How To Repair Melamine Table Top : The Complete Guideline




A table is a central point of attraction in a house. No matter if the table is made of wood, metal, or melamine, for the table it is important to look beautiful, tidy, or neat. Imagine you have a melamine table and the surface or tabletop is damaged! And we all know that the melamine table tops cannot get damaged easily. It will ruin the whole look of the beautiful table as well as the environment.

How To Repair Melamine Table Top

Did the exact same thing happen to you? But don’t know about how to repair melamine table top? No need to be worried. Because I have the solution to your problem. Wanna know? Read ahead and help yourself to find out the solution.

Repair Melamine Table Top :

Basically, a melamine table can’t get damaged easily but if it gets damaged there is no need to be worried or throw out the table. You can repair the tabletop at home by yourself applying the right method and following the guidelines properly. You can choose a professional service to repair it.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are different types of damage that can occur on any melamine table top such as surface scratches, chipping, cracking, stains, and burn marks.
  • Follow the guidelines step-by-step such as cleaning the surface, sanding the damaged area, applying filler, etc for the best result.
  • Take safety precautions before starting the process to protect yourself from any accidents such as wearing safety gear, working in a well-ventilated area, etc.

Rushing to perform the process? Don’t rush! Because there is a lot to know to complete the process and these are a single glimpse of the entire process. Wanna know about the complete procedure? Read ahead and explore the solution to your problem.

Can Melamine Be Repaired?

Melamine can definitely be repaired. But it depends on the type of damage. You can repair the table with minor damages at home by yourself, whereas major damages like deep cuts can be challenging to repair by yourself alone at home.

So in this case you may need to take the help of professional services, otherwise, it is not something hard or impossible to repair a melamine. But make sure you are following the right method or techniques to repair the melamine and following the guidelines step-by-step.

Can Melamine Be Repaired

What Tools And Materials Do You Need For Repairing A Melamine Table Top?

The process of repairing a damaged melamine tabletop is kind of time-consuming and throughout the entire process, you need to use various kinds of tools and materials to repair the tabletop. It is important to know about them and the right method of using them. Are you excited to know? No worries. Here you go:

Materials Need For Repairing Melamine Table Top
  • Soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean the melamine tabletop and clean edges. You need to use a soft cloth and soapy water when refinishing a pottery barn table but don’t forget to dry the surface.
  • Fine-grit sandpaper to sand the tabletop for a smooth surface.
  • Sanding block to complete sanding smoothly. Take a sanding block with sandpaper when fixing a split tabletop.
  • Melamine repair paste, or wood filler to fill the chips or dents.
  • Putty knife to apply the melamine repair paste.
  • Plastic scraper to remove excess repair paste.
  • Melamine touch-up paint to match the color of the tabletop as there is an array of color.
  • Safety gear to protect yourself during the process.
  • Masking tape to protect the surrounding areas.
  • Hairdryer or heat gun for drying purposes.

These tools and materials are necessary during this process. Gather them before you move forward with the process and learn about their usage so that you don’t need to face any problems during the procedure.

How To Repair Melamine Table Top : Step By Step Guidance

How do you fix a damaged melamine top and repair the table top? To be honest, to repair the table top you have to go through a process by applying the right method and maintaining the proper guidelines. Otherwise, it is not possible to get a good result. I know you must be excited to know about the guidelines. The guidelines are given below:

How To Repair Melamine Table Top

Clean The Damaged Area

Clean the damaged area or table top of the table using a soft cloth and soapy water. Remove the dust, or debris and let the surface dry before you move forward.

Sand The Damaged Area

Sand the damaged area using fine-grit sandpaper. You can use a sandblock during this process for smooth sanding. Lightly sand the damaged area and bring out a smooth surface. Do not over-sand the area. This step is applicable when repairing a fire pit table.

Apply Melamine Repair Paste Or Filler

Apply the melamine repair paste or filler to the damaged or problematic areas with the help of a putty knife. Make sure it fills the chips or dents of the table. Remove the excess paste using a plastic scraper. You can use it for white melamine chip repair.

Allow The Paste To Dry

After you apply the paste the most important thing is to let it dry properly. Do not rush to move forward. Let the paste or filler dry properly. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun to dry the paste.

Sand The Repaired Area

Now sand the repair area again using fine-grit sandpaper and do it lightly. Sand the damaged area until it gets a smooth surface and level with the surface.

Apply Melamine Touch-Up Paint

How do you refinish a melamine table top? You can refinish the tabletop by applying melamine touch-up paint on the repaired area using a brush. There is an array of color, make sure the color matches the table surface for a better outcome. Let the paint dry completely.

Clean The Repaired Area

Now when you are done with everything, it is time to clean the repaired area. Clean the area with a soft cloth and soapy water. And let the area dry properly.

Following the guidelines step-by-step is essential to complete the repairing process of melamine tabletops. Otherwise, it is not possible to repair the tabletop evenly with the best outcome.

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What Are The Different Types Of Melamine Table Top Damage?

Before you rush to know the process of how to repair melamine table top. Let me tell you there are different types of damages and for each damage, there are different repairing techniques. It is better to understand the type of damage before you pick any method to fix it. Wanna know about it? Here you go:

Surface Scratches

Surface scratches are the most common type of damage to melamine. It basically occurs on melamine dishes due to sharp objects, or sliding heavy objects on the smooth surface of the table. Such as the scratch caused by knives on melamine products or surfaces. You can remove scratches from the melamine table by yourself.


Chipping is actually caused by applying too much pressure on the surface. Because of the pressure, some small pieces of melamine layer may break from the table surface and make the smooth surface uneven.


When the melamine layer splits or fractures it is called cracking. It can happen due to placing extreme temperatures on objects. Let me explain this. There are variations of melamine serving ware. We often use durable melamine dishes as the cost of melamine tableware is less.

The traditional melamine products are durable and these are the benefits of melamine plastic or products. No matter whether the melamine is expensive or not, you may have noticed when you put any overheated or hot dishes on the regular melamine they crack easily because of the heat. This actually happens with the classic melamine tabletop as well.


When any liquids or any other things are left on the melamine surface for a long time it will leave stains on the surface. But be careful because red wine and curry can leave a permanent mark on the surface.

Burn Marks

When any hot objects are placed on the melamine tabletop directly it can cause burn marks. Melamine is durable and easy to use but they are not heat-proof. Therefore in over-temperature, they can easily get burn marks.

Before starting the process it is necessary to understand the different types of melamine tabletop damage and choose the method according to the damage to fix the melamine table tops.

What Safety Precautions Should You Take During The Repair Process?

It is very important to take safety precautions during the process of repairing the melamine tabletop. Otherwise, there is a high possibility of getting injured or hurt during the process. The safety precautions are:

  • Wear protective gloves, masks, and gloves before you start the process.
  • Do not forget to work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the work area when performing the process.
  • Dispose of the waste materials according to the guidelines to avoid any occurrence.

Do not forget to take these safety precautions or do not try to avoid these safety precautions during the process. You should take these safety precautions for your own betterment and complete the task without any interruptions.

How Can You Prevent Damage To Your Melamine Table Top?

Though you can repair the damaged melamine tabletop, it is better to prevent it on your tabletop. Taking some steps to prevent the table from being damaged is better than facing the same issues in the future. Want to know how you can do that? Some tips are here to help you:

How Can You Prevent Damage To Your Melamine Table Top
  • Always use coasters and placemats on the table.
  • Avoid sharp objects like knives or scissors directly on the table surface.
  • Clean the spills or liquids if they fall down on the table immediately.
  • Clean the table regularly using a soft cloth.
  • Use pads on melamine products before putting any hot objects on the table directly.
  • Do not place the table in direct sunlight as the UV rays can damage the table.

You can follow these tips to avoid facing the same problem in the future. It is better than losing precious time, money, and effort in the repair process.

What Are The DIY Methods For Filling In Chips And Dents In A Melamine Table?

How to repair melamine chips by yourself? Some methods are available for filling chips and dents. If you are completing the process by yourself, you might be thinking how do you fix a melamine chip or dent or fill them? Such as

Melamine Repair Paste Of Filler

Apply melamine repair paste or filler with a putty knife to fill the chips and dents. Remove the excess with the help of a plastic scraper. Let the paste dry properly. You can get this on a melamine repair kit.

Wood Filler

You can use wood filler using a putty knife and fill the chips on the table. Remove the excess filler with the plastic scraper and let the wood filler dry properly. You can use a hair dryer to dry it.

Baking Soda And Super Glue Mixture

You can make a paste using baking soda and super glue and apply it on the table to fill the chips. Let the paste dry properly. You can sand down the surface lightly and make it smooth.

These methods can help you to fill the chips and dents in a melamine table by yourself. You just need to follow the methods properly for the best outcome.

Are There Professional Services Available For Melamine Table Top Restoration?

Of course, there are professional services available for melamine table top restoration. There are many service centers that provide services for repairing the melamine tabletop. One thing about the professional service that is the best thing is they will provide you the best outcome and complete the task exactly like your expectations.

They have expertise and skills of doing such work so they will repair your table without causing any damage and providing the perfect repairs. They can fill the cracks melamine kitchen cabinets as well. If you have one they can fix that too. If you are unable to complete the process by yourself or don’t have enough idea about it, you can definitely seek a professional service and get it done by them.

How Do You Maintain Melamine Furniture?

If you can maintain your melamine furniture properly, there will be fewer chances of facing any problems with the furniture frequently or in the future. I am pretty sure after repairing the table, you must be looking for tips to maintain your melamine furniture to avoid frequent damage.  Aren’t you? Some tips are given below to maintain your melamine furniture:

  • Clean them regularly using a soft cloth.
  • Don’t leave the furniture wet if it gets wet somehow. Let it dry properly.
  • Do not put any high-temperature objects on the furniture as it can cause cracks.
  • Clean the spills and liquids immediately as they can leave marks on the table.
  • Use certified BPA-free melamine products as they are more beneficial.

You can blindly follow these tips and trust the process to maintain your precious melamine furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Filler For Melamine?

Melamine repair paste filler is the best choice for melamine.

Is A Melamine Table Top Durable?

Definitely, a melamine tabletop is durable.

Can I Use Wood Glue To Fix A Melamine Table Top?

Surely you can use wood glue to fix a melamine tabletop.

Is It Possible To Repair Water Damage On A Melamine Tabletop?

Yes, it is possible to repair water damage on a melamine tabletop.

Can I Paint Over Repaired Areas On A Melamine Table Top?

You can definitely paint over repaired areas on a melamine tabletop.


Reading this long you may get the solution to your problem, ‘How to repair melamine table top?’. It is not something impossible to do. You just need to understand the damage type, apply the right method accordingly and follow the guidelines properly during the whole process. You can also hire professionals if you are unable to do so.

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