How To Restore Teak Veneer Table? The Complete Guidelines




Key Takeaways:

  • Inspect the table and point out the issues that need to be repaired before you move toward the restoration process.
  • Before you start the process learn about the entire process properly and then move forward following the proper guidelines to get the expected result.
  • During the process avoid the common mistakes that can ruin your hard work and then maintain your table after restoring to avoid further damage.

No need to be worried about throwing away your teak veneer table or buying a new one if your teak veneer table starts looking old or damaged. Because you can just simply restore the teak furniture and thus you don’t need to buy another one or throw out the old one. But the question is ‘How to restore teak veneer table?’

How To Restore Teak Veneer Table

Every task has a process that needs to be completed through proper guidelines. Reading ahead you can learn about the process in detail with guidelines and restore your teak tables properly.

Restore Teak Veneer Table

It is possible to restore the teak veneer table and repair its damaged and old look. Instead of wasting your money on buying a new one, you can restore the teak veneer table at home by yourself following the proper guidelines or else hiring a professional to complete the task.

Don’t rush to restore your teak veneer table reading a single piece of the puzzle. To learn properly about the process read ahead and reveal the entire puzzle to yourself.

How To Assess The Condition Of Your Teak Veneer Table?

The first thing that you need to do before you move forward to the process of ‘how to restore teak veneer table’ is assess the condition of your teak tables. Some ways to assess the condition of the teak veneer table:

Check For Scratches

Inspect the piece of furniture attentively. Check carefully if there are any scratches, holes, or cracks or not. Because if you find any scratches, cracks, or holes visible, then you need to sand the table to remove these all properly.

Inspect The Edges

Check the edges of the teak veneer dining table or table properly to find any damage. If you notice damaged edges, you need to fill them using a wood filler and sand them using a sanding block and sandpaper.

Look For Water Damage

Attentively look for any signs of water damage like warping on the surface of the teak coffee table or teak table. Because it is important to repair water damaged teak veneer.

Check The Joints

Check the joints of the table properly. Make sure they are not loose or insecure. If the joints of the teak tables are imperfect, you need to tighten the joints properly.

Evaluate The Finish

Inspect the current finish of the table properly. If the finish is damaged, you have to remove the old wood finishes using steel wool, a chemical stripper, or grit sandpaper. You can also use them to restore a wrought iron table. Also, you need to use an oil finish like teak oil to give it a smooth finish look.

Before you rush to solve how to refinish teak veneer table, try to assess the condition of the table and then move forward accordingly so that you can solve all the issues of the table.

What Supplies Do You Need To Restore A Teak Veneer Table?

It is necessary to know about the supplies that you need to use during the restoration process of a teak veneer table. Before you move forward to the process of how to refinish teak veneer, learning about it will be more helpful for you. The supplies are:

What Supplies Do You Need To Restore A Teak Veneer Table
  • You’ll need a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the table even when you restore a pine table.
  • Non-abrasive cleaner is needed to clean the table properly before you start the restoring process.
  • Sandpaper is needed to sand any wood stain or imperfection on the table. Try to use a fine-grit sandpaper.
  • A sanding block is needed to sand the table smoothly as it prevents the sandpaper from slipping and helps to hold the sandpaper properly.
  • A chemical stripper or steel wool is needed as you can remove the original finish or existing finish from the table through chemical stripping. This is necessary even when restoring a tulip table.
  • Teak oil or sealer is important as it helps to protect the wood from any frequent damage and enhances the natural color.
  • You need to use a soft cloth to apply the teak oil and sealer on the table to get a smooth finish.
  • You have to use a wood filler to fill the cracks or holes on the veneer table.
  • You need a paintbrush as well to apply the teak oil or sealer.

Refinishing a veneer is not that hard a thing to do. So, can you refinish teak veneer? Though it is not something impossible just use these supplies accordingly and move yourself one step ahead of the process.

Watch The Tutorial

What Tools Do I Use To Refinish Furniture

What Tools Do I Use To Refinish Furniture

How To Restore Teak Veneer Table? Step-By-Step Guidelines For The Beginner

Reading this long discussion, the most important thing that must be pondering your mind is ‘how to refinish teak veneer table?’. It has its own process of refinishing a teak veneer table and you just need to follow the guidelines properly to restore the table. Such as:

How To Restore Teak Veneer Table

Clean The Table

The first thing you need to do to complete the restoring process is to clean the surface of the teak tables using non-abrasive detergent with clean water using a soft cloth and remove the dirt or dust from the surface properly. Use this method to clean the surface when restoring a copper table top.

Sand The Table

Now it is time to sand the table. Use a fine-grit sandpaper and sanding block for light sanding the table. Don’t forget to sand it in the same way as the wood grain. Sanding this way can help you to avoid veneer damage. Lightly sand the wood surface to remove holes, scratches, or damage from the table.

Remove Old Finish

If the existing finish is damaged and looks bad it is better to remove the old finish using a chemical stripper or steel wood. You can use it to remove any dark stain as well. After you remove the existing finish, you need to sand the area to smoothen it.

Apply Wood Filler

Now when you are done with sanding, it is time to fill the cracks or holes with the help of normal wood filler or plastic wood filler. You need to use wood filler even when restoring a cherry wood table. Use wood filler to fill the cracks or holes and let it dry completely. After it dries properly, you need to sand it down to smoothen the surface of the solid teak table.

Apply Teak Oil Or Sealer

Now the most important part is applying oil teak or sealer to the solid teak table to give the table an original finish and brand new look and protect the table from any further damage. Apply an even coat of teak oil or sealer using a brush. Let the coat dry and soak into the wood before you apply another coat if needed. Now use a soft cloth to wipe any excess oil or sealer from the applied area.

Buff The Table

Now it is the turn of buffing the table. To get a smooth finish buff your teak tables using a soft cloth. It will also help you to remove excess oil or sealer from the table.

Can teak veneer be refinished? The answer is yes, of course, a teak veneer can be refinished as I have refinished my own teak veneer table and made it look like a brand new teak veneer. I know, the first thing you are thinking is, ‘How do you fix teak veneer?’. I have just followed the guidelines above and got an expected result after I finished the restoration process.

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What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Restoring Teak Veneer Table?

During the restoration process of teak veneer and before it there are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes. How to restore teak veneer table before and after avoiding these common mistakes properly? Here is how:

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Restoring Teak Veneer Table
  • Using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals to clean the surface of the table is the most common mistake made by anyone. This kind of cleaner damages the veneer and strips away the natural oil from the wood.
  • Ignoring the cracks or scratches on the surface can ruin the whole process as it will bring you an uneven finish.
  • It is necessary to remove the old finish or existing finish if it is damaged before you apply teak oil or sealer. Otherwise, it is not possible to get a good result or finish.
  • Over-sanding the teak tables is the worst thing to do as it damages the wood and makes uneven spots on the table.
  • Applying too much teak oil or sealer can make the table sticky and attract dust and dirt to the wood.
  • Not letting the teak oil or sealer dry can cause an uneven finish and make the work sticky.

How To Maintain And Protect The Restored Teak Veneer Table?

Restoring the table is not everything that you can do. You need to maintain the table after restoring it. Such as:

Maintain And Protect The Restored Teak Veneer Table
  • Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the teak table after restoration. Clean the table using a dry cloth every day and remove the dust or dirt from the table. Keep the table neat and clean.
  • Always use coasters and placements on the table to avoid getting scratches and wood stain. It can also help you to avoid placing hot and wet items directly on the tabletop as it can damage the table.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight or UV rays can damage the table, fading the colors away from the table.
  • You can use protective pads, covers, or tablecloths to protect the table from any kind of scratches or spots.
  • Do not use any harsh or aggressive chemicals to clean the table as it can damage the table, ruin the finish and make it look like an old table.
  • Try to inspect the table regularly so that you can notice any kind of damage that occurs and take immediate action to fix it as soon as possible.

You can maintain your teak veneer table following these tips to avoid any further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I Seek Professional Help For Teak Veneer Tables?

If you don’t know the process of restoring a teak veneer table then it is better to seek professional help.

Can You Sand Back Teak Veneer?

You can definitely sand back the teak table but carefully to avoid damage.

What Is The Best Polish For A Teak Veneer?

Teak oil is the best choice as a polish for a teak veneer table as it protects the table from damage and increases its natural beauty.

What Is The Best Oil For A Teak Veneer?

Teak oil is the best oil for a teak veneer as it is made to protect the teak veneer and nourish it.

What Kind Of Oil Do You Use For A Teak Veneer?

I prefer teak oil to use for a teak veneer as it helps to protect the table from damage and nourishes the table as well as increasing its natural beauty.


Reading this long you may get the answer to your question, ‘How to restore teak veneer table?’. Restoring a teak veneer table is not that hard task but you need to be attentive and careful during the process. Having patience and following the proper guidelines while doing anything can bring you the best result. You can follow the guidelines discussed above. It can bring you the expected result  for your precious teak veneer table.

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