How To Move A Pool Table To Install Carpet? (Moving Pool Table To Replace Carpet)




Do you want to install a carpet in your pool room? Do you want to do it yourself without professional help? Are you a beginner and don’t have solid knowledge in this matter?

Are you looking for ways to know ‘How to move a pool table to install carpet?’ Read more and you will learn all the things you need to know.

How To Move A Pool Table To Install Carpet

Move A Pool Table To Install Carpet

If you are thinking of installing a carpet and moving the pool table, you can do that by yourself and with the help of others or hiring professionals. You can safely move the table without causing any damage following the right method.

This is not the whole process. There are a lot more details to it. Wanna learn more? Without wasting time let’s dive into it and read ahead!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a few different ways to move a pool table to install a carpet. To move the table within the room, you can use furniture sliders or pool table lifts. To move it to another room, or house, disassemble the entire table.
  • The cost to move a pool table will differ from person to person. Some factors affect the cost such as the size of the pool table, moving distance, etc. Also, how you are going to do it will affect the cost too.
  • Follow the steps carefully to install the carpet. Prepare and measure the room, install the tack strips, and secure the carpet underlay before installing the carpet.

Why Would You Need To Move A Pool Table To Install Carpet?

It is not possible to install a carpet without moving a pool table. Pool tables are known to be heavy and delicate. Installing a carpet needs a significant amount of space, time, and effort. To lift the table while keeping it in its place, you will either need certain tools or a few strong friends. Either way, it will hinder the carpet installation process.

The very least you can do is install the carpet on one side, move the table, and do the other side. However, it is better to disassemble the table, move the pool table components to another room or house, and install the carpet. Can you install a pool table on the carpet? Yes.

How To Move A Pool Table To Install Carpet? A Serial Guide

How to move a pool table to install carpet? If you are a beginner and have no idea what to do, follow the steps and tips below. It is possible to get the best outcomes even if you don’t know anything.

How To Move A Pool Table To Install Carpet

Using Furniture Sliders

Using furniture sliders is an easy way to move any piece of furniture throughout your house. Put the furniture sliders underneath the table leg. Repeat this process for the other legs. Then, push and slide the pool table. You can use these to move your pool table anywhere around the room or home.

Using Pool Table Lift

Using a pool table lift/dolly is an easy way to move extra heavy pieces of furniture around the house. You need four pieces of pool table lifts and a strong friend to lift the entire table.

Lift one side of the pool table and put a pool table lift underneath it. As the pool table is very heavy, be careful not to hurt your back. Repeat the process for all the other legs.

When you are done putting a pool table lift under one leg, remember to brace the wheels of the pool table lift before moving to the next leg. It will prevent the wheels from moving when you are working on the other legs.

Disassembling The Table

Disassembling the table is one of the safest ways to move a pool table. There are not many chances for the pool table to get damaged if you are careful while packing the disassembled parts.

‌Remove The Ball Pockets

Pool tables have six table pockets secured with staples. To remove these pockets, you will need a staple remover or staple puller to pull the staples out. You can also use a flathead screwdriver if you don’t have access to a staple remover. 

It is easier to remove the table pockets if you lie down on your back underneath the table. Wear goggles and masks to prevent the pulled-out staples from falling into your eyes and mouth.

Detach The Rails

The rails are usually attached to the table through bolts. Remove the bolts from each of the rails with a regular socket wrench. If the rails are all connected, carefully carry the whole frame somewhere else and disconnect them. 

Free The Felt

For stapled felt, it is the same as removing the pockets. The only difference is you don’t need to lie down. For glued felt, gently start pulling the felt from one side. Keep pulling and remove the felt from all four sides.

If you want to reuse the felt, be careful not to cause any damage to it. After removing it from the table, fold it nicely so that it doesn’t get wrinkles.

Take Out The Slate

If your pool table is a slate pool table, the slate is most likely to be attached to the table with screws. Remove the screws and take out the slate. In most pool tables, there is more than one piece of slate. They are usually attached using beeswax. While separating the slate from the table frame, be careful not to detach the slates from one another.

Separate The Legs

Turn the pool table upside down and remove all the pool table legs from the table frame.

Be careful while moving the pool table. No matter what method you use, the ultimate goal is to move the table without causing it any damage.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Carpet In Your Pool Room?

There are numerous benefits of having a carpet in your pool room. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Appearance Of The Room

 A carpet changes the appearance of the room. It adds aesthetics to the room. Choose a carpet depending on the color, style, type of fabric, and quality of your preference. You can also choose one that matches the vibe of your pool table and other furniture. 

Comfortable Floor

The pool room is a place where you spend a lot of time. Having a comfortable floor is a plus point. It will provide you with a soft surface underneath your feet. It will also keep the floor warm in winter.

Noise Reduction

The Game room can be noisy. The sounds of the balls and cue sticks can make others in the home feel uncomfortable. Carpet helps to absorb sound, and reduce echo and noise.

All these benefits will enhance your gaming performance while making it more enjoyable and comfortable.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Pool Table?

Moving a pool table costs different for everyone.  How much will it cost for you? It depends on a lot of different things.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Pool Table

The Cost Factors

The cost varies depending on some factors. These are-

The Cost Of Moving Yourself

The cost of moving a pool table yourself is much less than moving it through professional movers.

  • You don’t need to pay a moving fee to anyone. Moving a pool table by yourself is indeed difficult and risky. But if you have a few strong friends to help, you can move it without professional movers. 
  • You will need to hire a moving truck to move safely with care. Depending on the cost factors, it may cost $30-$50.
  • You will need moving and packaging equipment to move your delicate pool table components safely.

The Cost Of Hiring Movers

Hiring professional movers is costly. It can cost around $500-$1000 or more. It is pricy but the service you get is worth it. Moving a pool table is time-consuming. A lot of people don’t have enough time to spend on it. For them, professional movers are life savers. Also, if you don’t have enough knowledge or friends to help you through it, hiring professional movers is the best option for you. You can hire professionals when fixing marble tabletop to legs.

There is no absolute answer to how much it will cost. Consider all the things carefully before concluding something.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Do I Level A Pool Table After Moving It?

Yes, it is necessary to level a pool table after moving it. Otherwise, it will affect the gaming performance.

What Should I Do If I Damage My Pool Table Or Carpet While Moving It?

Repairing the pool table is the only way to revive it. For the carpet, you may need to change or redo the damaged part with the surroundings.

Do I Need To Disassemble My Pool Table To Move It?

You can install the carpet on one side, move the table, and install the other part. However, it is better to disassemble it to prevent any damage.


How to move a pool table to install carpet? There are a few different ways. You can use furniture sliders, and pool table lifts/dollies, or you can disassemble the pool table and move it to another room or house. Whatever way you use, there are a few tips you should know to prevent damage. Follow all the steps and you may achieve your goals

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