How To Restore End Tables-My 7 Best Steps And Tips For You




Here Are Some Materials

  • Gel stripper
  • Premium wood stain
  • Polyurethane finish
  • Paper towels
  • Tape
  • Floor protection paper (or a trash bag)

Do you want to know, How to Restore End Tables? Making old end tables look new no matter if it a cherry table refinish process or end table, it involves a series of restoration steps, including cleaning, repairing any damage, refinishing or painting, and adding protective coatings to enhance their appearance and functionality. This process aims to rejuvenate the tables and give them a fresh, polished look. You can restore your end table if you read my whole picture.

How To Restore End Tables

I will help you with step by step guidelines. Additional similar questions: How do you make old end tables look new?

Restoring End Tables

Restoring end tables is the process of renewing and revitalizing these pieces of furniture by cleaning, repairing any damage, refinishing to improve their appearance, and adding protective coatings to ensure durability, ultimately bringing them back to their original color or enhanced condition.

Now, In this article my whole pictures. Let’s start solve for your problems:

What Tools And Materials Do I Need To Restore The End Tables?

End tables are small furniture pieces placed next to a sofa or chair for holding items like lamps, drinks, or decorations. If you want to restore your end table, follow these steps: clean, repair, refinish, and protect the surface for the best results. When you will start to restore then you have to follow my steps. By the way, you need tools and materials for restoration. I will tell you now what you need:

here’s the difference between tools and materials when restoring an end table:

What Tools And Materials Do I Need To Restore The End Tables

Tools are the items you use to perform tasks during the restoration process. They include:

  • Damp Cloth
  • Wood Filler
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver or Hardware Tools

Materials are the substances or components that you apply or work on using the tools. They include:

  • Wooden End Table
  • Wood Stain or Latex Paint
  • Clear Varnish or Polyurethane
  • Replacement Hardware

[Tools are the means to carry out the restoration work, while materials are the actual items being worked on or applied to the end table.]

There are some special people who said that. Now I am including them name and what they told-

According to D.I.Y. Advice said that-

There are some tools and materials for restoring your end table. He said that –

transform a tired table into a stylish centerpiece. This is an easy DIY project – all it takes is a little sanding and a couple of coats of furniture oil.

Safety Tip: Always wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as ear muffs, safety glasses, a mask, and disposable gloves, and follow the instructions for the product or equipment.

Here are tools and materials including-


  • 80, 120-grit sandpaper and 180 – grit abrasive discs
  • 120-grit sandpaper, 180 and 240 – grit abrasive paper
  • Tack Cloth
  • Drop sheet
  • Hand-sanding block
  • Paint stirrer
  • Palm sander
  • Orbital sander
  • Ziploc® bag


  • Furniture oil
  • Timber table

I am included his image so that you can trust me-

What Tools And Materials Do I Need To Restore The End Tables

How To Restore End Tables[Step By Step]

An end table is a small, typically square or rectangular piece of furniture placed beside a sofa or chair to provide a wood surface for items like lamps, drinks, or decor. If you want to restore your end table effectively, follow these steps: clean cloth the surface to remove dirt and dust, repair any scratches or dents, refinish it with solid wood excess stain or paint brushes for a fresh look, putty knife and protect it by applying a clear varnish or polyurethane coat. You may choose to restore an end dining room table for cost savings, sentimental value, environmental reasons, customization, skill development, or to preserve unique charm. 

How To Restore End Tables

Here are the best steps for you so that you can easily understand about How to Restore End Tables. Let’s start-

Watch the tutorial

Mid Century End Table Restoration !!

End Table Restoration

Examine the table’s condition closely, taking note of any visible scratches, dents, or other damage. Understanding the extent of the restoration needed will help you plan the process effectively.

Start by wiping down the entire table with a damp soft cloth to remove surface dust and dirt. For tougher stains or grime buildup, consider using a solid wood cleaner. Ensure the table is completely clean before moving on to the next step.

Address any scratches or dents by applying wood filler to the affected areas. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the solid wood filler regarding drying time. Once dry, use fine-grit sandpaper to gently sand the repaired areas until they are smooth finish and level with the rest of the table’s surface. This step ensures that the surface is even and ready for refinishing.

Use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the wood table. This step serves multiple purposes, including removing the existing finish, smoothing out imperfections, and providing a suitable wood surface for the new finish. Sand in the direction of the wood grain for the best results. Be sure to clean away any sanding dust before proceeding.

Apply solid wood stain or paint brushes evenly to the table’s surface in the same way for refinishing a restoration Hardware table. Follow the instructions provided with the staining or painting products you’ve chosen. The choice between staining or painting depends on your desired look and the condition of the table. Staining enhances the natural color wood grain, while painting provides more color options. Apply multiple coats if necessary, allowing each coat to stain dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Seal the table’s newly refinished surface with clear varnish or polyurethane. This protective layer enhances the durability of the finish and guards against wear and tear. Follow the recommended drying times and application instructions on the product.

If your end table has any hardware components like knobs, handles, or pulls, consider replacing or refurbishing them to complete the restoration. This can be a finishing touch that enhances the overall appearance.

[By following these detailed steps, you can effectively restore your end table, giving it a restored and polished look. You can also solve it, if you follow my steps. So, the same question: How do you restore an end table top finish? Or even embark on a vintage enamel top table restoration?] Know more there.

How Much Does It Cost To Restore End Tables

How Much Does It Cost To Restore End Tables

The cost to restore an end table varies widely but can range from $20 to $100 for DIY materials, excluding tools. Hiring a professional may cost more, depending on the extent of the restoration. 

Here is a breakdown of potential costs for restoring an end table:

Cost ComponentEstimated Cost Range
Materials (e.g., filler, paint, stain, varnish)$20 – $100
Tools and EquipmentVaries (depends on what you already own)
Professional Labor (if hired)$100 – $300+ (varies by complexity)
Replacement Hardware (optional)Varies based on hardware chosen
Total Cost$20 – $400+ (DIY) or more with professional help
potential costs for restoring an end table

[Please note that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost can vary based on factors such as the table’s condition, the quality of materials and tools you choose. Whether you decide to do the restoration yourself or hire a professional.]

There are some products so that when you need to buy some tools and materials then you can buy in this. You can also see the prices of these tools and materials. 

Collection from DIY Advice

material needs for How Much Does It Cost To Restore End Tables

How Long Does It Take To Refinish An End Table?

The time it takes to refinish an end table can vary depending on factors such as the table’s size, the complexity of the refinishing process, and drying times between coats. Generally, it may take a few days to a week to complete the entire refinishing process, including sanding, staining or painting, and applying protective coatings.

According to Shawn Shinneman said that-

The waiting periods between steps mean that the entire process will take a few days to complete, but it’s not particularly time-consuming. Once you become familiar with it, each individual step should take no more than about 30 minutes.

Here are included his image so that you can easily understand-

material needs for How Much Does It Cost To Restore End Tables

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Restoring End Tables

When restoring an end table, it’s essential to be aware of common mistakes that can affect the quality of your project. Insufficient sanding can result in uneven surfaces, while inadequate cleaning may lead to adhesion issues with the new finish. Rushing the process often results in sloppy coats of paint job or stain, diminishing the final look. When restoring an end table, it’s important not to avoid wood surface preparation, including cleaning and sanding. Neglecting these steps can lead to a subpar finish and compromise the overall quality of your restoration project. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Restoring End Tables

I  collected from LIM’S UPHOLSTERY-[Source]

When you decide to restore your beloved wood furniture on your own, it’s important to avoid these 10 common mistakes that can undermine the outcome and lead to more time and money spent:

  1. Neglecting Safety: Always wear protective gear, ensure proper ventilation, and avoid exposure to harmful chemicals during the restoration process.
  2. Ignoring Instructions: Follow the specific guidelines for each product and tool you use, from stripping chemicals to sandpaper, to achieve the best results.
  3. Inadequate Area Protection: Safeguard your workspace and surroundings from splatters and damage by covering floors, walls, and nearby items.
  4. Incomplete or Incorrect Removal: Carefully remove old materials like fabric and layers of paint/stain to ensure a clean slate for restoration.
  5. Improper Furniture Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the stripped surface before applying a new finish to prevent imperfections.
  6. Rushing the Job: Take your time with each step of the restoration process rather than rushing through it.
  7. Skipping Repairs: Use this opportunity to address any structural issues or cosmetic imperfections.
  8. Neglecting Sanding and Prep Work: Properly sanding and priming the furniture ensures an even and smooth finish.
  9. Choosing Inappropriate Materials: Select materials that match the furniture’s purpose and are suitable for long-lasting use.
  10. Uneven Painting and Staining: Avoid uneven finishes by preparing the piece adequately, using primer, and applying color and sealants patiently and evenly.

[By steering clear of these mistakes, you can enhance your furniture restoration project’s success and results.]

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Common Mistakes When Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing Furniture

According to Amanda Sharp said that

  • Always remember to sand with the grain of the wood.
  • Take the time to remove the hardware.

Tips For Making Your Restored End Tables Look Their Best

You can improve the visual appeal and overall appearance of your table through careful cleaning, the use of high-quality materials, even application of finishes, attention to small details, the application of protective sealants, customization to match your personal style and décor. 

My best tips for you so that you can look at the best table, 

  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Use quality materials.
  • Apply finish evenly.
  • Allow proper drying.
  • Consider hardware upgrades. 
  • Protect the surface with a clear coating.

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Frequency Answer The Questions

What Type Of Wood Are The End Tables Made Of?

The type of wood used for the end tables can vary, but it’s often mentioned in the product description or specifications on our website or in-store signage.

Do I Need To Remove The Old Finish Before Applying A New One?

Yes, it’s typically necessary to remove the old finish before applying a new one to ensure a smooth finish and even result.

How Do I Repair Any Damage To The End Tables?

If you want to repair damage to end tables, assess the issue, clean the area, and use appropriate methods like wood filler for scratches and dents or glue for loose parts.

What Kind Of Paint Or Stain Should I Use To Refinish The End Tables?

The type of paint or stain to use for refinishing end tables depends on your desired finish. Generally, choose solid wood stain for a natural look or paint for a more opaque finish, and ensure they are suitable for furniture use.

Can You Refinish A Table Without Sanding?

Yes, you can refinish a table without sanding, but sanding is typically recommended for better adhesion and a smoother finish. There are alternative methods like chemical stripping, but sanding is a common and effective approach.


Finally, I can say that you can restore your end table if you read my full article about ‘How to restore end tables’. Its definition: Restoring end tables refers to the process of renewing and enhancing their appearance and functionality. It involves tasks such as cleaning, repairing, refinishing, and protecting the tables to bring them back to their original or improved condition.

[By the way, If you follow my instructions and steps then you can easily restore your end table. However, If you have any questions then you can comment in this article. I will help you with your issue. Best of luck.]

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