As you can tell, all the steps are the same. The only difference is the adhesive used in both processes. 

For a broken wooden table leg, you need to use wood glue. Whereas, for a broken metal table leg, you need to use high-strength epoxy adhesive.

Tips To Keep Table Leg Steady

After you have fixed your table legs, you must maintain them properly to make the repair long-lasting.

To end today’s discussion, here are some helpful tips to keep your table legs steady;

Tips To Keep Table Leg Steady
  • Inspect the table regularly. If there are any signs of instability, fix them immediately.
  • Avoid placing excessive weight or pressure on the repaired table leg and the table corners or it will be stressed and get damaged again.
  • Use protective pads or glides under the table legs to prevent damage while moving, especially on uneven floors.
  • Place the table in a place where the temperature is balanced. Excessive moisture and humidity can weaken the repaired area over time.
  • Keep a table leg repair kit in your house so you can have a backup in case of emergencies.

I can assure you that you can protect your table legs from all the issues in the future and also, can increase the lifespan of your table.

No-Cost Nuggets

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I Repair A Broken Table Leg, Or Do I Need To Replace It Entirely?

You can completely fix a broken table leg by following the proper steps. But it can be a bit difficult to fix if the broken part is seriously damaged to the point that you might need to replace it entirely.

How Do I Tighten Loose Screws Or Bolts On A Table Leg?

You will need to use an adjustable wrench to tighten loose screws and bolts on a table leg.

What Is The Best Way To Attach Legs To A Table?

The best way to attach legs to a table is by using screws, bolts, and brackets.

Can I Replace A Missing Or Broken Caster On A Table Leg?

Yes! You can. Casters are replaceable and the process is pretty easy.

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to answer all your queries on how to fix table leg. I tried to include all the possible methods and details of those methods.

So, I really hope I was able to help you.

To be honest, fixing a table leg is a really long and time-consuming process. But trust me, after you repair your damaged table leg, the satisfaction you will get is unreal.

I have seen a lot of my clients struggle during the process but the results always brought them happiness.

So, I will suggest you hang in there and complete the process. Surely you will love the end results.

All the best!

If you are interested in learning more about restoring a table, stay with- Restore Journey.

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