How Does Restoration Aero Table Work? From Dull to Dazzling




A restoration aero table is more than just a piece with a sleek design. It’s like a treasure chest of stories waiting for a chance to shine again in your home. Moreover, it’s a bit of history that, with a little care, can become a modern gem.

This guide is here to show you how to take an old, forgotten table and turn it into the highlight of your living space. So, keep reading!

How Does Restoration Aero Table Work

Restoration Aero Table Work

However, fixing up one of these tables is all about the details. You’ll need to smooth out its old marks and then give it a new look with some paint or stain, making sure its unique features stand out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every table comes with its backstory and charm, turning it into a piece of art for your space.
  • To bring an aero table back to life, you must be thorough, from smoothing out old blemishes to applying new finishes.
  • Restoring one of these tables can change up a room, mixing old-time elegance with a fresh style.

What is Aero Table?

An Aero Table is designed with a strong cast metal pedestal base and a smooth bullnose wood top. It stands out for its balanced proportions and sculptural curves.

What is Aero Table

However, the aero table shows off a simple yet elegant style that echoes the clean lines of mid-century furnishings. These tables are often used as coffee tables and mix practical use with a beautiful look. 

What Type of Damage Can Occur In Aero Table?

You may be curious about restoration hardware aero table. But do you know why you need to restore your wobbly aero table? It’s because it can face the following types of damages:

What Type of Damage Can Occur In Aero Table
  • Scratches and Dents: After using it for years, your aero table can face damage. Even with promises of hassle-free delivery, your table might get scratched or dented. Scratches are a headache for a wood table, too.
  • Water Damage: If your table gets wet, it could warp or get stained. Sadly, getting money back for this, after you’ve paid for delivery, is often only possible sometimes.
  • Discoloration: The table’s color can fade if it sits in the sun too much. Even if you bought it at a good price, sunlight can still cause damage.
  • Structural Damage: If something heavy is put on the table or it gets hit hard, it could break.
  • Finish Peeling: Using harsh cleaners or spilling chemicals can peel off your table’s finish. It may lead to the restoration hardware aero marble table.
  • Mismatched Components: If the wrong parts are given to you at item pickup or if it’s put together wrong, your table might not be stable.
  • Environmental Damage: If your old wooden table isn’t made from carbon offset materials, it might not fit with an eco-friendly lifestyle, despite how good it looks or functions.

Tools Need for Aero Table Restoration

For restoration hardware aero wood tables, you need the following tools and materials. 

  • Sandpaper: Start with sandpaper. It makes your table smooth, like erasing pencil marks before you draw.
  • Wood Filler: Use wood filler if your table has dents or holes. It’s like putty that makes everything smooth again. This is also needed for console table restoration.
  • Paint or Stain: Choose a paint or stain that looks like the table’s original color. If you love the Earth, pick something eco-friendly.
  • Sealant: After painting, put on some sealant. It protects your table, like a raincoat in a storm.
  • Soft Cloths and Brushes: Use these to apply the paint and clean up. They’re gentle and won’t scratch your table.
  • Protective Gear: Wear glasses and gloves to keep dust and chemicals away from you. Safety first!
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Clean your table with green products before and after fixing it. It’s better for the planet.

Process Of Aero Table Restoration

If you want to know the process of restoration of hardware aero oval table, go through the step-by-step guide below:

Process Of Aero Table Restoration
  • Look at Your Table
  • Gather What You Need
  • Clean and Sand
  • Fix the Scratches
  • Paint or Stain
  • Seal It

Look at Your Table

First off, check out your table for restoration. Match it with what it’s supposed to look like from its product description to see what’s wrong. This helps you figure out if fixing it is better than buying a new one, especially when you think about the item size and how much damage there is.

Gather What You Need

Go for eco-friendly products for fixing your table. It’s good for the Earth (carbon offset) and keeps your home air safe while you work. Make sure you’ve got all you need, like sandpaper, wood filler, and paint or stain.

Clean and Sand

Clean your table with a safe cleaner first. Cause dirty table isn’t a good thing not for areo or hall table restoration. Then sand it down. Sanding takes off the old finish, makes the surface smooth, and helps the new finish stick. How much sandpaper you need depends on the item’s size. Getting it smooth is crucial for a nice finish. Just like it.

Fix the Scratches

Use wood filler for any bad spots or scratches. Pick a filler that looks like your table’s wood. Once it’s dry, sand it down to make it smooth. This step makes your table look like new.

Paint or Stain

Choose a safe paint or stain for your table. This is better for the planet and keeps your home safe. Apply it with a brush or cloth, following the wood grain.

Seal It

After your table is dry, put on a clear, safe sealant. This keeps your table’s new look safe from damage. It’s a must-do to make sure your table can stand up to everyday use and still look awesome.

How Do I Care For And Maintain An Aero Table After Restoration?

After completing your hardware aero round table restoration, you should follow the tips below for its maintenance. 

  • Dust It Off: Just use a soft cloth to dust your table often. This keeps it clean and looking good.
  • Keep It Out of the Sun: Don’t let the sun hit your table directly. The sun can make the color fade, something they usually tell you in the product description. This keeps your table looking as nice as when you first got it at pickup.
  • Use Coasters and Mats: Always put coasters or mats under drinks and hot plates. This simple step keeps your table safe from water stains and heat, making sure the item size stays perfect.
  • Clean Spills Right Away: If something spills, wipe it up fast with a soft, slightly wet cloth, and then dry it. 
  • Polish It Sometimes: Give your table a polish now and then to make it shine. But, make sure the polish matches what the product description says is okay.
  • Skip the Strong Cleaners: Don’t use cleaners with harsh chemicals. They can mess up your table’s finish. Choosing eco-friendly products is a smart move that also helps the environment by supporting carbon offset efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Restoration Aero Tables Support Heavy Loads Or Items?

Yes, they usually can. It depends on your table’s build and the materials used. Most of these tables are pretty strong and can handle things like your books, a lamp, or your coffee mug collection. Just try not to put too much on them.

Are There Customizable Options Available For Restoration Aero Tables?

Absolutely. When you’re bringing an Aero Table back to life, you get to pick from different colors, finishes, and types of wood. Thus, you can tweak the table to suit your space or your taste perfectly.

Where Can I Purchase Restoration Aero Tables?

You can find them at places that sell vintage or second-hand furniture, on websites like eBay or Etsy, or at stores that focus on fixing up old furniture. You might also find them at garage sales or flea markets if you’re lucky.


Restoration aero table is more than just a DIY project. It’s about giving a piece of the past a new role in your home. It takes a bit of effort and care, but the result is worth it, turning an old table into something special for your space.

We’ve gone through the steps together to get you ready and excited to start your table makeover. So, grab your sandpaper and paint, and let’s get to work on giving your table a new lease on life. Want more updates like this? Then be with restore journey.

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