How To Repair Chipped Laminate Table Top: A Friendly Guideline




Key Takeaways:

  • To learn about the different methods of repairing a chipped laminate tabletop before you start the process such as using hand wax, filling in seamfil, applying wood putty, filling with polyester resin, and using glue. Choose the appropriate one to repair your table.
  • To follow the proper guidelines step-by-step throughout the whole process such as cleaning the area, filling, sanding, painting, and sealing.
  • to avoid some common mistakes to preserve the repair’s longevity such as cleaning with harsh chemicals, not giving enough time to dry, and avoiding regular maintenance.

Is your laminate table top damaged and chipped? Are you looking for a replacement piece? No one wants to throw away their favorite furniture where they have lots of memories. Don’t worry. You can fix your laminated tabletop anytime with the right tools and a guideline.

How To Repair Chipped Laminate Table Top

If you want to know more, read ahead and you will get a detailed explanation of how to repair chipped laminate table top.

Repair Chipped Laminate Table Top

You can just simply repair your old chipped laminate table top. Use the necessary tools in the right way. Follow the proper guidelines to repair the chipped laminate tabletop by yourself at home. If you don’t have enough experience of the process then you can hire a professional and fix it.

Well, this is not the end, and not everything that you need to know to repair the tabletop. To learn more about the whole process read ahead and let’s dive deeper into this.

Understanding The  Extent Of The Chipped Laminate Table Top

You must know the extent of the chipped laminate to answer how to repair chipped laminate table top. The extent will decide what tools and methods to repair the damage. So, before you start working, it is necessary to inspect the table and find all the problems and their severity.

Inspect The Tabletop

Carefully observe the tabletop and identify the issues. Severe issues such as holes, dents, or gouges are visible to the eyes. For minor issues, caress the tabletop with your hands and look closely. If you feel anything on the surface that is not even, make a mental note or mark the area. This way, you will not have to look for it again.

Assess The Damaged Parts

Assessing the damaged parts will help you determine the methods you will use. Divide the issues found into 2 categories. 1. Major issues, 2. minor issues. Small holes, cracks, dents, splits, gouges, sticking-out laminate, and small broken corners will fall under minor issues. More significant dents, holes, cracks, splits, etc are major issues. This step will help you prioritize which parts to work on more.

What Are The Different Methods For Repairing A Chipped Laminate Table Top?

If you want to know how to repair chipped laminate, there are different types of repair methods. Choose the appropriate one according to the extent of the damaged part.

Different Methods For Repairing A Chipped Laminate Table Top
  1. Using Hardwax
  2. Filling In Seamfil
  3. Applying Wood Putty
  4. Filling With Polyester Resin
  5. Using Glue

What Materials And Tools Do You Need To Repair A Chipped Laminate Table Top?

If you are thinking about how to fix chipped laminate table, having the right tools and materials is crucial before starting to work. The outcome and the effectiveness of the repair depend on it. You will find everything you need in improvement stores. Gather all the things you may need before working and keep it all in one place.

  1. Seamfil- It is used to fill and repair small nicks, holes, and gouges.
  2. Polyester Resin- It is used to flatten any surface.
  3. Wood Glue- It is used to bond wooden things.
  4. Abrasive cleanser- It is a cleaning formula that contains mineral particles and helps firmly clean any surface.
  5. Contact cement- It is a type of adhesive used to bond things.
  6. Putty knife- It is used to apply, spread, and scrape off materials. You can use it to fix the dead spots air hockey table as well.
  7. Finishing Sander- It is used to smoothen the surface. You need this tool to refinish a kitchen table too.
  8. Airbrush- It is needed to use paint with a smooth finish without hand painting.
  9. Rotary Tool- It removes all the loose debris from the damaged part.
  10. Wood furniture repair kit- It is used for wood furniture repair purposes. It comes with touch-up markers, filler sticks, and a sharpener.
  11. Laminate repair kit- It comes with wood filler, wood putty, hard wax, scraper, brush, sponge, and sandpaper.

How To Repair Chipped Laminate Table Top [Step By Step]?

Laminate is an affordable alternative to stones. Laminates are widely used in kitchen countertops and tables. Laminate counters look like ceramic tiles. It increases the beauty of the house. How do you restore a plastic laminate table top? Well, you will find answers to all your queries below. Follow all the steps and the outcome will shock you.

How To Repair Chipped Laminate Table Top

Clean The Area

In a severely chipped laminate tabletop, the surface gets crushed and loose. As a result, there is usually a fair amount of materials left in the damaged part. Cleaning is necessary when you are fixing a water damaged veneer table top. Cleaning all the broken pieces and materials left behind is crucial because it gives the fillers the space to sit in.

If the materials are reusable, feel free to use them. You can use contact cement to secure them in the chipped area nicely and tight. But if they are not usable and loose, remove all the leftovers from the chipped area. Use a sharp utility knife to cut out the uneven edges. Use a rotary tool to remove all the loose debris from the dent. Use a tack cloth to wipe all the leftover dust and debris from the spot to clean the surface.

Fill The Area

To fill the damaged part, use polyester resin. It is comparatively easy to use and used for flat surfaces. Mix some drops of oil-based wood paint with the resin to match the laminate surface. You can use a variety of colors to get the closest match. Put some hardener in the mix if the mix is too watery. Now, fill the area with the mix. Use a putty knife to scrape off the excess.

Sand The Area

Sand the filled part when the surface of the filling is still damp. Otherwise, it will be tough to sand it when hardened. Use 180-grit sandpaper and make the surface flat. Then, use a finishing sander to make the surface smooth. Clean the surroundings with an abrasive cleanser to remove all the dust particles and debris from the work area. It will prepare the surface for the next step. Do not touch the work area after cleaning.

Paint The Area

After the damaged part is coordinated with the laminate surface, it is time to match the colors with the laminate colors. If the laminate is a single-colored surface, only airbrushing will do. But if the laminate surface has a pattern, you need to step up. First, airbrush the filled part with the closest base color. Then, draw the pattern to match with the laminate surface. It may not be flawless.

However, it will make the damaged part less visible. You can apply this method for the best finish of a butcher block table.

Seal The Area

After fixing the damage, use a wood sealer to seal the paint. You can use a water-based or oil-based wood sealer. I suggest using an acrylic spray sealer. It is less messy and easy to use.

What Steps Should You Take To Ensure A Safe And Clean Work Area?

Ensuring a safe and clean work area will only benefit you. You will be safe from any health hazards. At the same time, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently.

Clearing The Work Area

Clearing the work area and preparing it before working will give you the appropriate space that you need to work freely. Remove all the objects from the table. Use a plastic cover to cover the floor. This way, nothing will stain or damage the floor. Also, having enough space to work will minimize the risk of any hazard.

Keeping The Tools In One Place

Gather all your tools and keep everything in one place. It will also help you on the way to fixing wobbly folding table. This way, you would not have to look for them while working. It will also ensure your safety. Keeping tools here and there might result in any unwanted accident. But keeping everything in one place will prevent that kind of accident from happening.

If your floor is a wood floor, be careful while working. Otherwise, you might damage the floor if you throw the tools on the floor.

Wearing Safety Gears

Wearing safety gear is necessary for your safety. Wear gloves to save your hand from anything unlikely. Wear goggles to save your eyes from all the impurities from cleaning and sanding. 

Working On An Open Place

Working in an open place will ensure proper ventilation which is much needed in any kind of wood repair. This way, the dust and debris won’t get stuck in the air which may cause suffocation. It will prevent you from breathing in impurities and getting it in your lungs.

How Do You Fix Minor Chips Or Nicks On A Laminate Table Top?

There are several ways to fix minor chips or nicks on a laminate table top. Find a few methods and apply the one that works the best according to the damage.

How Do You Fix Minor Chips Or Nicks On A Laminate Table Top

Using Hard Wax

You can cover small splits and chips with hard wax.  If you had questions like how do you fix a chip in a white laminate table or any other colored laminate, the answer is to choose the wax that is the closest to the laminate color. If you can’t find the right match, mix two or more colors to get the right shade.

Take a heat gun and apply heat to the wax. Gently rub the wax on the damaged part and cover it with the wax. You can apply heat on the edges of a butter knife and use it instead of a heat gun if you don’t have one.

Filling In Seamfil

Seamfil is a laminate repair paste used to fill and repair small nicks, holes, and gouges. Similar to the hard wax, use the filler with the color closest to the laminate color and mix two or more colors to get the right shade. Apply a few layers of the mix. It shrinks when it dries. So, apply it in a way so that the filler levels with the laminate surface when it dries. Scrape the excess off.

Applying Wood Putty

Fill the damaged part with the wood putty and scrape off the excess part. Let it completely dry for a few minutes. Start putting in colors to make the surface similar to the laminate surface.

Using Glue

If any part of the laminate tabletop is chipped or a piece of laminate comes off but the surface of the laminate is intact, you can use the surface without anything else. Take some glue that is specialized to use in laminates. Apply the glue underneath the surface and press it firmly. Wipe the excess glue. After a few minutes, it would be as good as new.

What Techniques Can Help You Achieve A Professional-Looking Finish?

Applying specific hacks and techniques can make your laminate table top look flawless. These techniques will help you save time and work more efficiently. If you are a beginner, these techniques will get your desired outcome.

Preparing The Work Area Before Working

Cleaning the work area well before starting work will remove all the dust particles, debris, and leftover materials from the damaged part. It will make the base you need to work. Cleaning all the impurities before working will remove all the hindrances you might face while working. It will also ensure the longevity of the repair.

Apply Thin Layers

Applying all the fillers in one go can result in trapped bubbles inside the filled part. When the fillers dry, there will be a hollow in place of the bubbles. Also, some fillers shrink when it dries. So, if you use one layer, the surface of the damaged part won’t be even with the rest of the tabletop. The tip is to use a thin layer and multiple layers for an even application and flawless result.

Finishing The Process With A Sealer

Finishing the process with a sealer will ensure a protective cover over the damaged part. This cover will protect the filler and paint from all activities you perform on the table. It will also ensure the longevity of the repaired part.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid To Preserve The Repair’s Longevity?

The damaged part may get invisible after repair but it is still there. If you don’t preserve it appropriately, it can get damaged more than it previously was. So, be careful if you want to preserve its longevity. Some common mistakes to avoid while working and after.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid To Preserve The Repair's Longevity?

Cleaning With Harsh Cleaners

Harsh chemicals have substances that are too strong. It can strip off the paint and the filling. So, it is better to not use harsh cleaners. Instead, you can use a damp towel to clean regularly and a mild cleaner once a week. Some cleaners are made for this purpose. Check the ingredients before buying a chemical cleaner.

Not Giving Enough Time To Dry

Give the fillers enough time to sit in. If you start using the table right away without giving it the time it needs to dry, the filler will come out. When it is given proper time, the filler hardens nice and tight. Your laminate table top will look good as new for a few more years.

Avoiding Regular Maintenance

Cleaning regularly will extend the life of your laminate table top up to a few years. It keeps the table away from all the impurities. Repair all the minor nicks and chips right away so that it doesn’t result in any major issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Possible To Match The Repaired Area With The Rest Of The Table’s Surface?

Surely. After repairing, painting the surface of the damaged part the same as the laminate surface will match the repaired area with the rest of the table’s surface.

Can I Refinish The Entire Table To Hide The Chip?

You can if you want, but it is not necessary. Painting the surface of the damaged part the same as the laminate surface after repair will hide the chip.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Complete A Laminate Table Top Repair?

It depends on the amount and the severity of the damaged part. It may take longer if you are a complete beginner. It wouldn’t take more than 2-3 days.

Can I Fix A Chipped Laminate Table Top Without Professional Help?

Certainly. If you have the right tools and proper guidelines with a detailed explanation, it is easy to fix a chipped laminate table top without professional help.


I hope you got all the answers to how to repair chipped laminate table top. It may seem difficult but it is easy if you have the right tool and detailed knowledge about it. Follow all the steps carefully. Ensure safety to protect yourself. Surely you will get your desired result.

To learn more about restoring a table , stay with- Restore Journey.

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