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Are you thinking about installing a pool table? Do you want to tip pool table installers? Can’t decide how much to tip installers? I have got you!

Read ahead to get all your answers.

Tip Pool Table Installers

Tip Pool Table Installers

If you want, you can definitely tip the pool table installers as it is a task of hard work and effort. But if you are confused about how much or how to tip them, many factors are there to consider when tipping. But the estimated tip could be $150-$300 or more if you want.

This is not everything that you need to know. You have just started. There’s a lot more to it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it!

Key Takeaways:

  • If there’s money left on your budget after deducting the other costs, give the installers a tip. 
  • Consider some factors like the complexity of the work, the quality of the work, the amount of time spent to do so, and your budget. 
  • When deciding on the amount of tip, there are a lot of things you may consider such as the size of the table, the type of the table and the quality of the table.

How Much To Tip Pool Table Installer?

The thing ‘tip pool table installers’ or not is optional and dependable. However, any pool table service, whether repairing, refinishing, moving, disassembling, or reassembling, is challenging and time-consuming. If you are satisfied with the result, giving a tip is a way of expressing gratitude. 

Now, talking about the cost? It totally depends on you. Consider an amount within your budget. You can increase or decrease this amount depending on the other factors. For example, the complexity of the work, the service they provided, their behavior, did they fulfill all your requirements, how the table turned out, the time they spent, etc. 

Factors To Consider When Tipping Pool Table Installers

Pool table installation cost can be very expensive. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, giving a tip to the installers is a way to respect the installers. You should consider it like all the other costs. How do you tip pool table installers? There are some factors that you can consider when tipping pool table installers. These factors are:

Factors To Consider When Tipping Pool Table Installers

Difficulty Of The Job 

The pool table installation process is very difficult and time-consuming. There are many factors pool table installers need to consider and process accordingly. For example, an old or expensive pool table will require extra care and consideration. If they do a great job despite the difficulties, consider giving them a tip.

The Service

They really work hard, such as during refelting pool table. Consider the pool table repair services they provided. Are you satisfied with the pool table repairs? Did they answer all your questions patiently? Did they go out of their way to provide you with additional services? If yes, they deserve a tip.

Time Spent

Usually, pool table service is provided at an hourly rate. Compare the service with the time spent. If they provided a top-notch service in a short amount of time, consider giving a tip.

Your Budget

Everyone has a budget for pool table repairs. See if there’s money left on the budget after all the repairs. If you are satisfied with the results and can afford a tip, consider giving it.

Consider all these factors carefully. If you appreciate the hard work and want to thank them, giving a tip is one of the best ways. The cost can increase depending on the cost for replace pool table cloth if needed.

When Should You Tip Pool Table Installers?

Tipping is not compulsory. You can show appreciation to them with other gestures. However, if you are satisfied with the results and can afford it, you can tip the installers. When should I tip pool table installers? I suggest tipping them after the whole process is complete. It will help you to consider all the factors and decide whether to tip or how much to tip them.

When Should You Tip Pool Table Installers

Choosing Pool Table Installers Who Deserve Tip

While choosing who to tip among pool table installers, select the people with the best qualities. Their qualities play a vital role in their performance. Look for the qualities and compare them to find the best professional installers.

  • Experience: A team of installers with high combined experience will work more efficiently. The quality of the work will be better.
  • Skills: Skilled installers will work more efficiently. They will take less time to work.
  • Professionalism: Professionals should get priority when choosing installers to give a tip. They will be able to work despite any complexity of the pool table.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Set Up A Tip Pool Table?

Setting up a pool table is extremely difficult. There are a lot of things a professional installer needs to deal with to achieve your desired result. The answer to this question will vary depending on a lot of things. Some of these thing are:

How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Set Up A Tip Pool Table

Size Of The Table

There are different sizes of pool tables. For example, 4ft × 8ft table, 4ft ×

9ft table, 6ft×12ft table, etc. Setting up a 12-ft table will cost more than setting up a 7-ft table. The bigger the size the more you will need to pay.

Type Of The Table

Pool tables are of different kinds, for example, pool tables, billiard tables, carom billiard tables, snooker tables, slate pool tables, etc. These tables have slightly different structures. The cost will increase or decrease depending on which type the table is.

Services You Need

Services for pool tables are countless, for example, repairing, table leveling, installing a carpet, refinishing, moving pool table to replace flooring, etc. The cost will change depending on the services you need.


If your playing surfaces are not even, it will affect your playing performance. Pool table leveling will cost more or less depending on the severity of the table’s condition. You may need to refelt a mdf pool table, it can cost extra.

You may need to change some things off the table, for example, felt the pool table, cushion rubber, leather pockets, screws, nails, etc. Buying and re-installing these things will cost additional money.


The cost of moving depends on the distance. For example,  moving the pool table for installing carpet, or you need to move your pool table from Murfreesboro to somewhere in Northern California. Murfreesboro pool table movers will charge a significant amount because of the distance. But if you move it somewhere inside Murfreesboro, a pool table mover will cost less.

To move, you will need to pack the parts of the table properly. Otherwise, they will get damaged. Hiring professional packers will cost more than self-packing. The only cost for self-packing is buying packing supplies.

Also, you may need to move the table around the room or house. Moving the table by disassembling it will cost more than using furniture sliders.

If you are happy about how it turned out, tip them accordingly. If not, you can decrease the amount of tip. Customer satisfaction should be the ultimate priority when giving a tip.

How Much Does It Cost To Disassemble And Reassemble A Tip Pool Table?

A pool table is a  heavy piece of furniture. Moving it anywhere outside the room without disassembling is not possible. However, it is challenging too. It requires a lot of focus and attention. A small mistake will cost money. The installers need to be experienced and professional. 

The amount of tip will depend on the factors. The typical range is $15-$25 for each installer. You can increase or decrease this amount according to your budget and the factors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Customary To Tip Pool Table Installers?

Yes. As installing a pool table is a challenging job, giving a tip to the installers is a way of showing appreciation to them.

Can Tip Pool Table Installers Handle Customized Installations?

Yes. Installing a pool table is difficult not to mention customized installations. If you are satisfied with the results, they deserve a tip.


How to tip pool table installers? Hope you won’t ask this question again to anyone. There are a lot of different factors for this. Learn about all of these factors. Carefully analyze and decide the amount of the tip. Keep it in your budget and adjust (increase or decrease) accordingly. There are some qualities of the installers that might affect your decision. Follow the guidelines to make the right choices.

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