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I like to keep my bathroom well-organized. Therefore, I prefer to keep the bathroom medicine cabinet to keep my all bathroom essentials there in an organized way.

So, a few months ago, I noticed that my medicine cabinet doors looked old, dull, discolored, and damaged, and they had a broken mirror. It was beyond repair. So I was wondering, can you replace a medicine cabinet door?

Can You Replace A Medicine Cabinet Door

Well, it’s turned out to be-

Actually, you can replace a medicine cabinet door at home on your own. You need to gather the necessary tools, use them in the right way, and apply the right method to replace them.

Well, there is an overall explanation about this that might be helpful for a fruitful result for replacement cabinet doors. Read more about that.

The summary of This Article is-

  • You can replace the medicine cabinet door properly using the right tools and methods.
  • You can replace the doors if the damage to the medicine cabinet door is beyond repair.
  • The attachment and alignment of the cabinet doors need to be set perfectly for the best outcome.
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Can You Replace A Medicine Cabinet Door?

You all know that a medicine cabinet is the most useful thing in our bathroom and kitchen. I also have recessed medicine cabinets in my bathroom. To be very honest, a medicine cabinet is more useful for me than the larger cabinets or bathroom cabinets. I put all my bathroom essentials on my bathroom medicine cabinets.

Besides, it is really easy to get things right in front of your hand when you keep the bathroom essentials in the bathroom medicine cabinets. However, it adds something special to the kitchen design and bathroom design. But what if the most important part of the cabinet body, the medicine cabinet doors becomes damaged? How to fix a medicine cabinet door?

Can You Replace A Medicine Cabinet Door

Well, first, let me make something clear to you. If your bathroom medicine cabinet has broken glass or some kind of minor damage, you can easily just fix the doors. You can replace the halogen under cabinet with LED lights after replacing the door if you want. But if the damage is beyond repair, what would you do? Well, the only way to fix the medicine cabinet is to replace the doors.

Well, I faced the same problem and I was wondering, can I change the doors on my cabinets? After a lot of research, lastly, I finally got my answer very clear from a cabinet maker friend that I could replace the cabinet doors. It is possible to keep the granite and replace the cabinet doors. However, applying the right method with the proper guidelines, I replaced my medicine cabinet doors, and surprisingly the result turned out really outstanding.

How To Determine When Do I Need To Replace The Medicine Cabinet Doors?

Before you learn how do you replace a medicine cabinet door, let me ask you something, do you know when to replace the doors? I have asked you this question because if you know how to change doors then you can easily can do this too. So, do you know how to determine when to replace medicine cabinet mirror door? If you don’t know, the next step is perfect for you. Such as;

How To Determine When Do I Need To Replace The Medicine Cabinet Doors


Inspect the bathroom medicine cabinet doors along with the cabinet boxes properly. If you notice any damage, and if it is major such as cracks, peeling, gouges, or warping. You need to think about replacement medicine cabinet door.

Wear And Tear

As time passes, sole signs of wear and tear may appear on the doors like scratches, discoloration, dents, etc. To be honest these signs decrease the beauty of the kitchen cabinet doors of bathroom design. If you notice any of these that are beyond repair, you need to replace the doors.

Functionality Issues

Check the door carefully. Close and open the door and try to find out if you are facing any difficulties opening or closing the door. If the hinges and cabinet knobs are loose and broken, it becomes crucial for you to replace the base cabinet door.

Style And Design

Now this one is up to you. If you wanna change your bathroom design or kitchen design, wanna try something new, try cabinet refacing,  wanna try a fresh coat of different colors on the door, or else if you wanna try different glass shades. Then you can replace the medicine cabinet door. If you wanna try bathroom or kitchen renovation, you can try to install a builder grade medicine cabinet or builder grade mirror medicine cabinet.

Safety Concerns

Inspect the cabinet door carefully along with the cabinet frame. Is it broken glass? Or else, is the door not securely attached? If not, and if it has broken glass, it can undoubtedly be dangerous for you. In such a case, can you replace a medicine cabinet door with mirror? The answer is you definitely go ahead. You can change the door of the cabinets installed over laminate flooring.

Before you rush to replace the doors, consider these things and if you face any of these problems, you can go ahead and start replacing your recessed medicine cabinets’ doors.

Where Can I Find Replacement Doors For My Medicine Cabinet?

I know while you are getting medicine cabinet replacement ideas, you also might be thinking about where you can get the replacement cabinet doors. But let me ask you, do you really know about it? If not, let me help you. Because I have just recently replaced my bathroom medicine cabinet doors, I know where you can get them and purchase the doors from.

Where Can I Find Replacement Doors For My Medicine Cabinet

However, recessed medicine cabinets have different structures than larger cabinets. Basically, the doors are also different from larger cabinets. The cabinet boxes, cabinet frames, etc, are slightly different from any other cabinets. Therefore, you may be confused about where to purchase them from. Here is where:

Home Improvement Store

I basically bought doors to replace kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom cabinet doors from home improvement stores, basically, the retail shops where they put various home improvement products. I purchased my doors from Home Depot, and my cabinet maker friend helped me with this process.

Moreover, according to me, when you are performing the process of medicine cabinet door replacement Home Depot the retailer can be the best choice for you. Besides, they have many options for the replacement doors and also medicine cabinet replacement mirror door only.

Online Retailers And Online Shop

Many online retailers and online shops are available. The retailers are experts in the procedure of replacement cabinet doors, and they can customize the doors according to your choice. The same goes for online shops or sites.

Local Manufacturing Shops

In your area, there are many manufacturing shops available. They have different types of doors and cabinet body parts like cabinet knobs, etc. they can customize the door for you according to your desires as well. You can purchase the door from there also.

You can buy your medicine cabinet door from any of these options. All of them are good. You can buy a door from any of them according to your choice or from the one that is offering the door at a low price.

How Do You Measure To Replace A Medicine Cabinet Door?

When replacing the door of the medicine cabinet here is the most important thing that you need to do attentively, carefully, and properly, that is to take the measurements of the old door. It is necessary so that your new door fits on the cabinet perfectly. Taking the wrong measurement can ruin your effort, hard work, and money as well.

So how to take the measurements? Do you know? Let me help you with this. Firstly, with a measuring tape, measure the width of the existing door. Now, measure the height of the door from bottom to top. Not the measurements on a note. That is all, and here you are done with taking the measurements.

How To Replace Medicine Cabinet Door: the Step-By-Step Guidelines

Can you replace just the door on a medicine cabinet? You know the answer already. Let me tell you one thing, if your base cabinets or cabinet boxes are not damaged, you don’t need to replace the entire cabinet. Instead, you can simply change the doors. But do you know how to remove medicine cabinet door and replace it? I am sharing the method I have tried to replace my cabinet door. Here are the step-by-step guidelines:

How To Replace Medicine Cabinet Door
  • Step 1: Remove The Old Door
  • Step 2: Measure The Replacement Door
  • Step 3: Install The New Door
  • Step 4: Attach Additional Hardware

Step 1: Remove The Old Door

Start the process by removing the old door. There are many kinds of medicine cabinets such as tri-view cabinet, builder grade medicine cabinet, etc. Remove thermofoil from cabinets if there are any. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the screws and hinges that are holding the door in place securely. Now, lift the door carefully and gently and remove it.

Step 2: Measure The Replacement Door

Now take the appropriate measurements of the old door to make sure that the new door fits on the cabinet properly. Take the measurements, how many inches wide is the cabinet door, the height, and the depth.

Step 3: Install The New Door

Now place the new door in place and align it with the old hole of the screws or hinges. After that, using a screwdriver driver tightly insert the screws and attach the door securely. If you want you can attach a mirror of your desired glass shades on the door.

Step 4: Attach Additional Hardware

If needed you can attach some additional hardware to customize the cabinet, such as attaching cabinet knobs, mirrors, etc.

I have replaced the medicine cabinet doors of my bathroom following the guidelines above. Surprised, the result turned out really awesome and I felt like the effort I put into replacing the doors was genuinely worth it. You can also give it a try and achieve a fruitful outcome.

Some Tips To Maintain And Increase The Lifespan Of The Cabinet Door

After replacing the cabinet door, the most important thing that you need to do is maintain the cabinet door to increase its lifespan. Wanna know how you can do that? No worries, I can help you with this. Let me share some tips to maintain the cabinet door and increase its lifespan;

  • Regularly clean the cabinet door using a mild cleaner and clean cloth.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners to clean the door as it can damage the doors.
  • Always keep the cabinet dry. Because leaving them wet can cause warping and discoloration.
  • You can use a mirror on the blue cabinets that can protect the underlying wood surface from water.
  • Try to control the humidity level as it can damage the doors.
  • Do not slam the doors. Close and open the doors gently to avoid misalignment.
  • Do not pull the cabinet knobs roughly as they can get loose.
  • Try to apply silicone-based lubricant (silicone grease) to the hinges of the cabinet doors to make them smooth.
  • Do not place the kitchen medicine cabinet in direct sunlight. Because the UV rays can cause warping, fading, and discoloration.
  • Regularly check the joints of the cabinet doors to ensure safety and that they are securely attached. Tighten the screws and hinges to avoid danger.

You can maintain the table following these tips. Besides, it will increase the lifespan of the doors. It is better to maintain the cabinets than face the replacement issue frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Replace Just The Mirror On A Medicine Cabinet?

If your underlying surface and the doors are fine and the mirror is broken, you can just replace the mirror on a medicine cabinet.

Can You Just Replace Bathroom Cabinet Doors?

If the cabinet is not damaged, then you can just replace the bathroom cabinet doors.

Can You Modify Existing Cabinets?

You can definitely modify the existing cabinet and refinish it or add some additional objects to make it more beautiful like a mirror.

Is It Cheaper To Just Replace Cabinet Doors?

It is obviously cheaper to just replace the cabinet doors than to replace the entire cabinet.


So, the sum up: Can you replace a medicine cabinet door? You may already know reading this long that you can replace the medicine cabinet door at home on your own. The procedure is really simple, short, and affordable as well. Instead of changing the entire cabinet, you can simply replace the damaged door and enhance the beauty of the cabinet. If needed you can hire professionals to replace the door.

To learn more about restoring a Cabinet, stay with- Restore Journey.

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