Wax Or Varnish A Pine Kitchen Table (Like A Pro)




When the finishes of the furniture come off it definitely looks ugly and old. Facing the same issue? Do you want to add a finish to your pine kitchen table? Are you thinking about changing the look of your pine table? Don’t know how to wax or varnish a pine kitchen table? Do not worry. I have got your back! Read ahead to get all the information.

Wax Or Varnish A Pine Kitchen Table

Wax Or Varnish Pine Kitchen Table

In short, to wax or varnish a pine kitchen table, start by cleaning the surface thoroughly. Apply a thin, even coat of wax or varnish using a clean cloth or brush. Allow it to dry completely before applying additional coats if desired. Follow the product instructions for best results.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are various suitable finishes for pine furniture. Wax and varnish are the most used finishes for pine furniture.
  • For choosing one between wax and varnish, compare the advantages and disadvantages with each other. It will help you to decide what to use.
  • Running a sample test for better understanding can bring you a better outcome.

Is It Possible To Wax Or Varnish A Pine Kitchen Table At Home?

Yes, it is of course possible to wax or varnish a pine kitchen table at home by yourself. You have to choose the right one for your table. Then You need to go through a process to complete waxing or varnishing your pine table. During the entire process follow the proper guidelines to complete the task and get the best outcome for your table.

What Is The Difference Between Varnish And Wax?

Should you varnish or wax pine furniture? It depends on you. Varnish and wax both have advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about it before making any decision.

What Is The Difference Between Varnish And Wax
Adds a glossy or satin appearance to the table.Enhances the natural colour and wood grain.
Varnish adds a protective layer to build resilience from scratches, stains, and other damage. The level of protection that wax provides is comparatively low.
Varnish requires multiple coats.For wax, one coat is enough.
It is durable.It is not durable.
Hard to repair.Easy to repair.

Can you varnish a waxed table or vice versa? Yes. But it would require removing the previous finish.

Different Types Of Finishes That Can Be Used On Pine Furniture

There are many suitable finishes for pine furniture. Every finish has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose the best finish for your pine furniture, learn more about them.

Different Types Of Finishes That Can Be Used On Pine Furniture


Varnishing pine furniture adds a protective layer to the surface. It brings out the original colour and pattern of the wood grain while giving the table a natural finish.  It is used for refinishing tables that are not real wood. There are different types of wood finishes to choose from. These are-polyurethane finish, lacquer finish, oil finishes, etc. You can choose the one that suits your taste.


Wax enhances the natural beauty of the wooden furniture. It adds a soft, delicate look to the table. The wax finish is applied to antique furniture because it specialises in keeping the natural beauty of any furniture intact.


Oil is one of the wood finishes that is good for any wood. It is the most durable of all finishes. The oil finish on wood protects it from moisture while giving it a natural finish.


Surprisingly, paint is also a type of finish. Painting adds life to any furniture. You can choose the colour of the paint according to your preference. It is easy to use. Nowadays, some paints are scratch or stain-resistant due to technological advancement.


Wood stains are available in both oil-based and water-based forms. It penetrates the surface and gets absorbed by the pores of the wood. It is suitable for pine furniture because it doesn’t get yellowish over time. 

There are other finishes. These are the most popular finishes. All of them are widely used for pine furniture.

What Is The Best Finish For A Pine Table?

‘Should I wax or varnish furniture?’ It would depend on you. Both varnish and wax have pros and cons. Some of these may or may not seem a problem to you. So, the solution is sample tests. Collect samples of each of these and run some sample tests. Inspect them for some days before concluding. You can apply this technique while refinishing a coffee table without sanding.

If you ask me ‘What is the best finish for pine table?’ I would say varnish. Because it is durable. The function of a wood finish is to protect the piece of furniture. Wax is not heat resistant. It melts or fades easily. On the other hand, varnish provides a protective layer that makes the table resistant to everything.

How To Varnish Pine Furniture?

Varnishing pine furniture is easy. There are some steps you need to follow. These steps include the entire process and tips to get a smooth finish. These are:

How To Varnish Pine Furniture
  • Choose the varnish according to your preference. 
  • Clean the table with a damp cloth.
  • Sand the table with grit sandpaper to remove the old, opaque finish.
  • Apply the first coat of varnish. After drying, sand the table with a fine-grit sandpaper. It will make the surface smooth for the next application.
  • Apply the next coat and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

Follow the order of the steps. If you skip any of the steps, doing the next step will be hard. Also, it will affect the final result.

How To Wax Pine Furniture?

The process of applying wax is the same as the process of applying varnish. The difference is you do not need to apply multiple coats of wax-like while varnishing. One coat of wax is enough. After the coat of wax is semi-dry, buff it with a paintbrush or a soft piece of cloth.

How To Wax Pine Furniture

Do not rub. Slide your brush or cloth side to side while gently touching the surface midway. You can also use this method for refinishing a mahogany table. Use a soft-bristled paintbrush. Make sure the bristles of the paintbrush do not fall off.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Varnishing Pine Furniture

Varnishing pine furniture is one of the most popular ways of finishing. It is used to any refinish hardware table jobs. To use varnish as a finish for your pine furniture, look at all the advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, the result may not turn out as you want.


Appearance:- Let me tell you one thing, varnish brings out the natural grain. It enhances the natural beauty of any pine furniture by bringing out the natural colour and pattern of the wood grain. Moreover, it adds a glossy or satin finish to the pine table.

Protection:- Varnish adds a protective layer on the surface of the wooden table. It makes the piece of furniture resistant to scratches, stains, water, heat, moisture, etc. Using varnish can increase the lifespan of any pine furniture.

Maintenance:- Varnished wood tables are easy to maintain. It is because varnish adds a protective layer. It makes the table resistant to almost everything. Use a damp cloth to wipe it regularly.


Flexibility:- Varnished pine furniture is not flexible to changes. If you want to change the outlook of your dining table, you will have to refinish it. Refinishing requires sanding. Frequent sanding can cause stripping.

Reparability:- Varnish adds a durable finish to the surface. It makes it hard to fix little damages. If you have little scratches or nicks on your kitchen table, you may need to refinish the whole table to remove them.

Sensitive:- If a varnished table is directly under sunlight for too long, the varnish will darken or get yellowish. It affects the natural appearance of the table.

Try to understand all the advantages and disadvantages. They may or may not work for you. It is better to experience yourself.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Waxing Pine Furniture

Wax has various advantages and disadvantages. Go through all of them. Consider carefully before making decisions, especially before refinishing a dining room table with wax.


Finish:- Wax highlights the natural colour and wood grain. It enhances the natural beauty of the pine table without adding any extra shine or gloss. Applying wax gives any pine furniture an untouched look.

Application:- Wax is easy to apply. You only need one paintbrush or a clean cloth. The application method is straightforward. Apply the wax. After drying, buff it with a brush or cloth until you get a smooth finish.

Reparability:- A waxed table is easy to repair. You don’t need to refinish the entire table for little scratches or nicks. Sand the damaged area with grit sandpaper and refinish it. The table will look as good as new.


Protection:- The level of protection wax provides is not enough for a kitchen table. It is not durable enough to resist spills, heat, or moisture. The kitchen table can get damaged easily as these are common in the kitchen.

Maintenance:- Wax does not provide enough protection. A waxed table is prone to damage. Regular maintenance is a must. It helps to identify damage and fix it before it gets worse. Reapplication is necessary in the span of a few months.

Sensitive:- Wax is sensitive to heat, water, moisture, etc. It can melt when exposed to heat for a long time. A waxed table has a high chance of warping and swelling.

Assess your needs. If wax works for you, consider waxing your pine furniture. If not, you can discover other finishing options.

How To Choose The Right Varnish Or Wax For Your Pine Furniture?

To protect the pine kitchen table for dining table space, you need to apply wax or varnish. Think about what type of finish you want. There is a wide range of varnish. For example, lacquer, shellac, oil-based, polyurethane varnish, etc. Some varnish adds a glossy finish while some add a satin finish to the pine furniture. 

Wax has various forms, such as hard wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, etc. Some add a clear finish. Others add a tinted finish. What is the best wax for pine kitchen table? It depends on your preference and desired aesthetics.

To choose the right finish, whether it is varnish or wax, follow these steps-

  • Get familiar with different types of varnishes and waxes.
  • Go through your preferences. 
  • Run some sample tests. 
  • Then, decide the finish you want based on your findings.

How Do You Protect Your Pine Kitchen Table?

Following some simple steps can help you protect your pine kitchen table from everything. These steps are:

  • Dust the table regularly with a brush or soft cloth.
  • Wipe the table using a damp cloth at least once a week to avoid dust from sitting permanently. Cleaning regularly will also keep you away from fixing a warped picnic table.
  • Inspect the table regularly. If you find any damage, repair it immediately before it gets worse.
  • Clean any spills promptly. Do not let it take time to penetrate the surface.
  • Use placemats and coasters to avoid minor scratches and hot surfaces. You can also use a tablecloth.
  • Keep the table in a place where there is direct sunlight so that the UV rays can’t hit the table. Use curtains and binders.
  • Refinish the table once in a while. It will help to keep a protective layer on the surface.

These steps may seem easy. But their effects are superior. If you want to keep your table as good as new, do not neglect them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Varnish A Waxed Table?

Yes, it is possible to varnish a waxed table. To do that, you need to sand the table with fine-grit sandpaper. After the wax finish is removed, you can apply the new varnish.

How Long Does Varnish Last?

Varnish is a durable finish. It can last around 10 to 20 years. 

How Long Does Wax Last?

Wax is not a durable finish. It can fade and melt when surrounded by heat for a long time. It lasts up to 1 year. After a year, you can consider refinishing to protect your pine kitchen table.

Why Choose Wax For My Pine Kitchen Table?

Wax enhances the natural beauty of any furniture. It is easy to apply. It can be repaired easily. You can fix little scratches and stains without refinishing the entire table.


Now, I hope you will never ask how to wax or varnish a pine kitchen table. Am I right? The process is easy. Whether you use wax or varnish, choosing the right type of finish is necessary. Clean and sand the table for a better application. To choose between wax or finish, compare the advantages and disadvantages.

Choose the one that works best for you.

If you are interested to know more about restoring a table, visit – Restore Journey .

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