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Round table restoration is like giving a new lease on life to a piece full of stories and memories. These tables often stand at the heart of a home, gathering people together.

So, if you think, what can I do with an old round table? This guide is for you.

Round Table Restoration

Round Table Restoration

By restoring your round dining table, you keep these memories alive and make the table look great again. It’s important because it keeps your table strong, good-looking, and ready for more gatherings.

However, restoration can mean different things, from fixing small scratches to dealing with bigger issues like loose legs. Each type of fix ensures your table can stand proud for many more years.

We will walk through how to bring your round table back to its best, step by step. You’ll learn everything you need to make it the centrepiece of your room once more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Round table restoration preserves not only the table itself but also the memories and special moments shared around it.
  • Damage commonly seen on round tables includes scratches, heat damage, chipped edges, fading, and loose joints, all of which can be addressed through restoration.
  • The cost of round table restoration depends on factors such as the type of table and the extent of damage, with estimates ranging from $100 to $3,000+.

How to Restore A Round Table?

Restoring your round table can give it a new look. To refinish your round table, follow these straightforward steps.

  • Step 1: Clean the Surface
  • Step 2: Apply Stripper
  • Step 3: Clean with Mineral Spirit
  • Step 4: Sand Table Surface
  • Step 5: Apply Stain
  • Step 6: Apply Finish

Now, go through the above steps below in more details:

How to Restore A Round Table

Clean Your Round Table Surface

First, you need to clean the table. Use a cloth and some gentle cleaner to wipe off all the dust and grime. A clean table ensures the next steps work better, and it’s the foundation for a good restoration job.

Apply Stripper

Next, you need to remove the old finish. Wear gloves and spread the stripper over your table. Because strippers are potent, work in a place with lots of air. However, after waiting as the product directs, gently scrape off the finish. This exposes the raw wood underneath.

Clean With Mineral Spirits

Some residue might remain after stripping on your round table. To remove it, use mineral spirits on a clean cloth to wipe it down. This step removes any remaining stripper and prepares the wood for sanding.

Sand Table Surface

Sanding makes the surface smooth. So, you should begin with rough sandpaper and switch to finer grit for a smooth finish. Always sand along the wood grain to prevent scratches. This is crucial for a smooth base before staining or finishing.

Apply Stain

Select a nice stain to enhance your table’s look. Apply it with a brush or cloth, section by section. However, remove any excess stains to avoid uneven spots. Let the stain dry fully. This step gives your table its color and character.

Apply Finish

Finally, protect your table with a finish. You have choices like polyurethane, varnish, or wax. Brush the finish on your round table evenly. Then, allow it to dry well. A proper finish shields your table from spills and scratches.

Round Table Restoration Cost

The table restoration cost can vary depending on the type of round table. The following table will give you an estimate of the round table restoration cost.

Round Table Restoration Cost
Type of Round TableEstimated Restoration Cost
Basic Round Table$100 – $500
Restoration Hardware Dining Table$200 – $1,000
Arles Rectangular Dining Table$300 – $1,200
Breton Rectangular Extension Dining Table$250 – $1,100
Andover Mills Extendable Dining Table$150 – $700
Antique Round Table$400 – $2,000+
Custom / High-End Round Table$500 – $3,000+

How Do You Stabilize a Round Table Top?

If you want to restore your round table top, follow the easy tips below:

  • Tighten everything up: First, check if any parts of your table, like a restoration hardware dining table or a circular dining table, are loose. Tightening screws or bolts can make a big difference.
  • Stop the slide: Putting non-slip pads under the legs of your table, whether it’s an Andover Mills extendable dining table or a chest coffee table, helps prevent it from moving and reduces wobble.
  • Make it even: If your wooden table, such as a contemporary dining table, has adjustable feet, tweak them until they don’t rock. However, you might want to add some if there are no adjustable feet.
  • Secure the top: For a wobbly table top, like on a Breton rectangular extension dining table, attaching metal braces or brackets underneath can firm it up.
  • The heavier base might help: Light tables, including some coffee tables or cool tables, might need a heavier base to keep them steady. Consider switching to a sturdier base if possible.
How Do You Stabilize a Round Table Top

Fix or replace weak legs: Look at the legs of your classic hardwood tables. If your table’s leg is damaged, fixing or replacing it can stabilise your table.

What is Round Table Restoration, and Why is It Necessary?

Round table restoration is the process of fixing and updating round tables. It is like those made from oak herringbone parquetry or used in tavern dining to bring them back to their original form or improve them.

This includes repairing damage and refinishing surfaces. Also, it sometimes includes updating parts to make them more useful or attractive. To complete this process, you require specific round table restoration hardware.

What is Round Table Restoration, and Why is It Necessary

Why Is Round Table Restoration Necessary?

The round table restoration is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Preserves historical value: Round tables, especially those with historical significance like priory or Williams Sonoma collection, hold cultural and aesthetic value. Restoring them keeps this history alive.
  • Sustainability: Restoring an old table reduces waste and the need for new resources. This supports carbon offset efforts by minimising the impact on the environment.
  • Cost-effective: Restoration can be more affordable than buying a new table. Even though there might be a refund minus delivery or restocking fees, restoring can still save money in the long run.
  • Personalisation: Restoration allows for customisation. It is like turning a simple round table into an oak herringbone parquetry tavern dining table, making it a unique piece that reflects personal style.
  • Increases value: Well-restored furniture can increase in value, making it a good investment. Setting a price alert or providing your email address to furniture restoration newsletters can keep you informed on market trends.
  • Digital convenience: Many restoration services offer consultations and estimates through email address communication. And some might even send a password via email for secure limited time access to special deals or restoration advice.

Types of Round Table Restoration

Before knowing about how do you stabilize a round table top, you need to know about restoration types. We will now tell you different types of round table makeover ideas.

Type of RestorationDescription
RefinishingThis means taking off the old finish and putting on a new one. It’s perfect if your table looks dull or has surface scratches.
RepairThis is all about fixing damage like scratches, dents, or parts that have come loose. You might fill in holes, glue pieces back together, or make weak spots stronger.
ReupholsteringIf your table has parts covered in fabric or leather, changing this material can make it look brand new.
PaintingPainting lets you change your table’s color completely. It can hide marks and give your room a fresh vibe.
PolishingPolishing is a less intense way to make your table look better. It works well for tables that are still in pretty good shape but just need a little extra shine.
Structural ReinforcementFor tables that are shaky or not as strong, this method makes the frame and legs sturdier, so it’s safe to use.

Type of Damage that Occurs on Round Table

Seeing different types of damage on your round table you may think about how do I make my table look new again? Well, first, you should know about the types of damage that will make your antique table restoration job easier.

Scratches and Dents

Your round table can get scratched and dented daily. This includes fancy ones like the restoration hardware dining table or the French contemporary rectangular extension dining table. These marks make your table look worn out.

Heat Damage

Putting hot things directly on your table can leave white marks or bubble up the finish. Tables like the Arles rectangular dining table need something underneath hot dishes to keep them looking good.

Chipped Edges or Corners

Bumping into your table or dropping something heavy on it can chip the edges or corners, including on tables like the T-brace rectangular extension dining table. These chips can be sharp and make your table look uncared for.

Fading and Discoloration

If your table sits in the sun, it might fade or change color, especially if it’s a coloured or stained table like the Breton rectangular extension dining table. Over time, this can make your old wooden table look uneven.

Loose Joints and Wobbly Legs

Tables, including the Andover Mills Admiranda extendable dining table, can get loose joints or wobbly legs from being used a lot or not put together well at first, making them less stable.

Can Any Round Table be Restored, Regardless of Its Age or Condition?

Yes, you can restore any round table, no matter how old or damaged it is. This includes high-end tables like the restoration hardware dining table, the stylish Arles rectangular dining table, the versatile Breton rectangular extension dining table, etc.

However, the restoration process can fix issues like scratches, water damage, and loose parts, making your table look new again. The effort and cost might vary depending on your table’s condition and value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What can I do with an old round table?

If you have an old round table, you can make it look new again. Start by smoothing out any rough spots and then paint or varnish it. Or, you could change it into something else, like a place for your crafts or a big clock for your wall.

Are round tables stable?

Round tables are usually stable if they’re made right. Make sure the base is strong and the table legs are screwed on tight. If the table shakes, just tighten the screws to fix it.

When should you not use a round dining table?

A round dining table might not work well in a long, narrow room because it can make the space look off. Also, if you like having many people over, a round table might not fit everyone.

Final Note 

So, round table restoration means giving your table a completely new look and life. No matter if it’s a big or small fix, every step helps make your table solid and good-looking again. And with the easy steps we’ve shared, you can prepare your round table for more fun, meals, and time with loved ones. Wanna learn more about it then stay with restore journey.

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